10-8-21 FUMC Updates

Many thanks to everyone who helped bring our ANNUAL CHARGE CONFERENCE together last Sunday!  It was great getting to know our new District Superintendent, Cassie Wade, and Jill Hobbs wrote a great song that she and Johnny will sing for us on Sunday. Ken Ragsdale also did a terrific presentation that was funny and informative and he ALSO gave us a challenge …

Every Sunday we gather for worship, IN the sanctuary, and ONLINE as ONE church family! Just because distance or health reasons “separate” us, or because others enjoy the worship experience at home, we’re STILL the church TOGETHER!  Those watching online can post that they’re with us but how often do we in the sanctuary recognize that they are there? On Sundays in the future, Ken challenged anyone in the sanctuary to first, go to your Facebook page and check in on your OWN Facebook page when you arrive at church. 

Second, when the 2 MINUTE COUNTDOWN begins, move over to the FUMCWinnsboro’s Facebook page and comment on the live broadcast that you’re watching in the sanctuary! Community is community so let’s “be together”.

Third,  once the broadcast has begun, click the SHARE button so the broadcast appears on your page and invite your friends to join us!  God’s message on the live broadcast will spread like TONGUES OF FIRE when more people see how you spend YOUR Sunday mornings, so let’s all start sharing God’s love with our friends! THIS is the beauty of social media! 

Last, after church, go back and look at all those who commented and introduce yourself to people in your church family you don’t know! Say hello to the people you have missed!  God has opened up a whole new world for us so let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Ken Ragsdale – WE GOT THIS!!

THIS SUNDAY, 10/10, NOON, Christus Mother Francis Winnsboro…  immediately after church this Sunday please join us at the parking lot at the hospital to pray for the employees and patients … when you arrive, put on your lights and flashers and stand outside your car.

BOOK OF REVELATION, Thursday, 10/14, 9:30 – 11 am, Wesley … our study on the BOOK OF REVELATION has been so exciting for me to see the AH-HA in everyone’s face as we unlock the “codes” and connect the prophecy of the Old Testament to the 1st century Christian persecution and to the chaotic world TODAY!  The horsemen of the apocalypse, the beasts, the locusts, the hail mixed with blood, whew … THANK GOD He gave this Word to Jesus who gave it to US because the bottom line is simple … THE LAMB WINS!  Next week, chapters 12-14, we are moving into the ultimate battle between good and evil and we’ll unpack the scripture about the woman and the dragon and get ready to meet the antichrist. If you want to watch the recordings of the 1st few classes, here you go!  (Call me if you’d rather have AUDIOS)

9-16 INTRODUCTION to symbols, codes, and millennialism

9-23 GET READY: the 7 churches & the foundation, chapters 1-3

9-30 THE CHURCH SUFFERS: the 4 horsemen & 7 seals, chapters 4-7

10-7 THEWORLD IS WARNED: the 7 seals and 3 woes, chapters 8-11


BROTHER HENRY’S MONTHLY BIBLE STUDY, Tuesday, October 19, 10 AM, Asbury … everyone is welcome!


CHRISTMAS IN THE PARK IS ONLY 4 WEEKS AWAY AT THE CIVIC CENTER … Saturday, November 13th, 9 am – 3 pm! This is going to be an exciting event because it was canceled last year, and a lot of people are working hard to raise money for the church!

–         CRAFTERS: if YOU have been making things at home, please start making arrangements with Carla Chitsey to bring your things up to the Church!

–         QUILTERS: the quilt being raffled this year is in the lobby of the church & it’s fabulous! Get you tickets, $1 each or six for $5 from Amy Moss!

–         LUNCH TEAM: Don Beaty is coordinating the hamburgers and hotdogs for the lunch and he’ll need volunteers and people to bake brownies! Details will follow.

–         PIE BAKERSFUMC Winnsboro is FAMOUS for our pies and cobblers so please start planning how many pies YOU can make! Contact Betty Craddock for questions.

–         UNITED METHODIST WOMEN will be selling Rada through the online catalog again this year – no hassle, no stress & you can ship wedding gifts or Christmas gifts anywhere!  (See attached). We don’t have details for what UMW will have at Christmas in the Park but like ANY of your Christmas shopping this year, please don’t wait! With the truck driver shortages and delays in container ships at our ports already, SHOP EARLY! CLICK HERE to browse the catalog.

 This Sunday our UNWAVERING JOY continues as we explore James chapter 4 … can’t wait to be with everyone!

Pastor Debbie