The Gospel of Mark

Beginning January 3, 2021 

In-person in the Sanctuary or Wesley Hall, or Facebook LIVE

Fasten your seatbelts for a fast paced, teaching worship series on the Gospel of Mark this winter!  This gospel shares a vivid account of Jesus’ ministry, moving quickly from one episode and ministry to another, emphasizing more of what Jesus did than what he said.  Mark shares a sense of immediacy, a sense that Jesus’s time on earth was short and that there was much to accomplish in His few years on earth.  The forward motion in Mark’s writing keeps us continually looking ahead to the cross and the resurrection!


Sundays 10:50 AM … January 3 through April 2


01-03-21     Introduction to The Gospel of Mark

01-10-21     Mark 1:1-14  John the Baptist/Baptism Sunday (CLICK HERE Mark Study Questions 1:1-14)

01-17-21     Mark 1:14-45  Jesus calls His disciples & begins healing (CLICK HERE Mark Study Questions 1:14-28)

01-24-21     Mark 3:1-19  Jesus heals on Sabbath & begins attracting crowds

01-31-21     Mark 4:1-20  Parables of Sower and Lamp        

02-07-21     Mark 4:21-34  Parable of Seeds, Jesus calm the storms    

02-14-21     Mark 5  Demon possession and raising the dead


02-17-21     ASH WEDNESDAY …the season of LENT begins


02-21-21     Mark 6:45-56  Jesus sends out the 12 

02-28-21     Mark 7:1-23  Defiled: inside/out

03-07-21     Mark 7:21-37  A Phoenician woman and the deaf are healed     

03-14-21     Mark 8, 9 and 10  Jesus predicts His death

03-21-21     Mark 12:13-34  The widow’s offering 


03-28-21     PALM SUNDAY   Mark 11, Mark 13: 1-13 END TIMES

04-01-21     HOLY THURSDAY   Mark 14  The Garden of Gethsemane

04-02-21     GOOD FRIDAY   Mark 15   The crucifixion and death

04-04-21     EASTER   Mark 15  The Resurrection


Listen to the audio messages here  or watch on ouYouTube channel.