4-27-20 FUMC Update

image.pngWhat a GLORIOUS day it was seeing so many people at the Elementary school praying, visiting, and celebrating the HOPE that the progress we’re making in our fight against COVID-19 is going to lead to change! We prayed at the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL yesterday and will meet closest to the STREET side of the Brookshire’s parking lot this Sunday, May 5, after worship about 11:30ish. You can see ALL the pictures on Facebook!
Today, Governor Abbot will announce his updated guidelines for moving forward (today at 2:30 p.m.) so we’ll know more about “what’s next” for us soon. I will also speak with Vic Casad, our District Superintendent, this week on some recommendations our Bishop is making. I will have a call with the Wood County Leadership team on Thursday and then your Church Council will meet Thursday night and start planning the “baby” steps for gathering again! While there WILL be restrictions, I know we’re ALL excited about the possibilities!  
WHAT SONGS ARE IN YOUR HEAD in this CoronaVirus time in which we live? For a little levity, I posted a montage of four of the songs your church leaders shared on FACEBOOK. I bet you’d never guess who CHOSE those songs belong to! I’ll post PART 2 tomorrow morning.
WE HAVE APPLIED FOR THE PAYROLL PROTECTION PROGRAM ~ If you are a customer of City National, please thank them! The second round of PPP money is to be available today, so please THANK City National for considering our application! On April 3, the first day we were able to apply for assistance, we turned our paperwork into our Bank, First National. Unfortunately, they were not participating in the program so we had to take our application that same day to City National. I’m sure existing customers were processed first, which I completely understand, so we did not get approved to receive the money from the first round of grants. But the GOOD news is we have now had all our bank applications approved, and we are PRAYING we get the loan! If we get it, we will ONLY use it to satisfy the requirements of the money used as a GRANT, any money NOT used will be returned!  
Yes, our giving is down but I want to thank ALL of you who have continued to give generously during these seven weeks our sanctuary and building have been closed. You truly inspire me! Not everyone has been able to do this, and I DO want everyone to know as I said on Sunday, if you need any help, PLEASE contact me. I have already seen how God DOES provide! To whom much is given, much is expected and if YOU’RE one of the lucky ones ABLE to continue giving or at least give 10% of your stimulus check, remember what I said a few weeks ago: Generosity is not something God wants from us. It’s something God wants for us. I pray you experience His blessings in a BIG way!
DID YOU KNOW? Not only can you watch worship LIVE on Sundays and our weekly devotionals on TUESDAYS but you can also LISTEN from our webpage?  For those of you who still don’t have Facebook, I convert most Sunday messages to make them “small” enough to listen to. And I will also be putting our weekly devotions on there as well! Check it out here – you can go as far back as you want!
Thanks to everyone who completed the QUICK, anonymous survey we sent last week ~ It will remain open until THIS FRIDAY! As of this morning, we had 44 people respond (please don’t take the survey more than twice!). 70% of you are able to return when it’s safe, and 30% of you will wisely take the advice of the CDC to shelter at home for a little while longer. PARENTS, there have been no responses that include kids so please let your voices be heard! CLICK HERE if you have not responded!  IF you’d prefer to take a written survey and send it to us, I’ve attached it to the update email.
On Sunday I also created a DIFFERENT survey to try and reach those “visitors” who have been watching with us, but do NOT post they are watching with us. I reply to EVERYONE who posts a comment, (and I hope YOU, too, will reach out to people you see online and welcome them!). But I pray that God is already preparing NEW hearts to have a NEW church home with us when this is all over!  I hope we get SOME response.
– Monday Drive Through, 1-3 pm … drive by and pick up your UPPER ROOM today!  
– Tuesday Devotional … I will post on Facebook before noon and then put them on our website where you can listen to ALL the sermons. 
– Wednesday ZOOM Bible Study, 10 am … WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT THE “EVERLASTING PRESENT” we have found ourselves in?  ZOOM has created some extra safety measures so you’ll need a password now. I PROMISE this is really a great way to learn and connect with others!
FUMC’s Bible Study with Pastor Debbie
To Join Zoom Meeting (you do not need video) Click This Link:
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       Meeting ID: 451 285 222
Password: 486447
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