6-21-18 FUMC Updates

What an AMAZING Fellowship Dinner we had last night with SO many people that the last few people in line were gracious enough to eat chicken nuggets because we served all the burgers! (The kitchen crew is committed to making sure we have MORE than enough food on July 18th and I’d guess NEXT month will be even BIGGER and BETTER!!) 

YOUTH!!!  One of the most EXCITING things about last night was seeing TWENTY FIVE, (yes 25!!) YOUTH all piling into the loft to watch Back to the Future II AND have chocolate fondue! (I don’t think the KIDS call it that but dipping yummy things in chocolate is what I call it!!) So many of our kids brought their friends so it says a LOT about the sense of belonging those kids feel … to see our young adults, Kimberly Noe, Conner Ragsdale and Paige Baber step up to help was also very exciting!  THANKS TO EVERYONE who is creating safe, loving space to nurture our kids!

METHODISM   I was then BLOWN AWAY by how many people stayed for the “speed” class on Methodism … we zipped through history, organization, some doctrine, beliefs and MORE and it was so heart-warming to see the interest! When I began the class by asking how many people were there from backgrounds NOT Methodist, the great majority of hands were raised so what a JOY to talk about why we CHOOSE to be Methodists!

WHAT ARE YOUNG “SEEKERS” LOOKING FOR?  Now that it’s summer, I’d also like to encourage you to keep your eyes open for someone God puts in YOUR path who might need the connection to a faith community that we’re lucky enough to have! I read a fabulous article on UMC.org that said the top motivators for considering a church for  spiritual “seekers”, 25-49, are: knowing that everyone will be welcomed (32%), making friends and nurturing friendships (29%), support during difficult times (28%) and learning more about God (27%). Isn’t it true that we ALL want to feel like we belong?    CLICK HERE to read the whole article. 

DANIEL CHAPTER 3 … Battle of the Gods  This Sunday we’ll dive into one of the most well-known stories of the Bible as we see Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego thrown into a fiery furnace because they won’t bow down and worship a false god.  EMAIL US if you’d like the worksheet.

JOINING DAY, this Sunday, June 24th … If you are joining the church this Sunday, let me say an early welcome as you joyfully make this commitment to God!  I’ll invite you to come forward during the closing hymn at the end of the service but if you would like to be baptized, please let me know before Sunday.

HELP US CLEAN OUT THE LIBRARY in WESLEY HALL: This TUESDAY, June 26th, 1:30pm … The trustees are making plans to do some renovation in Wesley Hall so we’re cleaning UP and cleaning OUT and we’d love your help!  The library hasn’t been used in MANY years so we are going to re-purpose the space and have a BOOK GIVEAWAY later in July.  BUT FIRST … we need volunteers to help us clear out everything in the library and move everything to tables in the Wesley Hall.  JOIN US FOR LUNCH AT 12:15 at SUBWAY(Bible study is from 11-12 if you want to make a day of it!!) and then we’ll get to work!! It won’t take long – many hands make light work!

GET CONNECTED THIS WEEK: Click here for Calendar details

SUNDAY: 10:50 am, Joining Day during worship
MONDAY, 1-3 PM …Knitting Group, Family Ties

TUESDAY, 8 am … Quilters,  9 am crafters

      10-11 am … Personal prayer time in sanctuary

      11-noon … Bible Talk, “HOW HARD TIMES HELP” 1 Sam 17

      12:15 pm … Lunch at Subway

      1:30 pm … Cleaning out the library, Wesley Hall

WEDNESDAY, 9 am … Community Women’s Bible Study, Asbury

      6:30 pm … Community and Congregational Care, Friendly Seekers

THURSDAY, 8:30 am … Community Women’s Bible Study, Clara Ida Frances Loft (WOMAN AT THE WELL)




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