3-7-18 FUMC Updates

It’s hard to believe Easter is less than 4 weeks away … and we still have so much to talk about on our journey to the cross!  This Sunday, we look at the EMPTY TOMB and the different people who all witnessed the same thing but had such different reactions … read Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 and John 20 for an overview of the story.
PALM SUNDAYMarch 25, kids gather at 10:40 am ... I want to start talking about HOLY WEEK, the most sacred 7 days of the entire year and I’ll be talking more specifically about different events as we get closer.  But Holy Week begins with PALM SUNDAY, on March 25th and the children are ALL invited to meet in the lobby at 10:40 to be part of the palm processional.  (Yes, their friends are welcome too!!) We will have a very special guest this Sunday as the kids process through the sanctuary preparing the way for Jesus and His triumphant entry to Jerusalem for His last time.
EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE: 7 am ...  again, all the Easter events are on the website and I’ll be talking about Holy Thursday and Good Friday next week, but I do want to tell you that the 2 Easter services will be very different … the Easter sunrise service at 7 am will be at Ken and Elaina Ragsdale’s home and will be led by our high school kids who have been working with me on a Lenten study together.  It will focus on BAPTISM, as the early morning service always DID in the the ancient church, and I want you to have information about it now (CLICK HERE). If you or your children have not been baptized and God is calling you to baptism, this is a special, beautifully designed worship experience centered around BAPTISM (and we will all remember our baptisms!) so please call if you or your children would like to be baptized!
LEARNING NEW SONGS: From Billy Graham … a friend of mine shared this letter from Billy Graham with me this week and I found great comfort in his wise words (CLICK here for the Facebook post).  I have confessed that I am not a MUSIC person … I can’t read music, I don’t listen to music on the radio and I don’t have ANY music on my phone!  But I DO believe music plays an important role in praising and worshiping God!  I also believe that because different generations of people like different kinds of music, when trying to reach people of different ages and stages of faith, sometimes it’s best to BLEND music styles, which is why I gave Judy Beaty 6-7 ideas for new songs to learn and let her choose what the choir wants to teach us.  (If YOU have some ideas, let us know!) 
We’ll work through the process of learning IN CHRIST ALONE, (click here), the beautiful song that tells the story of Easter in such a lovely song!  After we sing it a time or two more, I know even the angels will be smiling!! 
WE ARE CREATING A NEW DATABASE: thanks to our CRAFTERS, we are so excited to be starting a NEW database that will allow us to keep much better records of names, addresses, phone numbers, attendance etc. etc. I know we have MOST of your contact info but will you please take a moment and send us some details so we can be sure to have current info … once we get all the data confirmed, we will be able to print a PASSWORD PROTECTED picture directory, on the website, for you!  For everyone in your family please send us:
           (Children, please share their birth year)
     CELL PHONE (Can you receive text messages?)
THANKS FOR BEING PART OF THE VISION MEETINGS: we had a great final meeting on Sunday and thanks to everyone who attended Pie with the Pastors, any of the 3 Vision conversations, or who took the survey.  The 3 main focus areas will be presented to the CHURCH COUNCIL for review but the 3 ideas that developed were:
1) Revamp our children/youth Sunday school on SUNDAY MORNINGS
2) Begin a congregational care team to visit and serve communion to those in nursing homes or are homebound
3) Put together 2 community service days a year to help our neighbors with yard work, etc.
Bread, Broth and Bible Study: come and join us Wednesday night at 5:45 … it’s supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL, SUNNY day so don’t miss it!  Questions for Brother Henry’s bible study are attached for this week and next week!
Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. PS 95:1

Debbie Lyons, Pastor

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