6-15-20 FUMC Update

LET US PRAY! Tuesday Mornings, 9 am to Noon ~ Come and Go into the Sanctuary this Summer ~ This past Saturday some of our youth, regular visitors, and legacy members gathered to brainstorm and dream about where God might be leading us after COVID-19. It was a wonderful morning, full of energy and excitement. And there was a true sense of understanding what it means to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES! There are so many possibilities for what this might look like but we all know that we need the hand of God to be all over any dreams we may have in order to know they are HIS plans.  
So, Beginning Next Tuesday, June 24, 9 am – Noon, and All Tuesday Mornings this Summer, We Will Open the Sanctuary for You to “Come and Go” and Pray for our church, pray for the people in our community who do not know the love of Christ, and pray for God to lead us. As in all church buildings during this time, wear a mask in and out and anytime you are walking around, and disinfect your hands in and out. If you cannot come, and/or until we can be “handling” the prayer guides, I will email a prayer guide later this week so you can download it to your phone or print it out at home and pray with us at home. (I’m happy to print a copy if you need one.) In addition to praying for God’s guidance, with COVID still swirling around and social unrest and political upheaval across the nation, there is MUCH we can pray for so PLEASE MARK TUESDAY MORNINGS ON YOUR CALENDAR for some dedicated prayer time!
RE-OPENING PLANS ARE GOING WELL ~ Slowly but safely, we are returning to worship in the sanctuary and some of our Sunday schools are starting back. I saw several people this week that I did NOT see last week, and I missed some of you from the week before!  As always, I want you to know that as COVID cases continue to increase in Winnsboro, if you are choosing to stay home we support you 100%! We MISS you, but we support you!  
Believe me, NO ONE dislikes wearing a mask more than I do, but I appreciate everyone who understands why it’s still important. Our efforts may be in an ABUNDANCE of caution, but we will err on the side of each other’s health any day! Let us continue being diligent at all events in the church: wearing a face-covering anytime you walk around in the buildings (which includes entering and leaving), using hand sanitizer in and out, and staying 6 feet apart. I know all this is not fun, but THIS TOO SHALL PASS! But until it does, let’s do our part to keep each other safe.
BIBLE TALK: Wednesdays this Summer, 10 AM ~ This week we’re diving into JONAH, and it’s NOT about a fish! You can find sign-in details on the calendar but it’s simple to join: 
Join Zoom Meeting ANY Wednesday morning at 10 am:
Meeting ID: 451 285 222
Password: 486447  
BLOOD DRIVE IN WINNSBORO, this Saturday, June 20, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. ~ Rock Building Parking Lot, SE corner Broadway (11) and Main (37), Winnsboro.  CLICK HERE to make an appointment.
Thanks to Those of you Who have Picked Up a Can of Lysol for the Church ~ If  you’re not coming on Sunday, you can drop it off in the bin by the office door ANYTIME! 
THIS SUNDAY: Raiders of the Lost Ark ~ It’s an oldie but goodie, and definitely a franchise that’s worth binge-watching! This Sunday we’ll celebrate Father’s Day and talk about one of the greatest adventure movies of all times, the search for the ARK of the COVENANT! Watch it FREE if you have Netflix or $3.99 on Amazon Prime or YouTube. As for ANY of our sermons in this series, you don’t have to have seen the movies to understand the message. Just come, online or in-person!
Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple. There were
flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail. Rev. 11:19
WHEN YOU’RE READY TO COME BACK TO CHURCH ~ Please let us know because we want to be sure we have enough safe seating for everyone!
Grace and peace,
Pastor Debbie


6-9-20 FUMC Update

What a beautiful first day back to the sanctuary! Sunday was absolutely amazing for me, Ken, Elaina and Kade who have been sitting in an empty church for three months but I hope it was even MORE amazing for the 51 people who were in the sanctuary! I want to say thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU to our usher team for helping us stay safe in the re-opening process and to your Church Council leadership who has worked hard to create guidelines to help us. Yes, there are some annoyances (wearing masks in and out, sitting six feet apart, limiting sanctuary attendance to about 60, no singing out loud, etc.), but slowly and safely we are coming back!  

As always, if you don’t have Facebook, you can listen to the worship (all the worship or just the message) on our website HERE.

Because of limited attendance requirements, if you weren’t able to join us but are ready to come back, please let us know as our sanctuary occupancy is limited to approximately 65 depending on the combinations of families/couples/singles. We have a back-up plan to WATCH in Wesley Hall if we run out of space, but we’d rather plan ahead if we have to.  

FACEBOOK WORSHIP CONTINUES ONLINE ~ I’m so sorry about the video problems we had on Sunday. It was a CAMERA problem that we didn’t discover until worship was about to begin. Ken knows what the problem is and the GOOD NEWS is we hope to have it fixed by this Sunday!

BRING A CAN OF LYSOL OR SOME CHLOROX WIPES WHEN YOU COME TO CHURCH ~ Every time I go to the Dollar Store (it seems the only place I can find it!), I buy a can of Lysol (or similar) disinfectant. But because I can only buy ONE it goes quickly. The next time you see a spray can of disinfectant and you already have enough for your home, please buy one and bring it to the church.

BIBLE TALK ~ Wednesdays this Summer, 10 a.m. ~ If  you’re missing the interactive fellowship of Bible study, step into the LION’S DEN with us this Wednesday, June 10. You can always find sign-in details on the calendar but it’s simple: 

Join Zoom Meeting ANY Wednesday morning at 10am:


Meeting ID: 451 285 222

Password: 486447  

BLOOD DRIVE IN WINNSBORO, Saturday, June 20, 10 a.m.~3 p.m. ~ First Baptist Church & First Methodist Church of Winnsboro are pleased to sponsor the Carter BloodCare Bus coming!

 Rock Building Parking Lot, SE corner Broadway (11) and Main (37), Winnsboro

 CLICK HERE to make an appointment

Every donor will receive a T-Shirt!

ALZHEIMER’S VIRTUAL EVENT ~ Saturday, June 13 ~ The Dallas Alzheimer’s group will be hosting a Caregiver Conference VIRTUALLY for East Texas. The program begins at 9 a.m. and includes presentations on Effective Communication, Managing Sundowning, and Legal Considerations. You may register at this link: https://tinyurl.com/ALZTYLER 

LAST CHANCE TO HELP US UPDATE THE DIRECTORY ~ We try to update quarterly, but we’re a bit behind. So please see the directory, and let us know if you have changes before next Monday. If you want to send a HEAD AND SHOULDER individual picture or a close-up family picture, please send those too!

OUR HOMEBOUND FRIENDS WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU (See Attachment) ~  A special note or a call means the world to people who can’t get out, especially those in our assisted/nursing homes! Please drop a note!

THIS SUNDAY ~ God in the Movies, 10:50 a.m. ~  We’re bringing the movies to FUMC, and if you didn’t see AMAZING GRACE (not the Aretha Franklin movies but the William Wilberforce movie about a leader of the British abolition movement), it’s a wonderful movie. You can find it on Amazon or YouTube for $3.99. I’ll be showing movie clips so you don’t have to see it, but Amazing Grace chronicles the epic struggle to pass a law to end the slave trade in the late 18th century in Great Britain. And yes, the song, AMAZING GRACE chronicles that story!
Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices –
mint, dill, and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law – justice, mercy, and faithfulness.
You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.
Matthew 23:23


Many blessings to you all!

Pastor Debbie