8-1-22 FUMC Updates … do not worry!

I can’t tell you how many times I have said to some of you: “Take a deep breath in slowly, exhale slowly … now, do it again!” You have also heard me say this during worship services on days I feel a certain unease or heaviness in the sanctuary.  I sense that more and more people feel tension and anxiety coming from all directions … school going back, teacher shortages, rising costs for everything, political tension, the war in Ukraine, personal health concerns, etc., etc., etc.  Let me say as confidently as I can – worry is an OPTIONWe choose to worry or choose to give our burdens to the Lord and when we choose HIM, He greets us with arms wide open! 
Over and over again in the Bible the Lord says do not worry … do not be anxious about anything … do not fear. God asks us to go to Him when we are anxious and to trust in Him to give us the rest our mind and body need. God can lead us into worry-free living … He may suggest watching less news, spending less time on social media, or watching less anxiety-producing television shows and movies. He may encourage us to spend time with people who are positive and uplifting instead of always complaining about everything!  Go to Him and listen to His advice.
Yes, there is a lot going on in the world so be quick to pray … about everything! Focus less on the problems ahead, more on the victories behind, and always on the droplets of grace in the presence. Know that Christ is our refuge … He is our place of peace even in the most overwhelming moments! So, take advantage of that safe space. Invite Him to guard your heart with His PEACEā€¦a peace that passes all understanding. 
THANKS FOR HELPING WITH SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  we’ll continue collecting earbuds and gift cards through August 14th and if you’d like to write a tax-deductible donation, please mark SCHOOLS in the memo line. 
8-9 am: Men’s breakfast with Brother Henry at Hope Cafe
1-3:30 pm: Knitters and Stitchers in FLC
3-5 pm: Crafters are back in Asbury Hall and will continue meeting every Wednesday
6-6:45 pm: Fellowship Meal in FLC, come for summer salads
1:30 – 3 pm:  Dulcimers in Asbury Hall
Third Thursday, 8/16, 10-11 am:  Brother Henry’s Bible study
THIS SUNDAY, August 7th:
10:45 am: Blessing of the Backpacks 
Also this Sunday, we’ll be looking at LESSONS FROM THE WILDERNESS – what Moses and the Israelites learned on their long journey to the Promised Land.
In Christ alone,
Pastor Debbie