5-10-22 FUMC Updates … It’s PENTECOST … wear red!

Welcome to a NEW season in the life of the church!  Having just completed the Easter Season with the Ascension of Jesus back into heaven, we now step into His promise that the Holy Spirit would come and help us to be witnesses!  For Christians, Pentecost Sunday is a day to celebrate hope, a hope evoked by the knowledge that God through His Holy Spirit is at work among His people. It is a celebration of newness, of recreation, of renewal of purpose, mission, and calling as God’s people and of God’s ongoing work in the world. However, … it is also a recognition that His work is done through His people as He pours out His presence upon us!  As the fire of the Spirit came down upon the disciples in the Upper Room and they were empowered to go and preach the Good News, LET US WEAR RED this Sunday as we begin a new worship series:  Living the Spirit Life.


5/22, 3 PM … East District Meeting, Sulphur Springs UMC, no registration necessary

6/5-7 …  North Texas Conference Annual Meeting, VISION:  CLICK HERE for details and to register.  Anyone is welcome to attend on any day.

6/5, NOON, Wesley Hall … Q and A Regarding Current Conversations in the UMC: bring your questions, written or oral, and join us after church and we’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have about current rumors and discussions going on inside/outside our denomination.

As you may know, since the General Conference, normally held every four years, was postponed until 2024, we still operate out of our 2016 Book of Discipline because the 2020 Conference has been postponed several times due to the pandemic.  The General Conference normally meets every four years to amend, if necessary, the law, doctrine, administration, organizational work, and procedures as outlined in The Book of Discipline.

For many years there have been conversations in our denomination about the language in our Book of Discipline regarding Human Sexuality that says: “We affirm that all persons are individuals of sacred worth, created in the image of God.” The paragraph goes on to say, “The United Methodist Church does not condone the practice of homosexuality and considers this practice incompatible with Christian teaching.” ¶161.G This is the language that guides us now and will guide us through 2024 when the General Conference meets again.

However, this language has been hurtful to some who believe it is incompatible with what Jesus taught so there has been a movement to amend that language to be more inclusive.  Since no change will be made until 2024, we have no idea what changes may come or what language might change.  But, anticipating that change may come two years from now, some United Methodist churches have chosen to leave our denomination and be part of a new denomination called the Global Methodist Church which launched this month.

On April 23rd our Bishop, Mike McKee invited us all to have a conversation about this topic and I have attached my notes from Bishop McKee’s remarks on the attached, as well as the handout from the meeting.  He made it clear that the United Methodist Church has had “lovers’ quarrels” in the past over allowing women in the pulpit, or allowing African Americans to worship in our sanctuaries, but our formidable love for Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit helped us work through those differences.  His hope is that we can work together, and stay together, out of that very love for Jesus but also, our love for each other in spite of things we don’t always agree on.

We have not been talking about this very much because we won’t know what the options are until 2024.  However, as there has been for years, our Book of Discipline does have a protocol for churches who no longer want to be Methodists and who do want to disaffiliate from the denomination. But the procedures are costly, take 9-12 months of discernment, and will likely cause harm by separating members. Our Church Council believes waiting to see what the 2024 changes will be is more prudent, but we want to know what your questions and thoughts are. Please plan to join us after church on Sunday, June 5th, and we’ll do our best to address any questions you might have.  

Please contact me if you have any questions or thoughts … or contact our Church Chair/Lay Leader Ted Haynes.  

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO GENEROUSLY GAVE TO UMCOR UKRAINE!  This week we sent a check for $1,900 to the United Methodist Committee on Relief to go directly to the humanitarian needs of the people devastated by an unprovoked war.  God is smiling!

WE RECEIVED A $5,000 GRANT FOR KIDS BEACH CLUB!  I’m also excited to announce that we applied for a “MINISTRY WITH …..” grant from the North Texas Conference and we got it!!! This $5,000 grant will be used to pay for the 24-week curriculum as well as some of the peripheral expenses associated with putting together such a GREAT children’s program!

And speaking of CHILDREN ….

WE HAVE A NEW CHILDREN’S DIRECTOR!  Most of you have met our part-time Communications Director, Heather Warren, and you know the energy she has, the passion for Christ she has, and the love for children that inspires her … many of us worked with Heather through Kids Beach Club, and I’ve seen her step in, step up and get going with ease! Heather has agreed to wear two hats … she will now be the Children’s & Communications Director! Heather and her husband Nicco will be fully moved to Winnsboro after their son graduates from High School and she’s excited to get busy planning our summer programs for children and getting Children’s Church up and running again!  She’ll be with us 40 hours a week starting June 15th. Welcome her here … communications@fumcwinnsboro.com

WHAT’S HAPPENING?  See the calendar for ongoing activities.

BRO. HENRY’S MONTHLY BIBLE STUDY: May 17, 10-11 am, Wesley Hall …Why a Christian Must Share Christ, Acts 3:1-10.  Worksheet attached here.

WHAT IS OUR VISION STATEMENT?  You probably know our MISSION statement: to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. A mission statement is a broad statement that says why we exist!  The VISION statement is important because it answers the questions: Who are we, where have we been? Who does God want us to be? What do we want this congregation and facility to look like in the future? But we don’t HAVE a vision statement! Let’s write it together:

Wednesday, June 1, 6:45 PM and Wednesday, July 6, 6:45 PM

YOU’RE INVITED, 6/25, 4-6 PM: Ray and Angie Hollingsworth invite their church family and friends for a pre-wedding gathering of their son Kanen and his fiancée, Katrice. Please RSVP to 903-850-2373. You can view the invitation here.

DON’T FORGET TO WEAR RED THIS SUNDAY … and please continue to pray for and keep in touch with families who are struggling with health issues! 

Grace and peace,

Pastor Debbie


5/4/22 FUMC Updates

I got back from vacation last night and I am very grateful for having some time to relax at the beach in Alabama, but also so very grateful to everyone who helped while I was gone.  A great big thanks to Brother Henry for preaching, providing pastoral care, and for honoring Jack Cowser’s life this past week. To Tina Satterwhite and all those who helped with the Senior Luau, I can’t wait to see all the pictures! It is so difficult to miss important days and events, but so many of YOU are why FUMC is such an amazing church, and it is YOUR commitment to prayer, presence, gifts, service, and witness that makes God smile day after day!

I hope to see everyone tonight at our Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal tonight, 5/4 at 6 PM.

I also hope you’ll join me at NOON this Thursday, 5/5 at the National Day of Prayer at the City Civic center … many churches and many of our neighbors will gather, with purpose, for an incredible worship experience, singing and prayer so don’t miss it!

Vote Saturday, May 7th … not only will we be voting on our City Council, School Board, and some very important City Bonds but there are 2 important STATE amendments on this ballot (CLICK HERE) “Prop 1 would adjust the taxes paid toward public schools by those 65 years old and older and people with disabilities to match the same percentage as everyone else. This would mean lower payments for people in these two groups. Prop 2 would raise the homestead exemption for school property taxes from $25,000 to $40,000, This exemption reduces the taxable value of qualifying properties. This means a homeowner with a primary residence valued at $100,000 currently has to pay taxes on only $75,000, $100,000 minus $25,000. If the new amendment were to pass, that homeowner would pay taxes on $60,000, $100,000 minus $40,000.” NPR NEWS

This Sunday, May 8th,  is MOTHER’S DAY and ASCENSION SUNDAY … the Easter season comes to an end when Jesus bodily ascends into heaven and asks his followers to be his WITNESSES.  There are no better WITNESSES to the risen Christ than mothers who teach their children about His love so let’s all gather together for this special day.


East District Annual Meeting: Sunday, May 23rd, 3 PM, FUMC Sulphur Springs … this is a business meeting for all churches in our area to prepare for the Annual Conference. Everyone is welcome, no registration is required.

North Texas UMC Annual Meeting: June 5-7 at First UMC Richardson: all churches in North Texas gather to do the business of the church. CLICK HERE for details and registration. If you want a pre-conference workbook, please order one through the registration process.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Debbie