2-6-22 FUMC Updates … have you put YOUR house in order?

Whew … what a crazy weather week!  Ice brought school closures, electricity outages, and shutdowns, then days later it was 70 degrees, with brilliant blue skies and a magnificent moon!  God created the seasons with INTENTION and when we see all the seasons condensed into one week, what a reminder it is of the AWESOMENESS of the Designer!

WEEKLY ONGOING EVENTS: We have a busy week coming up so I hope you’ll make time to get engaged … our weekly events all continue so see the CALENDAR for ongoing activities.  (NOTE:  UMW is canceled on Thursday.)

LADIES LUNCH HAS MOVED TO 2nd THURSDAYSThursday, 2/9, 11:30 AM … CLICK HERE and we’ll get there early and reserve a spot at Z’s for you!

PUTTING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER, Saturday, 2/11, 10-11:30 AM, Wesley Hall … it’s hard to ask the question but it’s important … if Jesus calls you home to heaven today, will your affairs be in order for your family left behind?  The business of death can be overwhelming but making plans can give YOU peace of mind and leave your family with a simple roadmap to make their grief easier. Reserve your spot & your 45-page workbook HERE. (If your plans change and you can come at the last minute, please come!)

FAMILY TRIVIA NIGHT, Wednesday, 2/15, 6-8 PM … Shiela Haynes is busy working on the QUESTIONS (I might even be able to answer some of the “kid-friendly” questions!) and Heather is busy following up with our Kids Beach Club families – we’ve also sent invitations home to all the kids in the intermediate school so please pray with us that we have a super fun dinner and game night! You can come alone or put your own table of 6 or fewer together – just come! The food and fun await so please CLICK HERE so we have plenty of food!

2022 YEAR-END TAX STATEMENTS: we have had the year-end tax statements in the sanctuary for the last 2 Sundays, but you are welcome to come by and get yours or, if you need us to mail it, please let us know! 

DAILY BIBLE READING:  if you’re keeping up with your daily Bible reading (don’t worry if you fall behind!), I hope you are enjoying the EXODUS stories!  We made it through the plagues and have begun the journey into the wilderness so the familiarity of these scriptures is comforting.  And Proverbs?  I just LOVE how chapter 1 began with wisdom words with the heading:  START WITH GOD!  I do, however, want to caution you that what is true for the REST of the Bible is true in Proverbs … please don’t take ONE verse out and make it something it was not intended to be.  This is why I’m hoping that many of you will continue to read the whole Bible and see it with a wide-angle lens!  Every single word written has been inspired by God and as I have said many times – the best expression of love is TIME, so spending time with the Lord in HIS Word, brings us closer to Him every single day!

THIS SUNDAY we continue in PSALMS and look at Psalm 44 … anyone who ever wondered if God was “sleeping on the job” will relate to this wonderful text!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Debbie


1-31-23 FUMC Updates … oh, the weather outside is frightful

It’s a snow day! Well, not really … in fact, as exciting as it is for some people to get the news that schools would be closed, our weather this week is NOT snowy and ICE is not fun! In fact, I stopped at Brookshire’s when I left the Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet last night (where many of Winnsboro’s fine leaders were recognized, including Shiela Haynes, Woman of the Year, and Conner and Cheyenne Ragsdale, Tri-County Feed, Ag Business of the Year!), and the electricity in the store had JUST come back on … all the refrigerated cases were covered with “thermal blankets” to keep the food cold, and employees were testing the temperatures of all the freezers. 

The impact of ICE on streets, trees, and electrical wires can be dangerous, and fortunately, the electricity at Brookshires came back on in time to save all the food in the deli, the produce and meat departments, and the freezers.  But when ICE hits, so many things are out of our control!

I was one of a handful of people in Brookshires last night, and as I drove home at 9:00, I was the only car on the road and the ice was already glistening on my car … there was a quiet peace in the city, but I knew in my heart that this picturesque scene hid the dangers of what ice can do!

But I also know this … the sun always comes back out! Ice doesn’t last forever! So, maybe we can find God’s droplets of grace within the crystals of ice …

Psalm 148 is a beautiful Psalm of praise that includes these words:

God spreads snow like it was wool;
    God scatters frost like it was ashes;
God throws his hail down like crumbs—
    who can endure God’s freezing cold?
Then God issues his word and melts it all away!
    God makes his winds blow;
    the water flows again. Ps. 148:16-18

We should praise God every single day for His merciful and loving care! He cares for those who sorrow, He cares for His creation, and He cares for the downtrodden! God delights in providing for the needs of His animals and people but of all his creatures, those He delights in the most are those who trust in His steadfast love! When bitterly cold weather comes, God toughens us to endure hardship, then, He sends pleasant weather to remind us that He is still caring for us. He has given us His word! And it is through God’s Word we can know Him better and THIS results in us bringing GOD further joy!

So … let’s pray for our first responders and medical professionals, our utility workers, and essential workers who don’t get snow days.  Be careful walking to your mailbox, check on your neighbors and friends, and keep your electronic devices charged … maybe even download a movie to your phone or tablet in case you have to bundle up under a blanket for a few hours if the electricity goes out!

We DO have some hearty people in our church who always find means to get out if absolutely necessary but please don’t put yourself in harm’s way – call me if you need help and I’ll do what I can!

SATURDAY, 2/11, 10-11:30 AM, Wesley Hall… Putting Your House in Order Texas Methodist Foundation is coming to help us answer the question: “If I die tomorrow, are all my affairs in order?” Don’t think this is a question JUST for people on Medicare – having a solid end-of-life plan is important for us ALL and the 45-page workbook we’ll receive will be a tremendous help! FLYER ATTACHED Plan to attend this detailed seminar and to reserve your place and workbook CLICK HERE.  

Wednesday, 2/15, 6-8 FAMILY TRIVIA NIGHT, in Family Life Center … come for a casual dinner and stay for the fun! We will be inviting all the families at the Intermediate School to join us so please let us know you’ll be coming for dinner by replying to this email or CLICK HERE.


THIS SUNDAY we’ll all be back together and we’ll unpack Psalm 34. How appropriate that it’s COMMUNION SUNDAY as we remember to “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” Ps. 34:8


Blessing to all,

Pastor Debbie