6-05-19 FUMC Update

It’s summer! Not officially, of course. That doesn’t come until June 21, but in our hearts and minds, summer started after Memorial Day! Summer is the time when the flowers are in full bloom, the sun rays are beating down, and the bees won’t give up swarming all around! It’s the season when children and teachers are out of school, the time when many families take vacations together, and the time when birds are the new alarm clocks for many people.

There is so much freedom that comes along with this incredible season, especially for teachers and students who get a few weeks to unwind and relax. But it’s also a season that showcases a circle of life! Where will GOD fit into your circle in these short few weeks of summer? How will you stay connected to Church so the “habits” of summer don’t strip away the value you get from being in community with others and with Christ? I hope we have an AWESOME summer together … and I hope it starts this Sunday with our brand NEW worship series!

UPSIDE DOWN: The Greatest Sermon Ever Told ~ Starting this Sunday, we begin a teaching series on the Beatitudes (MAT 5:1-11). While the whole sermon continues through Matthew chapter 7, the Beatitudes are a very special list of commands on how God plans to BLESS us … and please know this … there are conditions to these blessings!

KATHRYN CLARK’S  Celebration of Life ~ Please join us to support James and his family, Friday, June 7, 1 pm in the sanctuary; reception to greet the family following the service in Wesley Hall. In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be made in Kathryn’s name to the Church.

NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEAL is WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19 … and we’d love YOUR help please! Thanks to Bettye Gilbert who coordinates our DESSERTS. We need DESSERT volunteers for the three dates of our summer Fellowship meals ~ Wednesday, June 19; Tuesday, July 16; Wednesday, August 21. We have been blessed by the volunteers through the year so let’s give them a break before we plan for the next school year. Betty only needs 6 people to step up and make 2 desserts just one time during the summer. Please call Bettye at 972-342-6698 or email her at bjhh@suddenlink.net.

WE’RE BEING FAITHFUL STEWARDS OF OUR ENERGY COSTS THIS SUMMER ~ Now that the temperatures are rising, we are doing everything we can to manage the high summer costs of electricity. If you are the last one out of the building, please do not turn OFF the thermostat, but please DO turn the AC up to 85-86 degrees. (This is most efficient for the belts and operating system costs.) Also, in Wesley Hall, we do not cool the kitchen or Fellowship Halls in order to keep the classrooms cool, so if you OPEN those doors, please keep them closed. We have also moved small groups meeting in Asbury Hall over to the small classroom in the FLC where there is one small unit that cools just that one room, as opposed to cooling all of Asbury Hall. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, let us know!