It has been so exciting to hear from some of you who have understood God’s gift of ONE WORD for you in 2022!  Someone told me when her word came in the middle of the night: “I heard the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit sing, “I Got You, Babe, I got you to hold My hand; I got you to understand.  I got you to walk with Me; I got you to talk with Me.  I got you; I won’t let go. I got you to love Me so…” (Sonny & Cher would be smiling!)  Another person told me they had narrowed down their word to TWO and then in a matter of an hour she got an email from a friend asking for prayers around one of the words, a song came on the radio when she got in the car with that same word in the TITLE, and then she took a letter to the post office and the woman behind the counter mentioned that SAME character word!  Someone else brought me the notes he took after he went back and watched the One Word sermons online and showed me all the “rabbit” trails and paths that God led him down which all led to one very clear answer that even I could see in all the scribbles!

As I told you when we started this spiritual journey 3 ½ weeks ago, everyone’s path will be different and God will give everyone their own word!  I have YET to hear the same word from any of you! Becky Poe told me that our wonderful library has BOTH books I have been using in this series, FREE on Hoopla! (For your Fire, Kindle, iPad, etc.) All you need to do is use your library card number as your username and your birthday you’re your password:  MM/DD/YYYY and you can download either one to the gadget.

My One Word. Ashcraft, Mike; Olsen, Rachel. Zondervan. (4 hours 22 minutes)

One Word That Will Change Your Life. Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon. Wiley. (1 hour 2 minutes)

Keep in mind, your ONE WORD is not just a word you’ll check off and forget about … it’s GOD’S WORD for you and we’ll try to keep each other reminded of our words through the year.  While this Sunday, 1/30, we’ll finish up this series by looking at how to LIVE your word, this will be a year-long “check-in” so you might enjoy the books!

PRAYER QUILT MINISTRY SEW DAY, THURSDAY, 1/17, 9 am – 3 PM … bring a lunch and come to Asbury Hall.

 KIDS BEACH CLUB TRAINING, Tuesday, February 1st, 4 pm WESLEY HALL … this training will be conducted by the Regional Training Director from KBC, Sara Sweet, and while it’s really for all the on-site people, (greeters, small group leaders, game leaders, memory verse leaders, and song leaders) everyone is welcome to come!  We still need a few on-site people! and for all of you who said you’d fill in where needed, I’ll be reaching out to you tomorrow to let you know where we’ll need you. 

We’ll be meeting in person in Wesley Hall on Tuesday, 2/1, at 4 PM but if you want to watch and listen in, you can join by ZOOM …

Topic: Winnsboro Intermediate Volunteer Training

Time: Feb 1, 2022 04:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

IF YOU WANT to join the Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 824 5274 9627          Passcode: 594658

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY COORDINATOR BEGINS! We are excited to begin our search, again, for an EXPERIENCED, well-qualified Children’s Leader who can help us BE the church for our young people!  I’ve attached the resume for your review but please PRAY for God to send us the right person and share this resume with anyone you know who might be interested in working 20 hours a week.

PLEASE SHARE OUR FACEBOOK POSTS WITH FRIENDS!  We’ll be doing a lot of promotion for Kids Beach Club and our search for a Children’s Leader, we also post lots of other things going on so please SHARE our posts!  The beauty of social media is MULTIPLICATION and if you share with YOUR friends, we reach a lot more people!

REMAINING POSTPONED THROUGH JANUARY: Family Ties on Sundays, Knitters on Mondays, and Wednesday Night Meals.

COVID INFECTION UPDATE:  as you may know, our COVID infections in the Net Health 7 county area through January 24th (18,213)  have almost exceeded the September 2021 numbers (19,345) which was the HIGHEST month of illness since the pandemic started. And keep in mind, none of the HOME TESTS are counted in these current numbers.  Hospitalizations are also way up and people who NEED beds can’t get them.  While the symptoms of Omicron are milder than past variants for most people, PLEASE keep some distance from each other and try to avoid close quarter contact.

KEEP PRAYING FOR KIDS BEACH CLUB and all those on our prayer chain!

In Christ,

Pastor Debbie