7-09-19 FUMC Update

We’re more than half way through our worship series on the BEATITUDES and I’ve had time to reflect back, and I have the benefit of looking forward, on the 8 character traits that identify true disciples of Christ. When I got started on this series, I found myself wanting to pick and choose the ones that I thought I’d have the most success working on for myself, but that was silly ~ all 8 work together and they’re NOT “multiple choice!” Jesus didn’t say, “Feel free to pick and choose your favorites.” Our wonderful Savior stated very clearly ALL the qualities that lead to the kind of lifestyle that pleases Him so digging into them ALL has been refreshing for me, as I hope it has been for you! 


I admit I’ve found renewed comfort in knowing that these traits we’re working on open the doors to incredible inner happiness and satisfaction! Jesus offers fulfillment in these texts like nothing else on earth!! Each one begins with: “Blessed are . . . ” and this is the only time Jesus repeats the same term 8 times consecutively so obviously it’s important! Our gracious Lord WANTS us to find lasting happiness!! And one more reminder, while there are CONDITIONS to the blessings, I prefer to think of them as PROMISES and oh what great promises they are! IF we behave the way Jesus tells us, THEN we’ll be HAPPY and receive these 8 blessings: the kingdom of heaven will be yours, you will be comforted, you shall inherit the richness of God’s life for you on earth, you will be found worthy in the eyes of God, you will be treated with mercy, you will know God is present in your life, you will be respected by God, you know you’re doing the right thing and your eternal life is assured! I don’t know about you but it seems to me that ALL those blessings are worth working for!!

THIS COMING SUNDAY, July 14, we’ll look at Matthew 5:8 ~God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God. Prepare to be amazed by God!
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UMW 150th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, TUESDAY, July 16, 5 p.m. ~ Our JULY Fellowship meal will be on Tuesday, July 16, at 5 p.m., and it’s the 150th birthday celebration for the United Methodist Women! We’ll have a great meal, amazing entertainment by Cross Strings Bluegrass Band, and of course cake and ice-cream! Please be extra generous with your love offering this month as all the money raised will go to LOCAL missions.
WHAT’S NEXT?  It’s Summer at the Movies!!
After a fairly intense sermon series on the Beatitudes, let’s have some fun in August and look for God in some of the popular movies of our time! It’s up to YOU which movies we’ll talk about. Do you want something light, like Bruce Almighty or musical like Frozen? Something challenging like the Shawshank Redemption or Green Mile? Something non-fiction like A Beautiful Mind or action packed like Raiders of the Lost Ark? TAKE THE SURVEY HERE and chose four of the 11 films listed. SURVEY CLOSES on July 21 so take it now. It’s anonymous and should only take a minute if you recognize the movies!

Have a blessed and happy week!

Debbie Lyons, Pastor

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