8-24-18 FUMC Updates

How exciting to have a chance to talk about SPIRITUAL GIFTS this past Sunday … I really struggled with whether or not to share a brief description of all the gifts but so many people said they appreciated knowing and recognizing how other gifts interact with their own! Whew, it was a lot to cover but after taking the gift inventory online (CLICK HERE) it probably means a lot more! 
I hope you all received a handout after church asking you to let us know where God might be guiding you to serve … when you’re using your spiritual gifts you’ll feel JOY so this is definitely something worth exploring!  I’ve attached the form again and I’m asking you to bring the forms back to church on Sunday, leave them with an usher, or feel free to drop them off by the office! 
MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL PARENT and PIZZA MEETING … Wednesday, 8/22, 6:00 PM, FLC … parents and kids, please come to our KICK-OFF  to talk about all our plans for this semester, starting Wednesday, September 5th  … we want LOTS of input and we’ll be talking about: Sunday mornings, an exciting program we have planned for Wednesday nights, social activities, mission opportunities, etc.
ALPHA COMING SEPTEMBER 5th … I am so VERY excited to be bringing this incredible program to Winnsboro and please know, this is a GREAT opportunity to invite friends who may not have a church home! This 10 week course will start with our fabulous fellowship meal, then have an engaging video, followed by small group conversation … the weekly topics SOUND basic and oh, they are anything but basic! We do ask that you REGISTER HERE because we are training small group facilitators and we’ll need to know how many groups to have.  PLEASE REGISTER!  Then, watch for our FACEBOOK posts (which you will see often!) and SHARE them on your own page … it’s the most affordable promotion we have when we share with friends!
HAVE YOU BEEN ON A WALK TO EMMAUS? Please let me know!
In 1994 I went on a 3 day spiritual journey that changed my life! The Walk to Emmaus (which, by the way has very LITTLE walking!) was developed by the United Methodist UPPER ROOM as a non-denominational discipleship journey to help people grow in their faith and become leaders in the church. If you remember, after Jesus rose from the dead, He met some of His followers returning home and they did not recognize Him (Luke 24:13-35) and on this spiritual retreat, participants focus on knowing what it TRULY means to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  If you have been on a walk to Emmaus, let me know when and where!
BELONGING to a TABLE OF GRACE: 8/26, 9/2 …these next 2 Sundays are transitional Sundays and people are winding down from summer and not yet settling into “after Labor Day” routines. I hope you’ll be sure to join us as we talk about the simple elements used at the communion table … the bread and the juice.  We will serve juice on September 2nd from the grapes we harvested!
GOD at the MOVIES: 9/9-9/30 … the 1st few weeks after Labor Day are the SECOND most important Sundays for us to welcome and invite NEW people to church!  (New Year resolutions bring the MOST visitors!) For this reason, the fall worship series should be non-threatening, applicable to people’s lives and thoroughly engaging and what better way to do all those things than to talk about MOVIES! Movies have a way of communicating God’s fingerprints in POWERFUL ways and we’ll look at POPULAR movies that most people are either familiar with or can watch on NetFlix or On-Demand. But don’t worry – we’ll show short, meaningful snippets of each film, enough to communicate the GOD MESSAGE and give everyone the WHOLE picture in a short time.
Thanks so much for returning your SPIRITUAL GIFTS FORMS  .. and don’t forget to REGISTER FOR ALPHA