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All are welcome at FUMC so dive on in! We are a warm and welcoming congregation where you can meet people, celebrate life, grow deeper and stronger in your faith, and turn energy into action that transforms the world. EVERYONE is invited and if you’d like us to meet you at the door, email us HERE and we’ll be there! 
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10-11-22 One question a day for 22 days

Having just finished a 4-week worship series on some difficult words of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke, we’ve been reminded that being a disciple isn’t always comfortable! Growing in our faith, and developing a closer personal relationship with Christ takes commitment, and sometimes requires sacrifice, but oh the freedom and rewards that result are astounding! 

JOHN WESLEY, the founder of the Methodist Church, wrote these 22 questions that members of his 18th-century holy groups would use for self-examination. For the next 22 weekdays at 5 PM, we’ll reflect on just one question a day, asking God to guide us in our meditation… I will email 1 question a day on weekdays and we’ll post the question on Facebook and Instagram. Share the questions on YOUR pages and see how your friends respond!

 OCTOBER IS COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER MONTH: thanks to all of you who are able to give a little extra to our food pantry this month. In our sermon on Sunday, you can watch it on FACEBOOK, I talked about the command Jesus gave us to keep our eyes open to the basic needs of our neighbors who may be struggling around us. I mentioned that more and more people need help from our local food pantry, and Joan Morris shared the Community Resource Center’s Executive Director Report with me that make this the sad, but true, reality … look at the increase in the average number of families and household members served per month:


Jan-Ap                154 families             386 household members         7 new families

May-Sep             214 families              542 household members        15 new families

                            +28%                      +29%                                    +54%


If you want to make a donation now, CLICK HERE to go to our giving page and select the COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER, or mark FOOD PANTRY in the memo line if you want to write a check.


UNITED METHODIST WOMEN, Thursday, 10/13 am, Asbury Hall … October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so join UMW for their special program this week.  And please support the MISSION effort of UMW by taking a look at the RADA catalog … everyone has a kitchen and everyone has to eat so get a jump start on gifts for Christmas or weddings today! CLICK HERE for information on the fundraiser. 

CELEBRATION OF LIFE, Saturday, 10/15, 10 am, Martin Luther King Park … Mickey Stewart, along with Lucille Sharper and Doris Faye Sharper Brooks will be remembered by Pastor Greg Duffy’s Helping Young People Excel, HYPE, group. CLICK HERE for information. Everyone is welcome.

JUNIOR HIGH CONNECT, Sunday, 10/16, 6-8:30 pm, The Loft, FLC … kids in 6th – 8th grade hang out for dinner, devotional, and FUN … a place of their own! Heather works hard to make this a GREAT monthly event but we’d love some help making/serving dinner for the 12-15 people who come each month! Contact Heather and say, “This is my church, I’ll do it!”

BRO. HENRY’S MONTHLY BIBLE STUDY, Tuesday, 10/18, 10 AM, Wesley Hall … everyone is welcome to attend this conversational study!

SEND MYOUR TRACTOR PICTURES!  This Sunday we’re starting a new worship series on the powerful metaphors around GOD AND TRACTORS … we’ll look at a few big, basic Christian messages that remind us that the only heavy equipment we need in life is GOD Himself! Have you ever gotten your tractor stuck in the muck? Have you ever rescued a neighbor who couldn’t get out of a mess on his farm? How many implements do you use in YOUR pastures? SEND ME YOUR PICTURES! (Pictures of YOU, too!!)

Pastor Debbie


10-4-22 FUMC Updates

Generous people will be blessed, for they give some of their food to the poor. Proverbs 22:9

October is FUMC Community Resource Center Month!  

It’s hard to believe that in the United States of America one out of every seven Americans receives government food assistance or food stamps. The Wall Street Journal reports that in some poorer communities, lines form in grocery stores at midnight on the first day of the month because that’s when the next monthly batch of food stamps becomes valid.

Most of us are fortunate enough not to know much about real hunger and thirst. Oh sure, from time to time we might complain that we are famished as we wait for our next meal, and we can’t go to the grocery store without experiencing the shock of increasing prices. But our health is hardly threatened when dinner is delayed for an hour!

For Jesus, it was very different. He LIVED in poverty Himself!  He had no home, He went frugally from village to town relying on the generosity of others. Jesus tells us “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” Luke 9:58. Jesus also knew the weakening effects of hunger and thirst, and He understood the troubles of the needy.

This month, we are extremely blessed to serve the Winnsboro Community Resource Center, our East Texas Food Bank extension service center. And the amazing part of contributing financially to the CRC, is that their purchasing power multiplies our giving tremendously! AND, even better, we also experience the joy of knowing that when we help people who are less fortunate, we are lending a helping hand to the Lord Himself!!

If you are in a financial position to give above and beyond, please make your check payable to FUMC Winnsboro and mark FOOD PANTRY in the memo line … all donations are tax-deductible.

Christmas in the Park is coming, Saturday, November 12th – 9 am-3 pm 

This is a terrific fundraiser for our Church and I know that MANY of you will be involved in helping to make it possible!  I want to thank TINA SATTERWHITE and JANEANNE NEWTON for helping to organize this great project, COFFEE & CONVERSATION for preparing the lunch, BETTY CRADDOCK for organizing the PIE SALE, and JIM MARSHALL for donating the quilt to be auctioned.  There’s still time for you to make something wonderful to sell and if you have things you have made, please let us know when you want to bring them by.  There will be lots of places for everyone to be involved so remember … when someone asks for YOUR help say, “I’ll do it!  This is MY church!”


Getting an early start on your Christmas shopping? Looking for a wedding gift or a gift for someone who is hard to shop for?  Or are you tired of your ratty, old kitchen tools that need an update?  Well, everyone eats, and everyone has a kitchen so why not order RADA and support the missions of the United Methodist Women? You can CLICK HERE to browse the catalog and/or place or order or contact Janet Erwin, CLICK HERE for more details.


UNITED METHODIST WOMEN … Thursday, 10/13, 10 am, Asbury Hall … all women are invited to join this wonderful, mission-focused group on the 3rd Thursday of every month! As October is National BREAST CANCER AWARENESS Month, next week, Sylvia Galloway will discuss this most important topic.  Contact Joan Morris for more information.





 This Sunday we’ll finish our 4-week sermon series on the WORDS WITH JESUS, words that challenge us to be stronger disciples and healthier Christians.  Luke builds up to these final words in Luke 16:19-which paint a powerful story of reversal, the world turned upside-down! Or rather … right side up!!! The poor are filled with good things, and the rich are sent away hungry; brought down are the powerful, and lifted up are the lowly. Jesus uses a great parable to tell those who were ridiculing Him they better watch out because God’s kingdom was coming!



Pastor Debbie


8-9-22 FUMC Updates … It’s time for KIDS BEACH CLUB!!

Say it isn’t so! Yes, even though FALL doesn’t officially arrive until September 22, and the temperatures are still excessively hot, our minds switch gears when school goes back: vacations come to an end and the boredom of one season leads us to crave a fresh, new season. Thanks to all of you who have given generously to our school drive for earbuds and gift cards, some by bringing these items OR some making a tax-deductible designated gift to the church marked SCHOOLS.  Giving to others with nothing expected in return is a true sign of discipleship and it makes me smile!  THERE’S STILL TIME: this Sunday, August 14th is the deadline!

IT’S TIME FOR KIDS BEACH CLUB!  In case you forgot how EXCITING it is, CLICK HERE for a look at what giving Bibles to 62 kids is all about!  Every Tuesday for 10 weeks starting September 13th we’ll be sharing the love of Jesus with the Intermediate kids again. KBC lasts from 3:30 – 5 and it’s an action-packed 90 minutes! This is an “all hands on deck” effort and Heather is working hard, now, to get our team put together … thanks to those of you who have already said YES!  This year will even be BETTER than last because we learned a few tricks along the way last year, but every Tuesday we will need:

– 8 small group leaders who will study the lesson (ALL provided) and lead the small group conversations, and keep an eye on the kids during worship, games, and memory verse time. (Arrive by 3 please to set up your tables)

– assistant small group leaders who sit opposite the leader during table times and work with the leader to build relationships with the children. You too will have a copy of the lesson so you can chime in, but will not have to lead.

– 3-4 greeters who welcome and sign in the kids as they arrive, oversee kids coming & going to the bathrooms, and help with snacks and oversight

– 1-2 memory verse leaders (ALL provided)to coordinate the props and present the memory verse to the large group

– 1-2 game leaders (ALL provided) to organize the materials needed and spearhead this fun end part of the day for the large group

We would really like to be able to staff KBC with a full team of FUMC volunteers but by the end of August, I will also invite other churches to participate also.  If God is nudging you to say YES, please don’t wait!

SAVE THIS TRAINING DATE: Wednesday, September 7th, 6:45 pm 

after the fellowship meal in Wesley Hall … this is important training for ALL volunteers.  


There will also be other opportunities to serve also … mark your calendars to come and help us get ready …

COME CUT, PUNCH & LAMINATE: Wednesday, August 17, 10 AM, Wesley Hall … Heather is working hard to get all 10 weeks of memory cards, take-home devotionals, and bookmarks ready so we can all get a LOT done working together! We’ll also put all the leader bags together so please come join in!

THURSDAY, 8/11, 10 AM, Asbury Hall … United Methodist Women have a new name! After declining membership and a focus to engage newer, younger members and adapt to the changeable circumstances of today’s world, the United Methodist Women have changed their name to … United Women in Faith Please come and be part of this wonderful group and this month, enjoy LINDA SUCHE’S talk on “Silver Boxes”.


Our last of the 10 messages on MOSES and the EXODUS will be this Sunday – don’t miss it, because we’re going to PASS IT ON!

In bold faith,

Pastor Debbie


8-1-22 FUMC Updates … do not worry!

I can’t tell you how many times I have said to some of you: “Take a deep breath in slowly, exhale slowly … now, do it again!” You have also heard me say this during worship services on days I feel a certain unease or heaviness in the sanctuary.  I sense that more and more people feel tension and anxiety coming from all directions … school going back, teacher shortages, rising costs for everything, political tension, the war in Ukraine, personal health concerns, etc., etc., etc.  Let me say as confidently as I can – worry is an OPTIONWe choose to worry or choose to give our burdens to the Lord and when we choose HIM, He greets us with arms wide open! 
Over and over again in the Bible the Lord says do not worry … do not be anxious about anything … do not fear. God asks us to go to Him when we are anxious and to trust in Him to give us the rest our mind and body need. God can lead us into worry-free living … He may suggest watching less news, spending less time on social media, or watching less anxiety-producing television shows and movies. He may encourage us to spend time with people who are positive and uplifting instead of always complaining about everything!  Go to Him and listen to His advice.
Yes, there is a lot going on in the world so be quick to pray … about everything! Focus less on the problems ahead, more on the victories behind, and always on the droplets of grace in the presence. Know that Christ is our refuge … He is our place of peace even in the most overwhelming moments! So, take advantage of that safe space. Invite Him to guard your heart with His PEACE…a peace that passes all understanding. 
THANKS FOR HELPING WITH SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  we’ll continue collecting earbuds and gift cards through August 14th and if you’d like to write a tax-deductible donation, please mark SCHOOLS in the memo line. 
8-9 am: Men’s breakfast with Brother Henry at Hope Cafe
1-3:30 pm: Knitters and Stitchers in FLC
3-5 pm: Crafters are back in Asbury Hall and will continue meeting every Wednesday
6-6:45 pm: Fellowship Meal in FLC, come for summer salads
1:30 – 3 pm:  Dulcimers in Asbury Hall
Third Thursday, 8/16, 10-11 am:  Brother Henry’s Bible study
THIS SUNDAY, August 7th:
10:45 am: Blessing of the Backpacks 
Also this Sunday, we’ll be looking at LESSONS FROM THE WILDERNESS – what Moses and the Israelites learned on their long journey to the Promised Land.
In Christ alone,
Pastor Debbie


7-26-22 FUMC Updates … last Wacky Wednesday 7/27

July is quickly coming to an end and that means … dare I say it … time to get ready for kids to go back to school!  Our last WILD, WACKY FAMILY WEDNESDAY is July 27th, 6 PM, and Heather has some VERY wacky things planned for the kids!  I also have some very wild bible stories to share about demons and giants, talking donkeys, and a few unusual proverbs that will be thrown in! 

Please be part of our back-to-school efforts to help the students and teachers get off to a great start by providing what the school leaders have requested:

–         This year, instead of socks and underwear (we did such a great job last year they have enough this year!), we are providing leggings for the little ones … someone has already donated 5 pairs of each of the sizes requested, 3T-5T

–         The principals have requested earbuds that kids can plug into their tablets and Chrome books OR gift cards so the principals can dispense them for needed supplies. IF YOU WOULD RATHER MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to the church, we will purchase gift cards for you, just mark SCHOOLS in the memo line or give HERE, the fund is WISD Back to School.

–         All the Winnsboro churches in the Ministerial Alliance are working together to provide a food truck for lunch for all the teachers and staff during the week they are getting ready to go back.  We’re blessed to be a blessing to our teachers and if you want to help with this, let me know!

COVID CASES ARE INCREASING: praise God that everyone I know who has or recently had COVID is recovering but please be mindful and try to keep some distance between each other. In our 7 counites, Net Health has reported that hospitalizations are where they were last November-December and reported cases have increased from 497 in April, to 936 May, 2,369 June, and already, through July 25th, to 4,268.  This nasty virus is apparently not going anywhere anytime soon!

ARE YOU SHARING OUR POSTS ON FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM?  Heather does a great job keeping our posts, pictures, and videos up to date and Facebook and Instagram work really well when people SHARE posts to their own pages so their friends see what’s going on!  If you see something you think your friends might like, just CLICK the SHARE button.


WILD WACKY LAST WEDNESDAY, 7/27, 6-7:15 … TACOS for dinner at 6, and Bible Study at 6:30, all in the FAMILY LIFE CENTER, and water fun for kids at 6:30 too!  This is our last summer event so don’t miss it!

SPIRITUAL GIFTS CLASS: this Saturday and next Saturday, 7/30 and 8/8, 9 am – 3 pm, Wesley Hall … it’s not too late to register for this amazing opportunity to have spiritual development in our own backyards!  CONTACT: Lori Massey, East District Director of Lay Servant Ministries, 903-227-0302 or lori.mass@yahoo.com

THIS SUNDAY: We’ll be finishing up our look at the 10 Commandments this Sunday so you might want to read Exodus chapter 20.  As I have mentioned, these are not BIG sins that none of us ever commit, oh no … when we look at the commandments with a modern-day lens, they are BIG sins that many of us commit!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Debbie