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All are welcome at FUMC so dive on in! We are a warm and welcoming congregation where you can meet people, celebrate life, grow deeper and stronger in your faith, and turn energy into action that transforms the world. EVERYONE is invited and if you’d like us to meet you at the door, email us HERE and we’ll be there! 
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5-29-18 FUMC Updates

The rhythm of life is changing … school gets out, the weather gets hotter and hotter, vacations kick into gear and yes, we’ll try to keep the doors to the sanctuary closed so it doesn’t get hot, and my robe is coming off so I can avoid melting before your very eyes! (Summer is NOT my favorite time of year!)

Two things I want to encourage you to consider as new summer “normals” start to happen:

1)Come to SOMETHING you don’t normally attend … a Sunday school class, crafting or quilting time, or a Bible study (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning) so you get to know people you might otherwise NOT get to know … bring a friend and come! (AND TEACHERS – I can’t wait to see more of you this summer!!)  CLICK HERE for calendar.

2) Consider setting up your giving so it is automatically drafted from your checking, savings, debit or credit card this summer.  Our giving should be our #1 priority but when we’re in and out of worship, it’s hard to remember the Lord Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  Acts 20:35. CLICK HERE to give it a try … it’s so simple to set up!!

CONGREGATIONAL CARE MEETING tonight at 6:30 in Wesley Hall!

THE DIRECTORY IS ALMOST READY … thanks to everyone who made corrections/updates yesterday in church, and wonderful Jim Dyson wants to give everyone ONE LAST CHANCE to have their pictures taken!  Come for our last Wednesday night dinner (until 6/20) and let Jim take your picture on 5/30 (we’re having fajitas!) … or send us your picture before this Wednesday and we’ll be sure it’s added.

SUMMER WORSHIP SERIES:  The Book of Daniel  I’m very excited to take a deep dive into the Book of Daniel with you this summer … this book begins with rich history then makes a strong transition in chapter 7 to apocalyptic visions of future events significant to the Jews. Daniel presents a strong case for the absolute sovereignty of God, even over the threat of self-absorbed foreign powers – we see this in Daniel’s deliverance from the lions’ den, his friends’ rescue from the fiery furnace, and the future arrival of the Ancient of Days to save His people from the forces of evil. AS ALWAYS, if you miss a message, listen online so you don’t miss anything!

SUMMER MUSIC REQUESTS & CHANGE IN WORSHIP STYLE … as our sermon series this summer will be focused on 1 specific book of the Bible, Clint will not be tying the worship together with an explanation of how the music and message all tie together, and instead, we will begin with a call to worship and random FAVORITE songs! Yes, we’ll be singing YOUR favorite songs this summer and we’ll take them in order they come and by the most votes each song gets. (There will be song requests at the doors and you can flip through the hymnal before the service begins!)

GO-SUMMER-CAMP … July 23-27, 5th – 12th grades … Deport, TX … wouldn’t it be GREAT to send your kids to camp knowing your church was supporting them all the way???  Some of the most POWERFUL spiritual experiences for kids are the worship moments at summer camp (not the mention the swimming, horseback riding, canoeing, etc.!!) … would YOUR kids like to go?? Kimberly Noe is one of the COUNSELORS at GO-SUMMER_CAMP this year so she’s right there with the kids … please let me know if YOUR kids are interested!

PRAY FOR THE CHURCHES & PEOPLE IN THE NORTH TEXAS CONFERENCE … our National Conference is June 3-5 … in Richardson, please pray for our Bishop and Cabinet, our new Ordinands in ministry, and for me as I am leading the workshop on the NEW SPACES-NEW PLACES.


Bible Talk, Exodus 3 … Tuesday, 11 am WESLEY HALL

Congregational Care Meeting, Men and Women, Tuesday, 6:30 pm 

Quilters, 8 am and Crafters, 9 am, Tuesdays

Fellowship Dinner, last one until 6/20, Wednesday, 5:45 pm (FAJITAS!)

Thursday Gathering, RAHAB (Joshua 2)Thursday, 8:30 am, Clara Ida Frances Loft

LOOKING AHEAD:  What Do Methodists Believe? Wednesday, June 20th (following the next Fellowship Dinner) Have you wondered what Methodists actually believe? Have you been a Methodist for a long time and want a REFRESHER course? Have you been visiting with us from a different faith background and want to know MORE about basic Methodist structure and doctrine? Please join us for our Wednesday night fellowship meal and stay for a talk on what Methodists believe.


Debbie Lyons, Pastor

First United Methodist Church Winnsboro

301 Church Street, Winnsboro, TX. 75494

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(903) 342-6172 



5-23-18 FUMC Updates … wear red this Sunday!

I have been teaching 2 VERY different Bible studies over the last few weeks and I can’t tell you how refreshing it is!! There is something very inspiring, not just digging into scripture, cross referencing Old and New verses and understanding the culture and people of the times, but I am thrilled to get to know everyone on such a personal level!  Invite a friend who DOESN’T have a church home to come with you – Tuesdays at 11 am, (men and women) and Thursdays at 8:30 am at Clara Ida Frances, 219 N Main (women) … I’d love to meet your friends (and it’s often easier inviting someone to a Bible study that it is to invite them to church!)

THIS SUNDAY: Pentecost Sunday … WEAR RED!!  This is an important “transitional” Sunday in the life of the church – the day Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us after He ascended into heaven! PLEASE WEAR RED to symbolize the power of the Spirit who came as tongues of fire to inspire the followers of Jesus to go – and make disciples for the growth of the church!!  

HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND: this Sunday we’ll start out singing a few patriotic songs and the choir is practicing a wonderful medley as an anthem … please note, the offices will be closed.

CONGREGATIONAL CARE MEETING: Tuesday, 5/29, 6:30 – 8 pm, Family Ties Class (Wesley Hall) … if you’re looking for a place to get plugged in, if you can write a note, make a call, visit someone in a hospital, check in on our homebound friends, etc. etc., we need YOU!!  Join us next Tuesday night and find out how you can “love God and love others” in this wonderful service ministry.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE: June 3-5, Richardson First UMC … you must be registered and select meals BEFORE you go … REGISTER TODAY!

THANKS JIM DYSON for TAKING DIRECTORY PICTURES: we will have a hardcopy spreadsheet available on SUNDAY for everyone to verify your address, check your email, give us your cell phone (and let us know if you can receive a text), birthday, etc. Then next week, it will be online WITH PICTURE.  If you missed one of the 3 opportunities to have your picture taken please email us a current picture and we’ll add it. The directory will include members, REGULAR VISITORS, (not occasional guests) and will not include children. 

PRAYER CHAIN:  we have a strong prayer chain now, 49 people who get instant prayer requests as soon as I get them (8:30am-8:30pm) and I want to thank you ALL for being faithful prayer warriors.  Just because we have your cell phone number doesn’t mean you are ADDED to the prayer chain … if you want to be on the prayer chain, please let us know!

PRAY FOR OUR FOLKS AT SAGER BROWN … Amy Moss and her sister Susan, and John and Priscilla Massey.  Pictures on FACEBOOK!

SPEAKING OF PICTURES … send us your church related pictures!  TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!! Facebook is an AMAZING medium to generate interest, but it’s personal pictures that always get the most attention … please send your church pictures to Ken Ragsdale or me, and pictures of the FUMC kids?  Let’s feature their achievements!

When the Day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Acts 2:1

Let us all be together at First United Methodist Church (wearing red!) this Sunday!

Debbie Lyons, Pastor

First United Methodist Church Winnsboro

301 Church Street, Winnsboro, TX. 75494

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(903) 342-6172 


5-7-18 FUMC Updates

What a hard week it was for our church family as we celebrated the life of Kay Atkins.  Honestly, though, I saw soooooo MANY droplets of grace, everywhere I’ve turned!!  I looked at all the incredibly, amazing, selfless people who prayed, cooked food, sent cards, made cookies, served lunch, greeted the family, made donations to our church in Kay’s name … wow, what a LOVING congregation this is!! I want to thank you for loving the Atkins family through your service … quite wonderful!!

I am FINALLY going to see my Dad in South Carolina this week … I’m leaving today and coming back Saturday night.  And I’m so excited that Vic Casad, our District Superintendent is coming to preach for us and I can wait to be his “wing man”!  Please make sure we show Vic the true energy and Spirit of First Church Winnsboro – the last time Vic was here was last October for Pastor Carolyn’s memorial service and I think you’ll be putting a HUGE smile on his face when he sees how God is working here!

WANT TO JOIN THE SERVING SAINTS? If you’d like to get on the list to be called for family meals and bereavement lunches, Betty Craddock would LOVE to add some new people to her list of generous people!  She has coordinated meals for 7 years and she’d love to see some new faces! Contact Betty at 903-975-5639


NO BIBLE TALK THIS TUESDAY … we’ll resume next Tuesday at 11:00 when I return

LOOKING FOR A WAY TO GROW IN YOUR FAITH? Let’s talk about building a Congregational Care team!  MONDAY, May 15, 6:30 PM Asbury Hall… we have a core team of loving people who are VERY excited about loving God by CARING for others and we want to be in touch with people who have not been to church in a long time, who are unable to get to church anymore, who are having surgeries or medical challenges, are in retirement living, or who just need to hear a friendly voice or see a friendly face! LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!

SENIOR LUAU … Tuesday, May 15th, 6:15 pm …thanks so much to Tina Satterwhite and the Family Ties Class and everyone who helped set-up for the Luau yesterday and for keeping this great tradition going! Help us celebrate the Senior Class of WISD by greeting, serving or cleaning up this Tuesday!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT FELLOWSHIP is back this Wednesday, 5:45 … I heard a rumor there will be SMOTHERED PORK CHOPS and stay for games after dinner!

REMINDER: Prayer Blanket Ministry meets 2nd and 4th MONDAYS at 9 am … their next meeting will be Monday, May 14th

ANNUAL CONFERENCE: June 3-5, First UMC Richardson … On a mountain top in Galilee, the risen Christ commanded the eleven disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and forming them in the Way of Christ. Today, we have been given this same Great Commission, and all across the North Texas Conference clergy and laity are embracing the challenge to go, gather new faces in new spaces, and grow these new faces in discipleship.  What is a new space? It can be a small group that meets in a local coffee shop or store or …. Come to Annual Conference and find out more!  To register: http://ntc2018.org/

ERT Training at FUMC Kaufman …UMCOR ERT Basic * Cost: $15 …Saturday, May 12, 2018,   8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  This class will provide you with the Basic information you need about Early Response Teams. Early Response Teams (ERTs) fill a specific need in the early days after a disaster to clean out flood-damaged homes, remove debris, place tarps on homes, and otherwise help to prevent further damage, while providing a caring Christian presence. All ERT members are trained by authorized UMCOR trainers, and are given identification badges as evidence of successful completion of the basic class. Lunch is provided, and dress is casual.

Register for ERT Basic

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 2:35

Debbie Lyons, Pastor
First United Methodist Church Winnsboro
301 Church Street, Winnsboro, TX. 75494
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4-30-18 FUMC Updates

It is with a mix of sadness and joy that I reflect on the passing of KAY ATKINS … I am so sad for Ken, Misty and Todd and their family and close friends, but I am so full of joy knowing that Kay is in heaven and she is cancer free, has no more worries or fears, and SHE IS WITH JESUS!!

We are honored to join the ATKINS family in celebrating Kay’s life this week … please call Betty Craddock (903-975-5639) if you can help make cookies or prepare lunch at either of these events:

Tuesday, May 1, 6-8 PM

Family visitation & reception in the Family Life Center

– Wednesday, May 2, 10 AM ...

Service of Celebration at BEATY CHAPEL, family lunch follows in FLC




GREETING CARD MINISTRY (Or should I say “therapy”?)

Some of you know that I love to make GREETING CARDS … it all started at my former church when we would gather together several times a year to make cards for the people receiving chemotherapy at the hospital in Greenville. It was a simple act of agape love, “willful delight in showing love unconditionally.”  Eventually, someone stated teaching card classes and I found myself enthralled with the therapeutic nature of die-cutting shapes, embossing backgrounds, choosing colors and stamping special greetings. 

As you know, Laquita has updated our data base and those of you who gave us your birth date MAY be getting a card from me!  I say MAY because while I try my best NOT to miss anyone, it MAY happen!  It will happen, if Laquita doesn’t have your information!  Thanks for providing me a VENUE for therapeutic joy and an avenue to let YOU know that on your birthday, I WILL be praying for you! 


PLEASE CHECK THE CHURCH CALENDAR on the website for details on upcoming events:

TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE TALK: 11 am Tuesdays, ongoing …Men and women are invited – bring your study Bibles and come as we go verse by verse through important chapters that form our faith! 

LAST THURSDAY at CLARA IDA FRANCES, 8:45-9:45 … this Thursday we’re tasting CHOCOLATE and pondering how “people are like a box of chocolates … where does God want YOUR garden to grow?

National Day of Pray, May 3rd, NOON at City Hall … please plan to come out and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for our nation, our city, our schools, our families and our churches!

UMW QUIET DAY:  May 5th, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm… bring a sack lunch and meet us at Jackie Ford’s home, 3165 Hwy. 11, Winnsboro.  Come join us for this special time of “meditation”!  Also, UMW will not have their regularly scheduled meeting in May.   

SENIOR LUAU, Tuesday, May 8th, 6:15 … set up this Sunday after church … Contact Tina HERE to get involved!

Debbie Lyons, Pastor



4-22-18 FUMC Updates

I love surprises and last Wednesday night was FULL of great surprises!! First, it was no surprise that the food was FABULOUS (it ALWAYS is!!), but it was a great surprise to see so MANY people there!  With the BAKED POTATO BAR this week, I hope to see even MORE of you!!
It was also a terrific surprise to hear Ken Ragsdale share the call on his heart to do MORE than just a “one time pizza party” for the older kids … what started out as a one time event is turning into some FUN for the middle/high school kids on Wednesday nights!  That was a TOTAL surprise to me and one that was quite exciting! As one of our VISION focuses was to grow our Sunday morning children/youth education, Ken had agreed to continue the study I started before Easter, but to add a little FUN on Wednesdays sounded like an amazing surprise!
And one more great surprise … GAMES!! Some played FARKLE (it was surely new to ME!) and some played dominos, but it was lots of fun!  Plan to stay this week and play – bring your favorite game or join one in progress … oh, and the BEST part … the elementary kids can join in too!!
You can ALWAYS find details of upcoming events on our CALENDAR … click here!
CRATERS/QUILTERS: the quilters get started at 8 and the crafters get started at 9, Tuesdays, ongoing … looking for a place to plug in?? Come get involved!
PRAYER TIME in the SANCTUARY: 10 am Tuesdays, ongoing
We still open the sanctuary every Tuesday morning for prayer – if you wanted “guided” prayer, there are prayer booklets in the first pew, or just come and talk to God!
TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE TALK: 11 am Tuesdays, ongoing
Men and women are invited – bring your study Bibles and come as we go verse by verse through important chapters that form our faith!
Come for the “crowd pleasing” baked potato bar this Wednesday night … and join the choir for practice (yes we’d love to have some more voices!!) OR hang out and play some games!
THURSDAY MORNING at CLARA IDA FRANCIS, 8:45-9:45 … this Thursday we’re talking about SPIRITUAL GARDENING … where does God want YOUR garden to grow?
5th SUNDAY POT LUCK THIS SUNDAY AFTER CHURCH, 4/29 … thanks to Carla for coordinating things for one of our FAVORITE days!!! Bring something yummy and let’s get to know some people we DON’T know that well!
SENIOR LUAU, Tuesday, May 8th, 6:15 … thank-you Tina Satterwhite and the Family Ties class for sponsoring this fabulous community event!!  Contact Tina HERE to get involved!
LOOKING AHEAD: National Day of Pray, May 3rd, NOON at City Hall … please plan to come out and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for our nation, our city, our schools, our families and our churches!
– Special prayers for Kay Atkins and the Atkins family 
– Comfort, for Sara Etheridge, the wife of Pastor Charles Etheridge, Pine Street Baptist, who is now in hospice care
– For Inky Hall who is having one knee replacement on WEDNESDAY
“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Isaiah 41:10 
Debbie Lyons, Pastor
First United Methodist Church Winnsboro
301 Church Street, Winnsboro, TX. 75494
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