What an amazing experience to be part of a connectional denomination that works TOGETHER for the ​​kingdom of God!! Our conference is made up of 301 churches, 141,827 members, 4 districts and 20 counties and on Monday night we ordained 12 exceptional new pastors!!  We also had INCREDIBLE worship experiences, AND Adam Hamilton, author and pastor of one of the largest, fastest growing Methodist churches in the ​world truly INSPIRED us with over 5 hours of HANDS ON training that was exceptional! Being part of a connectional church is pretty amazing – if this is new to you, CLICK HERE to read a pretty good article on what it’s all about!

SO MANY STORIES OF CHURCHES DOING GREAT THINGS!!  The theme of Conference this year was NEW SPACES-NEW FACES … taking the message of Christ OUT to the people JUST like John Wesley did when he started Methodism in the United States! So often we hear stories of “doom and gloom” about churches dying, attendance dropping, and children disappearing from our churches (sadly, this IS all true!) but there are some churches out there who really GET IT!!  I was so inspired by the churches that are growing and welcoming lots of new people and who have children’s ministries that are EXPLODING … to hear about their growing pains (yes, growing pains!!) and their stories of professions of faith of NEW people getting to know the love of Christ is so exciting! I am looking forward to working with our leadership teams to share some of the possibilities – if YOU want to be part of the conversation, let me know!!

PLEASE TUNE INTO THE 1st CONFERENCE CALL on NEW FACES-NEW SPACES … June 11th, 10 AM … The chief missional strategy of the North Texas Conference is:  Catalyze gatherings of NEW FACES in NEW SPACES in and through every local church and targeted mission fields.  I’m so excited to explore NEW SPACES for NEW FACES in our OWN area and this conference call is designed to help us share and develop NEW IDEAS with church leaders and pastors from ALL over the Conference!!  Everyone is welcome to call in – the calls are FREE but you’ll need to download the ZOOM app to participate … CLICK here to download the app so you’re ready for the 10 AM call on MONDAY, 6/11, then email me after the call and share your thoughts! 

SUMMER VACATIONS, CAMPING TRIPS, VISITS TO SEE FAMILY … have you thought about setting up automatic “bill pay” to God? Many of us pay our electric bills and mortgages and credit card bills automatically so if God asks us to PUT HIM FIRST, this is an easy way to do it!  It’s simple and easy after a brief set-up … CLICK HERE and give it a try!  (It’s also VERY easy to stop at any time!)

CAMP FOR KIDS?  If you haven’t put down your kids deposit for camp, do it right away – we will work with you to sponsor your kids and make sure they can go financially but please don’t wait … let me know your 5th – 12th graders are interested ASAP!

LET’S SUPPORT OUR VERY OWN ARTISTS! Saturday, June 9th, 5:30 PM “IN FOCUS PHOTO GROUP at the Cultural Arts Center … join me as we celebrate SEVERAL OF OUR MEMBERS who are participating … let’s support them!!

WHAT DO METHODISTS BELIEVE? Wednesday, June 20th, after the 5:45 Fellowship Dinner Have you wondered what Methodists actually believe? Have you been a Methodist for a long time and want a REFRESHER course? Have you been visiting with us from a different faith background and want to know MORE about basic Methodist structure and doctrine? Please join us for our Wednesday night fellowship meal and stay for a talk on what Methodists believe?

JOINING DAY: Sunday, June 24th 10:50 AM … I have heard from some of you who are interested in joining the church that you’d like to join on a day when others are joining too so here’s your chance! If you have any questions about joining the church, please call me – I’d love to have coffee! We also have info on our website, CLICK HERE.

COMMUNITY/CONGREGATIONAL CARE TEAM … Wednesday, June 27th, 6:30 PM … time to get to work!! If you want to write notes, you’ll get a list of names, if you want to make phone calls, you’ll get phone numbers to make some calls, if you want to visit people, sign up to be a driver occasionally, or help coordinate activities, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and get to work. 

3 OF YOUR FORMER PASTORS ARE RETIRING THIS JULY … Allen Snider, Reid Fade, and Mike Langdon are all retiring this year so keep them in your prayers!  We had a call from Reid’s current church (New Covenant UMC, 3032 Beltline Road, Sunnyvale) that they are having a reception for her on SATURDAY, JUNE 23rd at 2 pm and everyone is invited. If you would like to say a few words in her honor, please email: kathleenrogers@att.net.

CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH CELEBRATES 150 YEARS IN MINISTRY … this Sunday, June 10th, 2-4 PM.  What a JOY when we can celebrate that the Kingdom of God has been alive and well for GENERATIONS in Winnsboro, TX.  They want to invite you ALL to stop by and wish them well!

OUR STUDY OF THE BOOK OF DANIEL CONTINUES … last week we introduced this wonderful Old Testament Book with a message focused on chapter 1, verses 1-7, and THIS week we’ll finish Chapter 1 with the message … JUST SAY NO.  I have attached some study notes (not my own!) that you may enjoy using to dig deeper into this series … this is a rich, challenging book about UNSHAKABLE FAITH and if you miss a message, you can listen in the car from your phone as you’re traveling or listen on your desk top. CLICK HERE for last Sundays sermon.

Blessings to you all this week!

Pastor Debbie