5/4/22 FUMC Updates

I got back from vacation last night and I am very grateful for having some time to relax at the beach in Alabama, but also so very grateful to everyone who helped while I was gone.  A great big thanks to Brother Henry for preaching, providing pastoral care, and for honoring Jack Cowser’s life this past week. To Tina Satterwhite and all those who helped with the Senior Luau, I can’t wait to see all the pictures! It is so difficult to miss important days and events, but so many of YOU are why FUMC is such an amazing church, and it is YOUR commitment to prayer, presence, gifts, service, and witness that makes God smile day after day!

I hope to see everyone tonight at our Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal tonight, 5/4 at 6 PM.

I also hope you’ll join me at NOON this Thursday, 5/5 at the National Day of Prayer at the City Civic center … many churches and many of our neighbors will gather, with purpose, for an incredible worship experience, singing and prayer so don’t miss it!

Vote Saturday, May 7th … not only will we be voting on our City Council, School Board, and some very important City Bonds but there are 2 important STATE amendments on this ballot (CLICK HERE) “Prop 1 would adjust the taxes paid toward public schools by those 65 years old and older and people with disabilities to match the same percentage as everyone else. This would mean lower payments for people in these two groups. Prop 2 would raise the homestead exemption for school property taxes from $25,000 to $40,000, This exemption reduces the taxable value of qualifying properties. This means a homeowner with a primary residence valued at $100,000 currently has to pay taxes on only $75,000, $100,000 minus $25,000. If the new amendment were to pass, that homeowner would pay taxes on $60,000, $100,000 minus $40,000.” NPR NEWS

This Sunday, May 8th,  is MOTHER’S DAY and ASCENSION SUNDAY … the Easter season comes to an end when Jesus bodily ascends into heaven and asks his followers to be his WITNESSES.  There are no better WITNESSES to the risen Christ than mothers who teach their children about His love so let’s all gather together for this special day.


East District Annual Meeting: Sunday, May 23rd, 3 PM, FUMC Sulphur Springs … this is a business meeting for all churches in our area to prepare for the Annual Conference. Everyone is welcome, no registration is required.

North Texas UMC Annual Meeting: June 5-7 at First UMC Richardson: all churches in North Texas gather to do the business of the church. CLICK HERE for details and registration. If you want a pre-conference workbook, please order one through the registration process.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Debbie