7-26-22 FUMC Updates … last Wacky Wednesday 7/27

July is quickly coming to an end and that means … dare I say it … time to get ready for kids to go back to school!  Our last WILD, WACKY FAMILY WEDNESDAY is July 27th, 6 PM, and Heather has some VERY wacky things planned for the kids!  I also have some very wild bible stories to share about demons and giants, talking donkeys, and a few unusual proverbs that will be thrown in! 

Please be part of our back-to-school efforts to help the students and teachers get off to a great start by providing what the school leaders have requested:

–         This year, instead of socks and underwear (we did such a great job last year they have enough this year!), we are providing leggings for the little ones … someone has already donated 5 pairs of each of the sizes requested, 3T-5T

–         The principals have requested earbuds that kids can plug into their tablets and Chrome books OR gift cards so the principals can dispense them for needed supplies. IF YOU WOULD RATHER MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to the church, we will purchase gift cards for you, just mark SCHOOLS in the memo line or give HERE, the fund is WISD Back to School.

–         All the Winnsboro churches in the Ministerial Alliance are working together to provide a food truck for lunch for all the teachers and staff during the week they are getting ready to go back.  We’re blessed to be a blessing to our teachers and if you want to help with this, let me know!

COVID CASES ARE INCREASING: praise God that everyone I know who has or recently had COVID is recovering but please be mindful and try to keep some distance between each other. In our 7 counites, Net Health has reported that hospitalizations are where they were last November-December and reported cases have increased from 497 in April, to 936 May, 2,369 June, and already, through July 25th, to 4,268.  This nasty virus is apparently not going anywhere anytime soon!

ARE YOU SHARING OUR POSTS ON FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM?  Heather does a great job keeping our posts, pictures, and videos up to date and Facebook and Instagram work really well when people SHARE posts to their own pages so their friends see what’s going on!  If you see something you think your friends might like, just CLICK the SHARE button.


WILD WACKY LAST WEDNESDAY, 7/27, 6-7:15 … TACOS for dinner at 6, and Bible Study at 6:30, all in the FAMILY LIFE CENTER, and water fun for kids at 6:30 too!  This is our last summer event so don’t miss it!

SPIRITUAL GIFTS CLASS: this Saturday and next Saturday, 7/30 and 8/8, 9 am – 3 pm, Wesley Hall … it’s not too late to register for this amazing opportunity to have spiritual development in our own backyards!  CONTACT: Lori Massey, East District Director of Lay Servant Ministries, 903-227-0302 or lori.mass@yahoo.com

THIS SUNDAY: We’ll be finishing up our look at the 10 Commandments this Sunday so you might want to read Exodus chapter 20.  As I have mentioned, these are not BIG sins that none of us ever commit, oh no … when we look at the commandments with a modern-day lens, they are BIG sins that many of us commit!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Debbie