There are no words to tell you how much sadness I feel in my heart not being able to see each other and to worship together. Every day I hear stories that touch me deeply and there is little we can do to “fix” things EXCEPT stay away from each other, wash our hands, not touch our face, and continue to reach out to each other, pray HONESTLY and trust in God!  
I will not be doing a Facebook message today but I am attaching the AUDIO message I did yesterday. I hope you find some solace in knowing that this season of LENT is about becoming more aware of God’s presence. Let’s try to do JUST that!
As you all probably know, the State of Texas has now issued a statewide STAY AT HOME Executive Order (attached). This means only non-essential travel (grocery/doctors/gas, etc.) is allowed and all places of business are mandated to be closed accept those of essential workers (see that list here.) “This executive order does not prohibit people from accessing essential services or engaging in essential daily activities, such as going to the grocery store or gas station, providing or obtaining other essential services, visiting parks, hunting or fishing, or engaging in physical activity like jogging or bicycling, so long as the necessary precautions are maintained to reduce the transmission of COVID- 19 and to minimize in-person contact with people who are not in the same household.” 
(BTW, the State Parks are ONLY allowing admission for those with State Passes, you can no longer pay by the day.)
This Executive Order is now the law and it goes on to say: “WHEREAS, under Section 418. 173, failure to comply with any executive order issued during the COVD-19 disaster is an offense punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,000, confinement in jail for a term not to exceed 180 days, or both fine and confinement.”
BUT WE WILL STILL WORSHIP AND LEARN TOGETHER REMOTELY! Please do what you can to help your “non-connected” friends find a way to connect. If you don’t have Facebook and can get it, talk to your kids, they’ll help you!
This Sunday is Palm Sunday, then we will have a Holy Thursday service and then …..
JOIN ME FOR A ZOOM BIBLE STUDY THURSDAY MORNINGS at 10 AM ~ Believe me, this is ALL NEW TO ME TOO but unusual times push us ALL into learning new things so we’ll do our best!  You don’t NEED the app to join the study, but please click on this link and go NOW to see how easy it is ~ 
Join Zoom Meeting Visually …  https://zoom.us/j/872980258
Meeting ID: 872 980 258
CALL INTO THE MEETING:  253 215 8782 or 301 715 8592 
Meeting ID: 872 980 258
WE’LL BE CONNECTING ON ZOOM:  Zoom is a FREE video conferencing app that allows you to watch and listen (or just call in and participate) while desktop images can be SHARED with those watching. Your device must have a CAMERA and a MICROPHONE to participate visually OR you can call a phone number and participate verbally. It’s an incredible technology that allows us to interact verbally and visually, VERY valuable during this time of social distancing. 
FACE MASK UPDATE:  Thanks to all of you working hard to make masks, the more the merrier! We have delivered about 130 masks so far, supplied the Winnsboro Police AND five different assisted living/nursing homes. We have also sent some masks to the Wood County Courthouse for doctors who are searching for masks because of overcrowded waiting rooms. We will obviously need MORE in these next few weeks so keep sewing!
DON’T FORGET TO BRING US YOUR OLD BATH TOWELS/BEACH TOWELS: And any old t-shirts or scraps of clothes that can be used to stuff the dog beds. Check out animals for adoption here.
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7 
Debbie Lyons, Pastor