2-5-19 FUMC Updates

I have been extremely humbled this week … I came home late last Wednesday night after an intense 3 1/2 day Board of Ministry meeting where we interviewed 18 potential new candidates to become ordained pastors in the United Methodist Church. It’s quite amazing to see how the Holy Spirit works in this important discernment process – I can’t explain it, but it’s powerful and it’s truly based on holy conferencing among the lay leaders and clergy on the Board. It’s painful to tell candidates they aren’t quite ready … this year we had 6 who we hope will come back next year. But I am so excited to tell you that the 12 people we referred for commissioning are AMAZING!! They have incredible VISION for the future of what the Church will look like in this changing world and they understand that making disciples for Jesus Christ requires some innovating ideas. Please say a prayer for all 18 of these people who are called to serve Christ in the years to come!

I did, however, come home exhausted and … SICK!  Oh, I may have had a slight cold in years gone by … I remember having strep throat when I was 16, but I don’t even have a thermometer in my house because I’m fortunate to have a good immune system! But when I got up with a fever on Monday, I broke down and went to the doctor and learned I had a viral lung infection … wow, this has knocked me off my feet!!  I say I feel humbled because I know I’m going to feel miserable for another day or so, but there are people who struggle every, single day with health challenges that are MUCH more difficult than this! Please, please, please … call people you have not seen in church, write a note to someone you know is struggling, or drop by and see someone from your Sunday school class or choir who might not be feeling that great.


We have 3 adult Sunday school groups that meet on Sunday mornings where relationships grow deeper and people study together to strengthen their faith. They all welcome visitors ANYTIME so why not visit them and see if one of them might be right for you? If you haven’t found a small group to plug into yet, please consider being part of a new class that Amy Moss will be starting at the end of this month. What might that look like? What would inspire YOU to belong? Let’s talk about it on Sunday, February 17th at 10 AM … come meet new people and share your thoughts about what this new class might look like.


We’re very excited to roll out the details on our NEW Endowment Fund!  As approved by the church membership last October, the $200,000 gift from the Milner Estate has been used to start a NEW Endowment Fund to enable people to give to the church in a way that is socially faithful to further our mission: TO MAKE DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST. What is it? How does it work? Why have we done this? After dinner on, Wednesday, February 20th, come meet Rev. Carol Montgomery from the Texas Methodist Foundation and she’ll explain it all with our new Endowment Committee.


God has answered our prayers by sending us 2 excellent candidates for our position of MUSIC MINISTER. Representatives from our Staff Parish Relation team are finishing interviews this week and we hope to be making an offer soon. Won’t you please pray with me that God’s hand continues to guide our decision making process and that our new Music Minister will be a wonderful addition to our worship experience.

We have time to thank Judy Beaty appropriately for all she has done over the last 2 years to lead and guide our choir but let me begin now … JUDY BEATY YOU ARE AMAZING!!  Judy’s selfless gift to help the church through this time has been absolutely incredible and while I know she is looking forward to turning over the reigns, I will always rely on her for her knowledge and ideas … she truly IS amazing!!


If you miss a week of our Sunday study on the Book of Ephesians you can listen on the website (CLICK HERE) or watch the VIDEO on your Facebook (just scroll to ANY Sunday and you’ll find them!) This Sunday we’re continuing Ephesians Chapter 2 … our focus will be on verses 11-22 so you might want to read the whole chapter. (HERE)

Debbie Lyons, Pastor
First United Methodist Church Winnsboro
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