Easter is more than a day … it’s a season!

A Pre-Easter Worship Series
Sundays NOW through – March 25th, 10:50 am  
And so it begins … Lent … the 6 weeks before Easter to help us “get in shape” for one of the most sacred seasons of the year … the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ!  It is through the cross that the EMPTINESS of our lives is transformed into the FULLNESS of who Christ calls us to be and it is through prayer – fasting – self denial – and other spiritual disciplines that we REMEMBER what Jesus did for us!  These special Sundays will be contemplative as we come to worship expecting to be transformed by His sacrifice for us!
Bread, Broth and Bible Study …
Wednesday Nights, now thru March 21
5:45 – 7:30 pm
Our regular Wednesday night fellowship dinner takes on a different tone during the season of Lent as we move from FEASTING to FASTING. We’ll share simple soups and bread together, and our sacrificial love offerings will be donated to the Methodist Children’s Home in Waco. At 6:30 Brother Henry Suche will lead a 5 week interactive Bible study to help get us ready for the crucifixion and the Resurrection – kids will also a special study together in the LOFT!
Want to learn more about the PRE-EASTER season of Lent?

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KIDS 2nd-8th grades WEDNESDAY NIGHTS: 

Now – 3/21
6:30 – 7:30 pm 
Following Bread & Broth from 5:45-6:30
(Upstairs, the LOFT)
Easter is April 1st so we’re working to help our kids understand what it all mean! Miss Carla & her team will guide the kids through a fun 5 week journey to make the Resurrection even THAT much more exciting!  Invite your friends!
Image result for youth lentHIGH SCHOOL KIDS 
Now – 3/25
9:45-10:45 am
(Before worship at 10:50)
Pastor Debbie’s Office 
Pastor Debbie is working with the High school kids to bring a deeper meaning to the the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ …why did Jesus have to die? How is it relevant to us today? How can these 5 weeks change the way we experience Easter?  ALL ARE WELCOME!
In just 3 days we’ll be celebrating the MOST JOYFUL day of the year, but before we celebrate EASTER we gather with Jesus together … even as Jesus and His disciples came together to share this meal, they already stood in the shadow of the cross. It was later that night, after the meal, as Jesus and His disciples were praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, that He was arrested and taken to the house of Caiaphas the High Priest to be sentenced to death! YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!
Today we commemorate Jesus’ arrest, trial, crucifixion, suffering, death and burial so drop in anytime between 4-6 PM … please drop by anytime between 4-6 PM  to remember the last hours of Jesus’ human life on this earth. There will be a guided meditation to walk you through the last hours of Christ’s life at your leisure, or feel free to come for your own personal time of prayer. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come remember what Jesus did for our salvation!
Throw on your jeans and join us as the sunrise peaks over the tree line and the pasture lights up with the GOOD NEWS … Christ the Lord has risen!  
Ken and Elaina Ragsdale’s Home
270 County Road 4228
From the intersection of SH 11 West and FM 852 West,
go 2.75 miles to a right turn on CR 4228.
Everyone is welcome to join us in the SANCTUARY,
309 Church Street,
on Easter Sunday morning to celebrate, together, the day the world changed FOREVER!  We’re casual and welcoming and you truly are welcome here!
Parking in front of the Baptist Church
at Elm and Church Streets.
The pre-Easter season has been a time of preparation for EASTER and now … it’s HERE!! Let’s end the fasting season with an incredibly delicious pancakes and bacon breakfast after the SUNRISE SERVICE at 7 am … everyone is welcome! (You can come to breakfast at about 7:45 if you’re planning to attend the sanctuary service at 10:50 – just come!!)
Ken and Elaina Ragsdale’s Home