1-12-22 FUMC Updates … Kids Beach Club is starting 2/1!

I hope you have all been thinking about your ONE WORD for 2022! As I told you on Sunday, after finding myself in a FUNK when some much anticipated and exciting plans completely collapsed when I was the Pastor in Caddo Mills, I dove into a book called ONE WORD THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. From a Christian perspective, I was looking for ONE WORD that would help me get refocused and back on a new track where God would open doors instead of closing them. But finding ONE word was exceptionally hard for me because there were so MANY words that could have applied to what I thought I needed … thought is the keyword … God had other plans!

Don’t get ahead of GOD on this journey!  If you missed the sermon on Sunday, you might want to scroll back and watch it on FACEBOOK because it will help you with the spiritual formation work we’re doing. (See the attached devotional worksheet from last week.)  I also learned that the secular of the 2 books I talked about, ONE WORD THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE is available FREE on Hoopla at the library … you can get it as an audio or e-book so dust off your library card today!  https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/12011595

KIDS BEACH CLUB STARTS FEBRUARY 1st, 3:30-5 PM at the WISD Intermediate School for 3rd-5th grade … what IS Kids Beach Club?  Go to our website and watch the video … it’s SUCH an amazing ministry and I’m sure there is SOMETHING you can do to be part of this opportunity to reach new families in our neighborhoods!  This is our MAIN ministry focus for the next 3 months so I hope you will all get engaged!

I want to thank Carla Chitsey for the delicious TACO SOUP she made for the KBC meeting we had after church!  Thanks to all of you who came and have signed up to pray and write notes or be greeters … we really need some more small group leaders, please!  I have attached the sample curriculum for our FIRST day so you can see how EASY it is … also, CHECK OUT our website where kids can register.  

You will also start seeing lots of posts on Facebook and Instagram – please share our posts on YOUR pages … this is modern-day evangelism, and we want as MANY people to be excited about this as possible!

IT’S TIME TO GET EXCITED!  We are sending 315 flyers home with EVERY child at the Intermediate school this Friday … please don’t put off saying, “This is MY church … I’ll do it!”  There is a LOT of planning that must happen so please don’t miss out – let me know how YOU want to be involved!


We all love each other, and we all want to keep each other safe so please be mindful of your distance when greeting/talking with people and keep plenty of distance in the sanctuary or meeting spaces when you’re seated!  If you are sniffly, congested, have a sore throat, fever, flu-like symptoms, or are just, plain sick, please stay home. (You can join us in WORSHIP on Facebook LIVE). If you are not vaccinated, please make healthy choices for yourself and others around you.  Masks are welcome!

UMW MEETING TOMORROW, Thursday, 1/13, 10 am, Asbury Hall … there’s plenty of room to spread out so please come and be part of other mission-minded women committed to serving God!

COME HANGOUT WITH HEATHER, this Friday, 1/14, NOON – 2 pm … drop by and meet and get to know our new Communications Coordinator!  We’ll have light snacks and drinks, and you’ll have time to get to know Heather, and more importantly, SHE is excited to have time to get to know YOU!

UMCOR DISASTER RELIEF TRAINING, this Saturday, 1/15, 8:30 – 4 PM in our WESLEY HALL … thanks to SUE GROSS for coordinating this effort for our Conference … get details and/or HERE.

BROTHER HENRY’S MONTHLY BIBLE STUDY: Tuesday, January 18, 10-11 am, Wesley Hall, Family Ties … THE WORD OF GOD … come get to know others and dig into scripture!

ENDOWMENT FUND 2021 … many thanks to our Endowment Team who oversees our investments!  Beginning from a total of $207,580 at the start of 2021, our end-of-year balance in the account was $243,409 which doesn’t count contributions received in December that have not yet been sent out, an annual return of 16.7%.  Our stock holdings were up 23.5% on the year and bonds up only 0.45%.

22nd Annual MLK Celebration, Monday, 1/17, parade starts at 10 m in front of First Baptist Church. The Winnsboro Rodeo will lead the parade and the Red Raider band will participate and it will end in MLK Park located at the corner of Connie Mae and Elm St. LET’S BE VISIBLE IN OUR COMMUNITY!

WOMEN’S COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY is moving to the Presbyterian Church. After many years of meeting here, they needed a little more room with acoustics that were more conducive to their teaching needs and wanted to share the joy of serving the community.  They have also POSTPONED the start of their ELIJAH STUDY to February … please be in touch with LINDA SUCHE for details.  hal1@suddenlink.net


YEAR-END FINANCIAL LETTERS … will be available in the sanctuary on Sundays sometimes before the end of January! If you need a copy mailed, please let us know.

SEE YOU ALL SUNDAY, on Facebook or in-person!
Pastor Debbie