4-22-20 FUMC Update

I showed a video in our worship on Sunday that I really liked a lot. It’s focus was WE ARE STILL THE CHURCH, and this is so important to remember because the church is not a BUILDING. In fact, these days the church has LEFT the building! So always remember, the church is NOT the building, the church is YOU!

PEW NEIGHBORHOODS ARE UP AND RUNNING ~ As you have all heard me talk in church about the people who sit around you, we have now taken the idea of “pew neighborhoods” to a new place since we can’t SEE each other! Instead, you now have a NEIGHBORHOOD CAPTAIN who will be checking in with you occasionally in hopes of keeping your little group connected. I want to thank JaneAnne Newton and Elaina Ragsdale for helping create the maps (and if you haven’t heard from your Captain, please let me know as I don’t want to leave ANYONE off the list and – you do realize I make mistakes, right?  I want to thank them so VERY much:

Choir – Wanda Simms

Balcony – Tina Satterwhite

Homebound – Angie Hollingsworth

Pulpit Front & Middle – Amy Moss

Pulpit Rear – Wanda Noe

Choir Front – Betty Craddock

Choir Center – Sue Gross

Choir Rear – Joyzelle Davis

TRINITY MISSION ASSISTED LIVING DRIVE BY, Friday, April 24, 3 p.m. ~ Mary White Sr. has been in Trinity for weeks now with very little contact from ANYONE. If you know her or anyone else there, put a HELLO MARY WHITE sign in your window and drive-by!

FACEBOOK AUDIO ATTACHED ~ I’ve attached the audio of the FACEBOOK post I did yesterday, but I’ll recap the highlights here … In the waters of baptism, WE were claimed as children of God, as part of God’s family. And THIS means we don’t live in this world separate from one another and we DEFINITELY don’t live without Jesus walking right beside us! That’s why I was so excited to see SO MANY PEOPLE in the parking lot at the hospital in Winnsboro PRAYING together! In the pouring down rain, we were ALL THERE, together!  

SUNDAY FLASH “MOB” PRAYERS ~ For the next few Sundays, we’ll be meeting after worship on Sundays, usually around 11:30-12:30 to pray for others. THIS Sunday, April 26, we’ll be praying in the elementary school parking lot. PLEASE observe social distancing and please post your pictures on our FACEBOOK page, and on your OWN page so we can create a NEW contagion – let’s spread the contagion of HOPE!

DEVOTIONAL ~ The third chapter of Ecclesiastes begins, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (NIV).

Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what DAY it is let alone what SEASON we’re in. And as far as ACTIVITIES go when we’ve been sheltering at home? We are being VERY creative in finding meaningful activities!

BUT I SEE A NEW SEASON COMING ~ Monday night our church leaders had a zoom meeting to look NOT at the past but to the future. We’re looking to the future because this isolation period WILL end and we WILL be together again someday, and we want to be READY! Yes, it will be different for a while. And yes, it won’t be like it was before for a while, but sometimes change can make us appreciate what we DO have and make us flexible about what we don’t HAVE!

We don’t know WHEN restrictions will be loosened for worship. We don’t know WHAT those restrictions will look like, but it appears that in the next few weeks those who are NOT vulnerable will be able to start coming back to church in SMALLER groups, maybe 50 or less. Vulnerable means seniors and/or those with underlying health conditions. Vulnerable adults will all be encouraged to REMAIN at home until the virus gets more and more under control.

But IF we maintain STRICT social distancing and other precautionary hand sanitizing and disinfecting guidelines, would you feel safe coming back, sitting apart from your pew neighbors, having your hands sanitized when you come and go, perhaps having your temperature taken? Would you be willing to come to a DIFFERENT worship time if we have to have TWO services to accommodate everyone? 



Please complete before May 1.

So our online worship continues for a while longer. We are making a BETTER BAD CHOICE right now, and we feel BLESSED we have the ways to BE “together” on FACEBOOK! But to be able to SEE each other and feel the energy of the spirit working among us? Yes, a new season IS coming!

Until then, stay connected! Since digital communication has caught up and most people are being INUNDATED with messaging, I’m only doing one devotional each week on Tuesday or Wednesday and also every Wednesday at 10 a.m., we’ll have a zoom CONVERSATION.

ZOOM CALLS WEDNESDAY MORNINGS AT 10 AM ~ Set the timer on your phone to remember!

 To join Zoom Meeting … click this link:

Meeting ID: 451 285 222

+1 253 215 8782 US    or  +1 301 715 8592 US
Meeting ID: 451 285 222

Sermon Series, Late for Easter ~ This Sunday join us as we continue in our NEW sermon series, LATE FOR EASTER. We’ll talk about the foundational ROCK of the church and how even HE Was late for Easter. Peter came around though. I think you’ll love his story!

We’ll drive to the elementary school AFTER church to pray, pray, pray.

Then MONDAY, I’ll be at the church street door from 1-3 p.m.


Pastor Debbie