12-9-21 FUMC Updates – Christmas Eve, Friday, December 24th, 5 PM

How is it possible that Christmas is only 15 days away?  Two weeks of Advent have gone by and we only have two Sundays left before Christmas!  I suppose this is what’s so very exciting about the ANTICIPATION of the birth of Christ and I hope you are finding some time to BE STILL, and know that God is God!  If you’ll recall, last year our church was closed up until 1 week before Christmas so we had more people worshipping on Facebook than we had in the sanctuary!  This year, it will be so great to have more and more people together again so start thinking about who God be putting in YOUR path who might be looking for a place to belong this season. Invite them!  Tell them you’ll meet them and sit with them!  We’ll have PLENTY of candles for everyone so bring your family and friends!

As you know, we have planned our CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE for Friday, December 24th, at 5 PM because all studies show that the BEST attended services are between 1:00 and 5:00 PM on Christmas Eve.  But do you think people in the community would be interested in attending an 11 PM service if it were available?  Would your family and friends prefer a late service?  It might not be too late – please let me know your thoughts!

ORDER FROM RADA AND SUPPORT UMW and LOCAL MISSIONS! Try RADA here! Rada has amazing knives and kitchen tools and you can browse the catalog and ship anywhere in the country HERE on the UMW website page! Janat Erwin may have, ON HAND the perfect gift you need to contact her too … 2erwins@suddenlink.net

BROTHER HENRY’S MONTHLY STUDY, Tuesday, 12/14, 10 AM, Wesley Hall, Family Ties Classroom … Prophecies, The Right Time, Bethlehem, MA.1:18-2:23 … attached are the questions and everyone is welcome!      

ONE MORE ADVENT BIBLE STUDY: Wednesday, December 15,  6:45 pm after dinner … we’re looking at “fingerprint” evidence that affirms our belief in the birth of Christ!

GIVING TREES FOR THE BACKPACK FOOD MINISTRY … clip a check or a few dollars onto the trees in the lobbies or designate a special offering … you CAN make a difference!

YEAR-END GIVING TO GOD or to the GOVERNMENT? Please talk to your accountant (or IRS.gov) about year-end tax savings that come from your generosity through non-profit giving. The COVID 2020 relief plan on paying your Required Minimum Distribution last year does NOT apply this year so if you have investments that require you to make an RMD, would you rather give that money to GOD or back to the GOVERNMENT?  

SONGS OF CHRISTMAS continue on Sundays this Advent … last week we talked about the father of John the Baptist, ZECHARIAH, and how his unbelief made him MUTE, and by God’s grace his speech was restored and he sang a song of JOY! This week his wife, Elizabeth, sings a song of JOY when she recognizes that her cousin Mary is carrying not just an ordinary baby in her womb, but the long-awaited Messiah!  It’s a story that brings plenty of WONDERS!!

Happy Advent!

Pastor Debbie