3-05-20 FUMC Update

I hope your LENTEN season has gotten off to a great start and you have found a way to grow spiritually in this pre-Easter season of fasting, almsgiving, and prayer. As you know, our Wednesday night excess meal money will be going to the Methodist Children’s Home as part of our commitment to social holiness, but I hope you’re looking for other ways to deepen your faith during this very holy season.

BOOK OF REVELATION: Wednesday afternoons, 4-5:30 pm ~ Wow, studying the Book of Revelation has been so enriching for me this month! If you weren’t able to come to our study last night, I hope you can make it next week. I have attached a DEVOTIONAL for the week to help you work through the study of end times with us. It starts with a recap of chapters 1-3; and next week in our study, we’ll start with chapter 4. I went through a wonderful study on this book when I was a member of my home church many years ago and it was taught by a teacher with a PhD from Harvard, Scott Engle, who LOVED research and study, and he brought the message alive!  When I then taught this study at my last church, I used not only Scott’s research but also studied the two books he recommended: Craig Koester’s, Revelation and the End of All Things and Breaking the Code: Understanding the Book of Revelation. I highly recommend them both and I will do MY best to bring the scriptures alive for YOU!
LET’S PRAY FOR A CURE FOR THE CORONAVIRUS!  The coronavirus has been making headlines for weeks now, causing illness and death around the world, affecting economies, canceling schools, disrupting travel, etc. Like most people, I am certainly not an alarmist, but I also don’t want to be ignorant about how to be safe and make sure I don’t affect the safety of others. The Centers for Disease Control has provided excellent information and updates regularly, CLICK HERE to go to the website, but the most important thing we can do is exactly what we do to avoid the flu!  The prevention and treatment guidelines on the CDC website are excellent so please remind yourself of the simple steps. As people who believe in the mighty, saving power of Jesus Christ, we can ALL pray … for the families of those who have lost lives, that the virus does not spread, that a vaccine is developed quickly, and that those who are infected are healed.  We, of course, will do our best within the church to continue to keep handles, doorknobs, and surfaces clean. And we have placed hand sanitizer in every room but let’s make it a team effort!
WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS WEEK? Did you know you don’t have to wait for a weekly email to know what’s going on? You can ALWAYS find details of what’s happening at the Church on our website CALENDAR, and Shiela Haynes has done a great job helping me with the website and has created another page WHAT’S HAPPENING that provides more detail. And, of course, I try to keep Facebook updated all the time!
Saturday morning, April 4, Putting Your House in Order ~ This very popular 1-1/2 hour workshop will guide us through some of life’s toughest planning tasks for when we remain silent about end-of-life conversations ahead of time, we can burden those we love with impossible decisions. This workshop comes with an excellent 45 page workbook that walks you step by step through planning tips and ideas. Stay tuned for details, but please know this will be a community event so spread the word!
Debbie Lyons, Pastor