4-17-20 FUMC Update

I have been feeling reflective this week. Since we learned of the seriousness of COVID-19 in mid March, I’ve been extremely focused on staying CONNECTED to each other and working to encourage everyone to STAY SAFE. I felt like I had so many new things to learn and all my energy was geared toward EASTER! Then Easter came, and we were STILL not together! So now, I’m reflecting on WHAT’S NEXT. And I’m getting excited!

Governor Abbott is to release the new guidelines for WHAT’S NEXT for Texas today, and our Church Council will be ZOOM meeting on Monday night. I’ll let you know as SOON as we have any new plans! But until we know what and how to start planning, let’s please stay diligent in our hand washing and social distancing.

On a call with Wood County officials yesterday, they confirmed that there are six cases in Wood County, all at home in self-isolation – all from community spread. Cases are DECLINING in Wood and surrounding counties; however, in TEXAS confirmed cases showed a 65% increase in last seven days; deaths increased over 100% increase in the last seven days. These percentages are much LOWER than they have been in the past few weeks, but Face masks/coverings ARE recommended while in public following the guidelines from the CDC.

I have felt a deep need for us to all have a common purpose, something we can do TOGETHER, something that will make God smile and something that will benefit our community until we can gather again … and we can PRAY! Won’t you please join me???

THIS SUNDAY, April 19, NOON-1pm ~ Christus Mother Frances Hospital Parking Lot ~ FLASH “MOB” PRAYERS in WINNSBORO ~ We’re ALL in this period of isolation TOGETHER so let’s PRAY together, every Sunday after worship! We’ll get in our cars and drive to a specific place TOGETHER, and we will park in the parking lots honoring social distancing rules, not getting out of our cars, but we can wave to each other! Please find our FACEBOOK posts and share them with all your friends or forward this message to people you know!

SUNDAY, April 19, NOON-1pm: Christus Mother Frances Hospital Parking Lot

SUNDAY, April 26 ~ WISD Elementary School

SUNDAY, May 3 ~ Brookshires

SUNDAY, May 10 ~ High School/Middle School

SUNDAY, May 17~ Main Street

SUNDAY, May 24 ~ City Hall/Police 

CARTER BLOOD CARE IS HERE TOMORROW, SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 10 am-3pm at The Rock across from 1st Baptist ~ CLICK here to make your appointment to GIVE BLOOD right here in Winnsboro! 

ATTACHED IS AUDIO from TODAY’S FACEBOOK DEVOTIONAL ~ Today was Part 3 on Jesus Walking on Water, Matthew 14.  You can listen to the first two parts from Tuesday and Wednesday.  

NEW ZOOM FORMAT, WEDNESDAYS, 10 am ~ Instead of having a BIBLE STUDY, we’re going to TALK to each other! We’ll talk about what’s happening in the news, in our lives, in our community and share how our lives are different, better, worse, etc.

To join Wednesday 10 am Zoom Conversation  … click this link:
Meeting ID: 451 285 222


253 215 8782 US  or  301 715 8592 US

Meeting ID: 451 285 222 

SCALING BACK NEXT WEEK ~ I realize everyone has caught up with digital communications and you’re probably overwhelmed with messaging these days, so in the future, here are ONGOING connections you can plan for until otherwise changed:

SUNDAYS: 10:50 am, Facebook LIVE worship

SUNDAYS: Noon-1 pm, Flash “Mob” Prayers (this Sunday at the hospital)

MONDAYS: 1-3 pm: Drive-through on Church Street 

TUESDAYS: Morning devotional on Facebook

WEDNESDAYS: 10 am, ZOOM Conversation

DON’T BE LATE FOR EASTER, NEW WORSHIP SERIES STARTS THIS SUNDAY, live on Facebook at 10:50!  Christians around the world know that Easter is more than just a DAY. It’s a way of life! After Jesus rose from the dead, He continued living on this earth for 40 days and He appeared to HUNDREDS of people before He ascended into heaven! In that time, He continued to BLOW US AWAY with his final messages, he even blew away those who were LATE to the party!  Thomas was late to the party and we’ll talk about him this Sunday!

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,

and in his word I hope… Psalm 130:5

CDC COVID 19 Symptoms andTesting: CLICK HERE

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