3-24-20 FUMC Update

Thanks to ALL of you who drove through to say HELLO yesterday afternoon. I was richly blessed and my soul overflowed with more love than you can imagine! In this time of social distancing, I have missed you all so very much that just seeing so many of your faces, it was amazing! 

NEXT MONDAY: I’ll be there from 1-2 p.m. again, and I’ll stay as long as I need to to see you!

Below is my Facebook post from today, but I have ATTACHED the fabric cutting instructions for FACE MASKS for any of you that might want to come by and pick up some fabric or you have fabric at home to start cutting.  If you just want to cut fabric, you can come by anytime. Please let us know you’re coming. We should have a pattern ready to send in tomorrow’s email.

We will have a very DISTANT gathering in Wesley Hall this Thursday, March 26, at 10 a.m. No one will be even CLOSE to six feet apart! If you want to make your own mask with Penny or Amy giving guidance, please come (and be prepared to stay FAR AWAY from each other!): 

Please bring the following if you want to sew:

Short extension cord

Power strip (if they have one)

Sewing machine

Cutting tools

General sewing equipment (scissors, pins, etc)

Measuring tool

Marking tool (pencil, pen, or chalk)


I want to start with an update on the FACE MASKS. This Thursday, March 26, at 10 a.m. we are inviting a few people who can make FACE MASKS to come and pick up the material they need to make masks. In our large Wesley Hall, we will have a LIMITED # of tables set up, at LEAST six feet apart, for those who want to set up their sewing machine and learn how to follow the pattern. Or, if you just want to help cut fabric, or work at home, we can have a pattern and fabric ready for you.

PLEASE post or send us a message and let us know what you want to do as space will be limited and we don’t want people CONGREGATING.

Thanks so much for EVERYTHING! We have reached out to our nursing homes, police and fire, and our hospital and we’ll make sure they have what they need, and then we’ll ship to the Methodist Hospital System.

Now, on another note, I must admit, I’ve never spent much time thinking about fear. My kids hate watching scary movies or thrillers with me because I scream OUT LOUD even when I know it’s coming! MY SCREAM then makes THEM jump out of their skin and then I get the “MOMMMMMMMM!!”

Fear can be contagious – 

Yes, we’re in a very serious crisis right now in our country and it requires us ALL to make sacrifices, NOT just to protect ourselves but to protect our neighbors, our community. But fear cannot STOP the virus. Our ACTIONS can stop this virus and we must ALL do our part and make some changes!

What changes have YOU had to make since we have begun taking drastic measures to STOP this virus?

My daughter Lyssa lives just north of the Dallas county border and Dallas is in lockdown or SHELTER IN PLACE until April 3. This is an attempt to prevent the hospitals from being overloaded. She is committed to staying in her house, she has no job in Dallas anymore and she is now doing online video to her children’s gym members and her personal Cross Fit clients.

Change …….  

We get to choose how we handle this temporary coronavirus problem. Will we choose to power through our FEAR of CHANGE and do what has to be done? Or risk our own health and the health of others?

I was thinking about the story of NICODEMUS in the Gospel of John who pushed through his fear and took a HUGE risk! Nicodemus was a Pharisee and a leader of the Jews. An important man. A man with much to protect. But when he had heard the strange story of how a man from Nazareth named Jesus, who had changed water into wine during a large wedding party in Cana was healing people and doing other miracles.

Nicodemus wanted to meet this Jesus for some sort of explanation but he couldn’t just walk UP to him. He had a reputation to protect and already, some of the Pharisees were talking about the need to confront Jesus … sooooo …

Fearing what might happen if he DID meet with Jesus, Nicodemus snuck out in the dark of night so no one would know. But as AFRAID as Nicodemus was to go to meet Jesus, after he did, Nicodemus was CHANGED when he finally understood what Jesus meant when he said … YOU MUST BE BORN ANEW. He changed so much so, that later, Nicodemus would stand up and defend Jesus! Later still, it was Nicodemus who would join Joseph of Arimathea caring for Jesus’ body when he was taken down from the cross

Nicodemus was deeply affected by his encounter with Jesus. He wasn’t afraid to make CHANGES because he was open to the notion of a God much larger and very different from the God he had known! 

If we trust that God really IS working for good, if we believe in Him and BELIEVE that this coronavirus WILL pass. We will be MUCH more likely to survive the EMOTIONAL impact of isolation and loss.

Let’s not fear change. Let’s do what we have to do and see God’s droplets of grace all around us!

Debbie Lyons, Pastor