12-2-21 FUMC Updates – Advent Activities

‘Tis the Season to Be ….
 Christmas music is playing everywhere, shopping is fast and furious, lights and decorations are up, family plans are being made and Santa is arriving in the stores! ‘Tis the season to be …….. how would YOU fill in the blank? Stressed about getting things done? Busy planning for the perfect family get-togethers? Worried about the higher prices for gas, heating bills, food, and gifts? Concerned about health problems that may affect your celebration?  ‘Tis the season to be __________________ ……….
The classic holiday song says: “ ’ Tis the season to be jolly, fa la l la la, la la la la!” and isn’t that what Christmas should be about?  Of course!  Imagine how different things would be if we focused our JOLLY on the JOY of JESUS! How about considering some things to not only grow closer in your relationship with Jesus, but also bring you peace, comfort, relaxation, and joy! Things like worship, Bible study, devotionals, intentional acts of kindness, extra giving …
ADVENT BIBLE STUDY: A Case for Christmas, Wednesdays starting tonight, December 1, 8 & 15,  6:45 pm after dinner … Have you ever wondered WHY we believe all the scriptures about the birth of Jesus? Why entire religions have been founded on the story of a baby, born to poor parents in a manger, who actually was the long-awaited Messiah of all times? Join us tonight as we begin with looking at the eyewitness testimony The author, LEE STROBEL unpacks some puzzling questions with some powerful answers, and I’d love for you to join us! Home-cooked DINNER is at 6 PM in the Family Life Center, and love offerings are accepted; then, we’ll dig down into the facts that are the foundation of our faith at 6:45 PM in Wesley Hall! Everyone is welcome!
ADVENT DEVOTIONALS …  the 4 week season of preparation before Christmas starts November 28th it’s a great time to take a few minutes to read a devotional or do something to recognize the amazing gift we have been given … the gift of forgiveness and eternal life!  The North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church has some great tools for YOU!
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EMAIL US (fumcwinnsboro@gmail.com) for the “Intentional Acts of Kindness”… we’ve often heard the phrase “random acts of kindness.” What if, in this Advent season, we were intentional about doing something for a stranger, a neighbor, or our world on a daily basis?  We might call this Intentional Acts of Kindness.  As we move day by day closer to Christmas, perhaps our giving spirit cultivated by these thoughtful gestures toward others can help us “prepare him room” as Jesus is born to us this Christmas.  Here are 28 suggestions – pick one a day to carry you through Advent or write your own in the space provided!
BROTHER HENRY’S MONTHLY STUDY, Tuesday, 12/14, 10 AM, Wesley Hall, Family Ties Classroom … Prophecies, The Right Time, Bethlehem, MA.1:18-2:23 
LOOKING FOR SOME STRESS-FREE & PRACTICAL GIFT-GIVING?   (While benefiting the missions of United Methodist Women at the same time?) Try RADARada has amazing knives and kitchen tools and you can browse the catalog and ship anywhere in the country HERE on the UMW website page! Janat Erwin may have, ON HAND the perfect gift you need so contact her too … 2erwins@suddenlink.net
YEAR-END GIVING TO GOD or to the GOVERNMENT? Please talk to your accountant (or IRS.gov) about year-end tax savings that come from your generosity through non-profit giving. The COVID 2020 relief plan on paying your Required Minimum Distribution last year does NOT apply this year so if you have investments that require you to make an RMD, would you rather give that money to GOD or back to the GOVERNMENT?  
GIVING TREES FOR THE BACKPACK FOOD MINISTRY … our 2021 Giving Trees that will be in the choir hall and the front lobby of the church, give you an opportunity to give above and beyond to our Community Resource Center which provides food on weekends and holidays for kids who depend on school breakfast and lunch. Clip a check or a few dollars onto the trees and help make a difference!
CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE, Friday, December 24th, 5 PM … it’s always good to see families together on Christmas but think about people you know who don’t have a church family because we’d love to welcome them too! 
PLEASE HELP WITH WEDNESDAY NIGHT DESSERTS … we need your help to make just ONE dessert, ONCE a month!  Won’t you please call or email Bettye and say, “This is my church, I’ll do it!” I know no one will complain if there aren’t enough desserts, but we don’t want anyone to be unhappy when all you have to do to help is bring ONE dessert, ONCE a month!  Bettye: 903-850-9417, bjhh@suddenlink.net
SONGS OF CHRISTMAS continue on Sundays this Advent … we talked about the wonderful prophecies and Servant Songs of Isaiah last week, (watch the full service on Facebook or hear the sermon on the website) and this week we’ll explore the amazing Song of Zechariah, a song of a soul revived!!
Happy Advent!
Pastor Debbie