1-4-21 FUMC Updates

It’s a NEW YEAR and we’re all ready to move forward with HOPE & EXPECTATIONS for good things to come!  This past Sunday we started a new worship series on the Gospel of Mark and if you missed it, I hope you’ll watch or listen so you have the foundation for what is to come. Mark’s Gospel is a fast-paced, action-packed story of Jesus, a SUFFERING SERVANT, who changed the world with his actions all over the Galilean countryside, into Jerusalem. Watch the whole service on FACEBOOK or the message only on YouTube, or listen to the message on our website.
This Sunday we’ll be exploring Mark., 1:1-14 … I’ve attached (CLICK HERE) some reflection questions to get you started thinking about this wonderful text. Please share our Facebook or Instagram posts with your friends – we’d love to get to know them, online OR in person.  (We’ll still be keeping masks on in our buildings this Sunday as hospitalizations reach a record high and infections are going up, but we are watching the NetHealth numbers closely and hope to release this restriction as the numbers go back down.)
OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH … Jimmie & Imogene Davis’ family on the death of Jimmie’s sister, Quida Marshall, a private graveside service is scheduled. And Shelly Noe’s father, Tommy Hodges, will be remembered at a visitation this Thursday, 1/7, 10:30am-NOON at Beaty, followed by a graveside service at Bethel Cemetery.
2020 YEAR IN REVIEW:  our new Social Media Director, Sarah Sparks, just compiled some of the pictures from 2020 and we thought you might enjoy reminiscing and remembering the unusual year we had!  Our buildings were closed for 20 weeks but we never missed a single Sunday of “LIVE” worship, even if it was only on Facebook! We stayed together in community prayer rally’s, drive through visits, ZOOM Bible studies, and caring for each other, and thanks to God’s faithfulness, we have found droplets of grace all around us! CLICK HERE to watch this 3 ½ min. video.
LET’S WORK TOGETHER TO SET A VISION FOR THE NEW YEAR … your Church Council will be meeting this month to start planning for the new year but we need YOUR help defining our CORE VALUES. Core values explain who we are, and why we do what we do … they are constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that drive ministry. Think about these questions …
     -What makes us different from other churches?
     -What is it that attracts people or turns them away?
     -Why are you at this church?
     -What are people here looking for?
CONGREGATION … please take a few minutes and take the CORE VALUES survey … what do we do consistently, what do we DO but not consistently, and what should our aspirational values be this year?  You’ll be asked for your email address, but your answers are not individually shared with me or anyone else, only added to the totals.  I think you’ll be amazed at all the possibilities but ultimately, we want to zero in on the PRIORITIES which is why your input is important!

WON’T YOU PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING YOUR CHURCH? We have 3 opportunities for you to serve God in important ways …

  1. SUNDAY MORNINGS, 10:30 – NOON, CHILDREN’S CHURCH … we always want to have 2 adults working together when our kids are gathering and now that the holidays are over, we hope the kids will come back when we start the NEW YEAR on January 10th. We will provide the Ministry Safe training and background checks and ideally, we need 3-4 adults who could join as “helpers”! (You don’t have to plan or organize, just be present!) Contact me, please!
  2. SUNDAY MORNINGS, 10:30-NOON, USHERS … we’d like to bolster our hospitality team and get ready for what I know, will be a deep desire for people to come BACK to church when this pandemic is over.  Let us know how often YOU’D like to serve, and we’ll try to be flexible!  Again, please contact SHIELA HAYNES, Worship Leader, if you are available.
  3. TUESDAY MORNINGS, 2-3 hours/week, OFFICE HELP … if you are very organized and good at filing, please contact me directly … we only need 1 person.


PRAYER MATTERS – the sanctuary will be open again on Tuesday morning, 9 – 11 AM … if you’re craving personal time with God, time in the sanctuary with just a few people at a time, please come PRAY!  Prayer guides will be available in the front pulpit side pew if you want a starting point, but please come and remain seated for as little or as long as you want.


Our prayer chain is also up and running again so if prayer matters to you and you can get text messages between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm please connect with the prayer team.  Remember, this is ONE WAY COMMUNICATION, not group texting.  If you would like to join NOW, it’s easy … as soon as you click this link, you’ll be reconnected … https://www.remind.com/join/pray-now. Don’t get text messages but want to get emails? Go to rmd.at/pray-now on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.  

UNDERSTANDING SOME OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL CHAPTERS IN THE BIBLE, Wednesdays starting 1/13, 10 am ZOOM …Bible Talk starts back into the New Testament chapters that focus on what happened AFTER Jesus died. We’ll begin with Acts 1, then the next week, Acts 2 so mark your calendars – the schedule is attached (CLICK HERE). You can always find sign-in info on the website calendar.

Pastor Debbie