3-4-19 FUMC Updates

I’m always rejuvenated when we start a new worship series and as LENT begins, I find there is SO much to think about that I hardly know where to begin! The good news is that I really DO know where we begin … we begin with the solemn service of ASH WEDNESDAY (3/6, 6:45) which is the reminder to us all that we all come from dust, and to dust we all return. Gen. 3:19. Lent begins with a reminder that we are mortal people, only promised eternal life by a Savior who was willing to sacrifice Himself for our sins, so I hope you’ll all come Wednesday night for this special worship time together.

ASH WEDNESDAY, March 6th: 5:45 dinner, 6:45 worship … please come for a simple dinner on Wednesday night in a spirit of “sacrifice”. All the net proceeds from our Wednesday night love offering will be donated this year to the Methodist Children’s Home, where children have been adopted and cared for many years! Following dinner, we’ll move to the sanctuary for the opening worship of Lent, a somber service where ashes will be placed on your forehead as a reminder of our sin and mortality. JC will be singing a beautiful song for us, so don’t miss it. SUNDAYS THROUGH LENT:  I’m very excited about our worship series through Lent, THE STONES CRY OUT … starting this Sunday, March 10th, through Palm Sunday on April 14th, we’ll remember what Christ has done for us, and how we can be ready for Easter! It’s a somber season of reflection (this website gives a great background on Lent) and a time to consider what WE might sacrifice as we focus on the ULTIMATE sacrifice of Jesus, His brutal death on the cross. This first Sunday, 3/10, the STONES OF TEMPTATION will take us to the wilderness with Jesus as He was tired and hungry and being tempted to turn stones into BREAD … what do WE do when we’re tempted? How can we avoid making the wrong choices? PLEASE THANK ELAINA RAGDALE and JULIE LEWIS for their wonderful altar-scapes!  During the special days and seasons of the year they work hard to bring a visual focus and emotional connection to the service by their creative altar decorations. LET’S GATHER!  Wednesday, March 13th, 5:45 … if you were in church this Sunday you received an “invitation” to give to a friend, inviting them to come join us to CELEBRATE the first dinner after daylight savings time AND the first Wednesday of the pre-Easter season!  Please pray deeply about who God might put on YOUR heart and share an invitation with someone who might be looking for a place to belong. WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY: Starting March 13th, 6:30 … I always love bringing Max Lucado’s words to LIFE and we’ll do JUST that at our next study: HE CHOSE THE NAILS.  After dinner we’ll dig into the GIFTS that come to us from the DEATH of Christ … yes GIFTS of the cross, the nails, the sign calling Him King of the Jews, the sponge that was used to mock His thirst as He was dying, and more.  I hope you’ll all come – we’ll start at 6:30 be finished by 7:45! POT LUCK SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS … Sundays, 9:30am, Asbury Hall … our self described “70 somethings” class is starting a new study on Ecclesiastes designed especially for this stage of life and you’re invited! If you don’t have a place to connect, give it a try! PREPARE TO BE AMAZED BY GOD as we begin the sacred season of Lent …

Debbie Lyons, Pastor
First United Methodist Church Winnsboro
301 Church Street, Winnsboro, TX. 75494
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