8-27-19 FUMC Update

Happy Labor Day! Somehow with school going back so early in August, Labor Day doesn’t see to get to “three-day weekend joy” it used to get but it’s still worth recognizing! Did you know The United Methodist Church has been a part of the labor movement throughout history and is committed to fairness and justice in the workplace?

In the early 20th century the church worked to end child labor; and in the ’50s, during our country’s civil rights movement, we fought for fair wages and better working conditions. We were dedicated to fairness and justice in the workplace then, and we still are today.

When John Wesley founded the Methodist movement during the 18th century, there was no “labor movement” the way we’d understand it today but Wesley preached to and cared for coal miners and other oppressed workers. He also opposed slavery. After Wesley died, his followers continued to work against workplace injustices in rapidly industrializing England, adopting the first Social Creed, which, in 1908, dealt exclusively with labor practices.

So, all that being said … HAPPY LABOR DAY!

This Sunday, The Choir Gets a Break! Danny has been doing such a great job with the choir that they didn’t want to take any time off this summer; so this Sunday, they get to enjoy the worship service! Mary White is going to work with me in worship and we will be blessed to hear her BEAUTIFUL piano playing!

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS MEALS ARE BACK ~ 5:45 in the FLC ~ The last I heard, we are having Salisbury steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans, and your love offerings are greatly appreciated! If you’re invited to deliver a meal to one of our homebound folks, please say yes!

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE? Part 2: HELL ~ 6:30 in Wesley Hall Last week we had a speed course in many of the scriptures related to heaven. This week will be much less scripture driven because, well, there aren’t nearly as many scriptures about HELL! If we have time, I DO want to spend a few minutes talking about “End Times,” the rapture and tribulations theories. Very interesting! Hope to see you all there!

WALK TO EMMAUS UPDATE ~ Please be in prayer for JOHN HARGUS who will be attending the next Men’s Walk (September 19-22) and Ann Williams who will be attending the Women’s Walk (October 17-20). If you are still considering being part of this exceptional retreat weekend, let us know ASAP!  FYI, the weekend starts Thursday evening and goes through Sunday. And you’ll hear 15 talks about God’s grace and love with activities that follow. There is singing, LOTS of eating, dress is casual, and the time FLIES by!!

THIS SUNDAY ~ Our worship series on GOD in the MOVIES comes to an end with the movies that was the #1 pick by 70% of the respondents, The Green Mile. This difficult film has so many possible messages but I plan to focus on MIRACLES. I pray God blesses you in His word!

I hope to see you all Wednesday night!

Debbie Lyons, Pastor

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