What an amazing weekend it was for our high school juniors and seniors who went to Glen Rose this weekend … in spite of some rain, they had an INCREDIBLE experience and I can’t wait for them to tell us about it on Sunday! 

I am also delighted to welcome Jim Marshall and Danny McMahon as new members at First Church! It was a joy to celebrate their renewed passion for Christ with them as they remembered their baptism on Sunday.

NO 5th SUNDAY POT LUCK on 9/30:
The Church Council has voted that next year, our 5th Sunday Pot Lucks will be replaced with invitation Sundays and we have some GREAT ideas for those Sundays coming up so if you’d like to be part of that planning, let us know!! Instead, we are having the Wesley Hall consecration service after church on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14th.
I had a wonderful experience today … someone came by my office to make a generous financial gift toward the upgrade of our projectors in the sanctuary. As you know, because you ALL probably have HD TV’s in your own homes, technology changes rapidly and we’d like to upgrade our projectors next year. The person that came by the office said they were required to receive a MINIMUM DISTRIBUTION from their IRA account but, if that distribution is directly given to the church, NO TAXES ARE OWED. This generous person thought their church deserved the money because otherwise, the money is just “gone to groceries before you know it”. As you prepare for your year end accounting, think about the way God might use YOUR gifts in the future.

VOLUNTEER SAFETY TEAM UPDATE:You may have heard that a small group of people in our congregation has accepted the responsibility to establish and maintain the safety of our church as much as feasible. So far this year they have:

-Written Emergency Policies and Procedures Guide

-Fire safety and severe weather procedures review with Winnsboro Fire Dept

-Emergency exit door bars for the Sanctuary building

-Security camera system


 ALL SAINTS DAY: Sunday, October 28th
All Saints Day is a beautiful opportunity to give thanks for all those who have died and gone before us in the previous year. It is a time to celebrate our history, what United Methodists call the tradition of the church, and the “great cloud of witnesses” who surround and encourage us. We will automatically include those directly connected to our church (members/regular visitors), but if you would like to come forward that day and remember a family member who died in the last year as well, please let us know by October 22nd, the name of your family member who died, and the date they passed away, and we will be happy to include them on the memorial page in the bulletin on October 28th.
As we look back at 2018, and begin looking ahead to 2019, I want to invite you to our ALL CHURCH CHARGE CONFERENCE, and I want to encourage you ALL to please come …

Monday, October 15th

6:30 PM … Wesley Hall

(All professing members of the church are members of this Conference but everyone is invited to attend.)

Commit your work to the Lord,
    and your plans will be established.
 Proverbs 16:3

An annual Charge Conference is designed to report the business of the church (budgets/finances, membership numbers, professions of faith, baptisms, etc.) and also discuss future business goals and decisions. This year, church members will, for example, vote on creating a ENDOWMENT with the money from the Milner Estate.

Here is some of what our Book of Discipline says:

¶ 246General Provisions-1. Within the pastoral charge the basic unit in the connectional system of The United Methodist Church is the charge conference. The charge conference shall therefore be organized from the church or churches in every pastoral charge as set forth in the Constitution (¶ 43). It shall meet annually for the purposes set forth in ¶ 247. It may meet at other times as indicated in § 7 below.

  1. The membership of the charge conference shall be all members of the church council or other appropriate body, together with retired ordained ministers and retired diaconal ministers who elect to hold their membership in said charge conference and any others as may be designated in the Discipline. If more than one church is on the pastoral charge, all members of each church council shall be members of the charge conference.
  2. The membership of the charge conference shall be all members of the church council or other appropriate body, together with retired ordained ministers and retired diaconal ministers who elect to hold their membership in said charge conference and any others as may be designated in the Discipline. If more than one church is on the pastoral charge, all members of each church council shall be members of the charge conference.

¶ 247Powers and Duties-1. The charge conference shall be the connecting link between the local church and the general Church and shall have general oversight of the church council(s).

  1. The charge conference, the district superintendent, and the pastor, when a pastor has been appointed (see ¶205.4), shall organize and administer the pastoral charge and churches according to the policies and plans herein set forth. When the membership size, program scope, mission resources, or other circumstances so require, the charge conference may, in consultation with and upon the approval of the district superintendent, modify the organizational plans, provided that the provisions of ¶ 243 are observed. Such other circumstances may include, but not limited to, alternative models for the conception of a local church, such as coffee house ministries, mall ministries, outdoor ministries, retirement home ministries, restaurant ministries, and other emergent ways in which people can gather in God’s name to be the church.
  2. The primary responsibilities of the charge conference in the annual meeting shall be to review and evaluate the total mission and ministry of the church (¶¶ 120-124), receive reports, and adopt objectives and goals recommended by the church council that are in keeping with the objectives of The United Methodist Church.

Debbie Lyons, Pastor

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9-18-18 FUMC Updates

I am so excited about what’s happening on Wednesday nights at FUMC!!  We’re feeding LOTS of people (upwards of 80+!) and and enjoying amazing fellowship, and more than 40 people are staying for ALPHA, an enriching discipleship walk that leads to AMAZING faith conversations! Kids, Kindergarten through 12th grade, are also enjoying the experience and we are so thankful that we have found a WONDERFUL elementary teacher for our K-5th grade kids and I thank the donors who made this possible.  
If you still want to join an ALPHA group please let us know by tonight as we begin going deeper and deeper you’ll want to be connected. This will be the LAST week the groups are shuffled … this means, the groups this week will be together through the end!
First, a special thanks to Joanna and Wayne Horton and Danny and Amy Moss who have spent COUNTLESS HOURS overseeing the work in Wesley Hall!  We were able to do a LOT of work on a “shoestring” budget but we could NOT have done that without the hours and hours of work that have been donated to the project! Many of YOU donated time and energy to this work TOO, and I am so grateful to those of you who were able to help!
CONSECRATION of WESLEY HALL: Sunday, October 14th, NOON:
Please plan to stay an extra 15 minutes after church on October 14th as we recognize what God has done in Wesley Hall and we consecrate the building to His service. We’ll try to finish up a little early so it won’t be too late when you leave.
A MESSAGE FROM THE TRUSTEES: as you know, the Trustees are responsible for the asset management of the church … keeping buildings and grounds safe and secure, managing utilities and associated costs, maintaining functionality of space and rooms, etc. 
– we have very limited storage space and are trying to think ahead about using space efficiently, so in cleaning out closets, rooms and storage spaces in the last few weeks we have come across things that we no longer have use for but MAY be things you could use. The Trustees have placed these recycle able items in the FLC and you are welcome to take things you might want … a basket will be on the table for a love offering for the next 2 weeks before things are donated/disposed of.
– because the heavy brown tables in Asbury Hall were extremely difficult to move in a room that was being used for more and more things, an anonymous donor has made it possible to replace the tables with lighter and more updated tables. 
– we are working hard to update and renovate our buildings and in the process have noticed a lot of damage to walls and woodwork from things being stapled, hung and taped to walls. Please do not staple, hang or tape things to wall … All the rooms in our church are used my MULTIPLE groups and if everyone hung what they wanted and where, no one would be happy! If you have things you want displayed or hung, stop by the office and one of our Trustees will help.
– right now, we don’t need any furniture, wall hangings, decorations or artwork but as we make further plans and find we need things we’ll put the word out.
– there will be announcements coming soon on updates for emergency procedures so stay tuned!
WEDNESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY STARTS BACK, 9am …all women are welcome to attend the community Bible study, a wonderful group of women from churches around WINNSBORO led by Linda Suche. 
PRAY FOR OUR HIGH SCHOOL KIDS & LEADERS … The kids are off to Glen Rose this weekend so pray, pray, pray for them as they kayak, hang out, see THE PROMISE and build relationships with God and one another. 
CHRISTMAS IN THE PARK IS COMING in NOVEMBER … Do you like to craft things? Are you looking for a way to give back to the church? Would you like a regular place to visit and get to know others who enjoy crafting? Join the crafters on TUESDAY MORNINGS at 9 am, every week! If you’d prefer to make things for the big sale at home and bring them up to the church, that would be great too! 
PRAYER QUILT MINISTRY TOUCHES LIVES: if you can cut or iron fabric, or design or sew lap quilts, come EVERY OTHER TUESDAY mornings 9-noon, for fellowship and time to share your creativity.  Our prayer quilts have blessed MANY people so be a part of the power of prayer.
DO YOU KNIT, CROCHET or NEEDLEPOINT? Come join the ladies from the community who visit and stitch together, 1-3 pm.
THIS SUNDAY our worship series, FAITH IN FILM, continues and if you have missed the message on Forest Gump or Les Miserables, you can listen on the website. Our next film is SCHINDLER’S LIST and it’s a difficult story, but a story of how LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Debbie Lyons, Pastor

First United Methodist Church Winnsboro
301 Church Street, Winnsboro, TX. 75494
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