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All are welcome at FUMC so dive on in! We are a warm and welcoming congregation where you can meet people, celebrate life, grow deeper and stronger in your faith, and turn energy into action that transforms the world. EVERYONE is invited and if you’d like us to meet you at the door, email us HERE and we’ll be there! 
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2/12/22 FUMC Updates – Kids Beach Club up and running!

WOW! What an amazing afternoon we had at our FIRST Kids Beach Club this week! It was ALL HANDS ON DECK to accommodate 41 kids (15 of who showed up at 3:30 with paperwork in hand!), and our volunteers were absolutely incredible: they quickly flipped over their own name tags to write KIDS names on the back of theirs, assistant team leaders switched to take on their own groups, more water bottles and snacks were added, greeters stayed the whole afternoon to help give out tickets, and, well … we were all incredibly flexible!! (CLICK HERE to see a 2 min. video recap.)

I was blown away by how polite and engaged the kids at WISD Intermediate were, especially as things were a little hectic at the beginning! Before we had even started the fun stuff (in fact I was going over the “rules”), one little boy raised his hand and asked, “Is this church?”  I replied and said “No, this is SCHOOL but we’re making Jesus COOL at school, so it’s a little bit like church!” and he quickly, and said with pure joy, “Well, I go to a cowboy church and I’ve had more fun in a few minutes here than I’ve ever had there!”  ALL the kids clapped and it was a GREAT way to get started!

Thanks so very much: Becky Poe, who had done all the registration & was printing name tags & completing paperwork up until KBC started: Sandra Strickland, JaneAnne Newton, Tricia Clark (Presbyterian Church), Carolyn Stewart, and Ashley Wilcox who led small groups; Ed & Ellie Page, Mary White & Brad Scharf and Clint Cooper, our greeters and all-around helpers; Erika Martin led our MEMORY VERSE activity and will take on a small group next week; and Heather Warren, what a great help she was all day and everywhere, even taking pictures!! Also, Crystal Chandler and Cyndie Ewert are writing WELCOME notes to our kids and I know this will mean the WORLD to them!

If you’d still like to help, we need the following:

–  SNACKS AND DRINKS: Elaina Ragsdale is the SNACK QUEEN but she needs some Snack Prince and Princesses to either bring snacks to the school or donate money for snacks.  We’ll be feeding about 60 kids each week so contact Elaina …elaina.ragsdale@winnsboroisd.org

–  A TREASURE CHEST HERO: someone to go from group to group with the treasure chest filled with “goodies” and collect tickets from the kids that they earn throughout the day. (Tuesdays, 3:30- 4:15)

–  2 DISMISSAL ADULTS: while the team leaders are cleaning up, adults walk the kids outside to be picked up by their parents and manage who is picking up who on Chestnut (Tuesdays, 4:45-5:15)

–  A 3rd GRADE GROUP LEADER/A FEW ASSISTANT LEADERS: last week we had 1 third, 2 fourth, and 1 fifth grade group and we’ve had to add another group to each grade. The curriculum spells it ALL out for you so let me know if you have questions! (Tuesdays, 3:30—5)

NO MORE WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEALS THIS MONTH … if you missed the Wednesday night meal this week it was fabulous and we are so grateful and amazed by what our kitchen crew does! They have, however, decided to return to one meal a month, FIRST OF THE MONTH, fellowship meal so our next gdinner will be on Wednesday, March 2nd at 6 PM … believe it or not, that’s ASH WEDNESDAY so mark your calendar now!

BROTHER HENRY’S MONTHLY BIBLE STUDY, Tuesday, 2/15, 10 AM, Wesley Hall … everyone is welcome to dive into the Beatitudes!  CLICK HERE for questions

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN, Thursday, 2/17, 10 AM, Asbury Hall … all women looking for fellowship and purpose are welcome!

LOOKING AHEAD:  Thursday, March 3, 5 PM, Asbury Hall … I am very excited to let you know that 2 generous people have given us $22,000 to freshen up our sanctuary! We’re going to start looking at possibilities for how to use these wonderful gifts most effectively and if you’d like to be part of our search for possible ideas, please join us on and we’ll start the conversation. 

IF YOU’RE NOT GETTING OUR PRAYER TEXTS, click here for a link that will let you get PRAYER REQUESTS between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm.  You’re also welcome to meet in my office on Thursday mornings at 9 am to pray!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pastor Debbie


2-3-22 FUMC Updates

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful, inside it’s so delightful …”

Yesterday I felt like a little kid anticipating that schools would be closed for a snow day and I’ll admit that when I woke up this morning and there wasn’t even a tiny bit of snow, I was a little sad … BUT JUST A LITTLE SAD.  The afternoon brought a slight freezing drizzle and I’m thankful it hasn’t been worse and pray that it doesn’t GET any worse as the icy temperatures continue. I grew up learning how to drive and living in states with very winter climates: Pennsylvania, Utah, Illinois, and Ohio so I have a healthy respect for what ICE STORMS can do.  Roads might look only wet until you have to turn a corner or put on your brakes and then you realize how dangerous black ice is.  Please be careful if you must be on the roads because remember, you have to watch out for other people too!

Thanks to our BUILDING MAINTENANCE TEAM who were all made aware and/or helped prepare our facilities for freezing weather. In the event there is a power outage, tree limbs down, frozen pipes, etc. they are communicating with each other to help care for our gathering spaces and make sure we all remain safe.

Ken Ragsdale did a great presentation in church last Sunday explaining that each of our buildings has a team member assigned to watch for safety and maintenance issues. In every building, look for an 8 x 10 frame with the name and phone number of who you should call/text if you see anything that you can’t fix yourself (for example, if you see a lightbulb out, bring one and replace it!).  I want to remind everyone that this is your church too, and we need everyone to respond when you see something – please say something!  Don’t assume that someone else will take care of it …if you have to, take a picture of the SIGN identifying the person assigned to that building so you remember to call/text.

BY THE WAY:  if the schools are closed again tomorrow, Friday, our 2nd round of Beach Club flyers won’t go home until MONDAY so let’s all pray the HOLY SPIRIT is working in the hearts of the parents right now!

YOUR ONE WORD: thanks to all of you who have shared your words with me! If you missed any of the sermons or the devotional worksheets I’ve attached them with LINKS to the 4 sermons where we explored how to prepare to hear God’s word.  Once you know your word, please share it with me, post it on Facebook (HERE), and complete the 4th devotional so you’ll “remember to remember” how important God’s word for you IS! You can also share this resource with friends on our website WORSHIP page at the bottom.

The CRAFTERS have graciously offered to make us MAGNETS with our WORD on them so please send me your word as soon as you know it so they can get started on those!  Thanks to Carla, Wanda, Tracey, JaneAnne, and ALL those who will help with this project … it would be awesome if you want to paint your own magnet … everyone is welcome! (Crafters are moving to Wednesdays, 3-5 PM)

THIS SUNDAYCOMMUNION: we’ll have the sanctuary nice and warm as we start a NEW worship series: Food That Lasts Forever.  In the Gospel of Luke, there are 10 meals that Jesus ate with all kinds of people and we’ll look at why food was important and how Jesus used meal times to minister to people and teach invaluable lessons. We will be using the small communion cups in the sanctuary this Sunday, hopefully for the last time, so if you’re watching at home, please have your elements ready.

KIDS BEACH CLUB STARTS TUESDAY, 2/8: please thank all of our AMAZING volunteers who are going to help make Kids Beach Club so amazing for the kids on Tuesday afternoons!  They are all Ministry Safe trained, background checked, and ready to go and we’re all excited! This is an ALL CHURCH project and whether there are 10 kids or 50 kids, we’ll do our best to be sure they all have a GREAT time and they all know how much they are LOVED, by Jesus Christ and by us.  If you’d like to be a “Snack of the Week” contributor (a small bottle of water & a Pop-Tart, bag of Cheez Its, or something similar), please contact our SNACK QUEEN below for dates … we won’t be able to give you good numbers for a week or two.

PRAYER TEAM:  All of you!

SURF TEAM LEADERS & ASSISTANTS: Ashley Wilcox & Mary Bevil, Sandra Strickland & JaneAnne Newton, Carolyn Stewart & Tricia Clark (if we need 4 groups Carolyn & Tricia will go solo)


GREETERS*: Ed & Ellie Page, Mary & Brad Scharf and Clint Cooper

MEMORY VERSE* and GAME LEADERS*:  Ericka Martin & Amy Moss

SNACK* QUEEN: Elaina Ragsdale (email her for a snack day … elaina.ragsdale@winnsboroisd.org



NOTE CREATOR & WRITERS: Heather Warren and Cyndie Ewert & Crystal Chandler

BACKUP WHEN NEEDED: Carla Chitsey and Ken Ragsdale

*If you still want to help, it’s not too late!

KNITTERS will be back on MONDAYS, 1 PM, Family Life Center … if you knit, stitch or crochet, come join them

CRAFTERS will meet WEDNESDAYS, 3 – 5 PM … come and craft and then stay for dinner. 

WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEALS START BACK NEXT WEEK: 2/9, 6 pm … the kitchen team is gearing up for a special VALENTINE’S DAY meal so don’t miss it!

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN MEET NEXT WEEK, 2/10, 10 am, Asbury Hall … come join the fellowship and mission, and enjoy a great program.

BROTHER HENRY’S MONTHLY BIBLE STUDY, 2/18, 10 am, Wesley HallHERE is the study outline for THE BEATITUDES, everyone is welcome!

I hope to see you all Sunday … and don’t forget to share your ONE WORD with me!

Pastor Debbie


1-27-22 FUMC Updates

It has been so exciting to hear from some of you who have understood God’s gift of ONE WORD for you in 2022!  Someone told me when her word came in the middle of the night: “I heard the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit sing, “I Got You, Babe, I got you to hold My hand; I got you to understand.  I got you to walk with Me; I got you to talk with Me.  I got you; I won’t let go. I got you to love Me so…” (Sonny & Cher would be smiling!)  Another person told me they had narrowed down their word to TWO and then in a matter of an hour she got an email from a friend asking for prayers around one of the words, a song came on the radio when she got in the car with that same word in the TITLE, and then she took a letter to the post office and the woman behind the counter mentioned that SAME character word!  Someone else brought me the notes he took after he went back and watched the One Word sermons online and showed me all the “rabbit” trails and paths that God led him down which all led to one very clear answer that even I could see in all the scribbles!

As I told you when we started this spiritual journey 3 ½ weeks ago, everyone’s path will be different and God will give everyone their own word!  I have YET to hear the same word from any of you! Becky Poe told me that our wonderful library has BOTH books I have been using in this series, FREE on Hoopla! (For your Fire, Kindle, iPad, etc.) All you need to do is use your library card number as your username and your birthday you’re your password:  MM/DD/YYYY and you can download either one to the gadget.

My One Word. Ashcraft, Mike; Olsen, Rachel. Zondervan. (4 hours 22 minutes)

One Word That Will Change Your Life. Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon. Wiley. (1 hour 2 minutes)

Keep in mind, your ONE WORD is not just a word you’ll check off and forget about … it’s GOD’S WORD for you and we’ll try to keep each other reminded of our words through the year.  While this Sunday, 1/30, we’ll finish up this series by looking at how to LIVE your word, this will be a year-long “check-in” so you might enjoy the books!

PRAYER QUILT MINISTRY SEW DAY, THURSDAY, 1/17, 9 am – 3 PM … bring a lunch and come to Asbury Hall.

 KIDS BEACH CLUB TRAINING, Tuesday, February 1st, 4 pm WESLEY HALL … this training will be conducted by the Regional Training Director from KBC, Sara Sweet, and while it’s really for all the on-site people, (greeters, small group leaders, game leaders, memory verse leaders, and song leaders) everyone is welcome to come!  We still need a few on-site people! and for all of you who said you’d fill in where needed, I’ll be reaching out to you tomorrow to let you know where we’ll need you. 

We’ll be meeting in person in Wesley Hall on Tuesday, 2/1, at 4 PM but if you want to watch and listen in, you can join by ZOOM …

Topic: Winnsboro Intermediate Volunteer Training

Time: Feb 1, 2022 04:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

IF YOU WANT to join the Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 824 5274 9627          Passcode: 594658

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY COORDINATOR BEGINS! We are excited to begin our search, again, for an EXPERIENCED, well-qualified Children’s Leader who can help us BE the church for our young people!  I’ve attached the resume for your review but please PRAY for God to send us the right person and share this resume with anyone you know who might be interested in working 20 hours a week.

PLEASE SHARE OUR FACEBOOK POSTS WITH FRIENDS!  We’ll be doing a lot of promotion for Kids Beach Club and our search for a Children’s Leader, we also post lots of other things going on so please SHARE our posts!  The beauty of social media is MULTIPLICATION and if you share with YOUR friends, we reach a lot more people!

REMAINING POSTPONED THROUGH JANUARY: Family Ties on Sundays, Knitters on Mondays, and Wednesday Night Meals.

COVID INFECTION UPDATE:  as you may know, our COVID infections in the Net Health 7 county area through January 24th (18,213)  have almost exceeded the September 2021 numbers (19,345) which was the HIGHEST month of illness since the pandemic started. And keep in mind, none of the HOME TESTS are counted in these current numbers.  Hospitalizations are also way up and people who NEED beds can’t get them.  While the symptoms of Omicron are milder than past variants for most people, PLEASE keep some distance from each other and try to avoid close quarter contact.

KEEP PRAYING FOR KIDS BEACH CLUB and all those on our prayer chain!

In Christ,

Pastor Debbie


FUMC Updates 1-20-22 … Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Brrrrrr … one day it’s 70 degrees and the next it’s in the ’20s!  What a crazy winter we’re having!  It might be cold outside but I hope you’re staying warm INSIDE and staying safe as COVID is running rampant through East Texas.  So many people have tested positive and, thankfully, most are experiencing manageable symptoms.  In November we only had 1,123 cases in our local 7 counties but it crept up to 2,828 in December. Already through January 17th, we have 10, 546 cases and the hospitalizations are continuing to increase. I keep an eye on Net Health, our local public health agency, and want to encourage everyone to be careful! 

GOOD NEWS: reported COVID cases in the WISD schools are down about 20% this week over last week and THAT’S reason to celebrate! And after a conversation with the Intermediate School today we still HOPE to start Kids Beach Club on February 8th!  We know “this too shall pass” so please pray, pray, pray it passes SOON!


–       Family Ties Sunday School Class, 9:45 am Sunday mornings

–       Monday Knitters, 1 pm

–       Wednesday night meals 6 pm


Jesus took a little child and had him stand among them. Taking him in his arms, he said to them,  “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” Mark 9:36-37

KID’S BEACH CLUB VOLUNTEER TRAINING, Tuesday, February 1st, 4-5 PM, Wesley Hall:  have you seen the short video that shows you what a typical KBS afternoon looks like? Please check out our WEBSITE and see what a great ministry we’re planning for our 3rd-5th grade kids!  Also, all volunteers who will be at the schools will need to register and have a background check there also so CLICK HERE if you haven’t registered yet.

We are still planning to start this wonderful ministry at the Intermediate school on FEBRUARY 8th, 3:30- 5 pm, so the KBC Director of Training has scheduled OUR training for February 1st, 4 pm.  Everyone who wants to work on-site at the school should plan to attend but please, please, please, don’t wait to let me know we can count on you!  We have curriculum notebooks to put together for you but we need to know how many to print.

Also, if we don’t have enough volunteers, I will invite other churches to participate and I’d really prefer not to do this.  I’ll hold off until this MONDAY, 1/24 so please don’t wait to let me know what you’d like to do!

Here, again, is where God can really use your gifts, graces, and servant souls:

– Greeters … friendly, warm people to greet the kids as they arrive, hand out snacks & sign them in (3:15-3:45)

– Small-Group Leaders … this is a VERY important role and it’s one where the volunteers should be consistent every week. Leaders 1st meet with the kids (7-10 kids), have snacks together, and introduce the CHARACTER WORD.  Then the kids come back with you again after the Bible story and all your questions are provided to encourage conversation. See attached curriculum for our 1st day! (3:30-5)

– Memory Verse Coordinators … each week the theme is around one main verse and one main character word. You’ll teach the verse and write it out on a poster board … it’s only a 5-minute job but it’s IMPORTANT!  And remember, it’s all done for you – you just present it! 4 pm – 4:30 pm

– Song leaders … high energy, fun people to lead music and inspire the kids after a long day at school, 3:45-4:15 pm

– Game Coordinators … the last 20 minutes of every Tuesday is FUN, FUN, FUN, and Beach Club provides all the game ideas that support the story and character word of the day … you just have to execute! 4:20-4:50 pm

 Dismissal Team … coordinate kids dismissal and help them into the cars as they leave (4:45 – 5:15)

In addition to on-site servants, we need the following “behind the scenes” and very important volunteers …

TUESDAY, January 25th, 10 – 11:30 AM … come help us get all the volunteer notebooks together!  Punch holes in the 10 lesson plans, cut apart the memory verse cards, devotionals that are sent home with the kids, and laminate the bookmarks.

MONDAYS during Beach Club, 1-2 PM …  cutting and laminating for the next days’ program

DONATIONS: for snacks every week (we’ll know more when we start getting registrations) and “sussies” for the Treasure Box. If you missed the lunch we had, the kids earn TREASURE TREATS for bringing their Bibles, being kind to a neighbor, repeating the memory scripture, etc. At the end of the day, they go to the Treasure Chest and choose “sussies” little, small things (i.e small candy bars, sticky hands, wax lips, slime, finger puzzles, etc.).

NOTE WRITERS: we will have KBC notecards to send after children register, for birthdays and special events.  If you can write a few sentences, we’ll give you the stamps and cards!

Right now, we are praying for volunteers, the parents who will be sending their children, and the students who will come … be diligent, please!

PRAYER QUILT MINISTRY SEW DAY: Thursday, January 27th, 9 am – 3 pm, Asbury Hall … bring your lunch and come be part of this awesome ministry!  You can learn how to get started, work on your projects or share in the joy of preparing prayer quilts for others. Contact AMY MOSS for details. amy.h.moss@gmail.com or 9034914206

ONE WORD CONTINUES … I hope you have made time to complete the 1st and 2nd devotional worksheets I’ve sent, but you can get them HERE. By now you should have several words that you feel God might be giving you and this Sunday we’ll start moving toward CHOOSING one of His words!  This Sunday will be very specific in HOW to choose God’s word so don’t miss it!

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. (Proverbs 16:3)

Grace and peace,

Pastor Debbie


1-12-22 FUMC Updates … Kids Beach Club is starting 2/1!

I hope you have all been thinking about your ONE WORD for 2022! As I told you on Sunday, after finding myself in a FUNK when some much anticipated and exciting plans completely collapsed when I was the Pastor in Caddo Mills, I dove into a book called ONE WORD THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. From a Christian perspective, I was looking for ONE WORD that would help me get refocused and back on a new track where God would open doors instead of closing them. But finding ONE word was exceptionally hard for me because there were so MANY words that could have applied to what I thought I needed … thought is the keyword … God had other plans!

Don’t get ahead of GOD on this journey!  If you missed the sermon on Sunday, you might want to scroll back and watch it on FACEBOOK because it will help you with the spiritual formation work we’re doing. (See the attached devotional worksheet from last week.)  I also learned that the secular of the 2 books I talked about, ONE WORD THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE is available FREE on Hoopla at the library … you can get it as an audio or e-book so dust off your library card today!  https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/12011595

KIDS BEACH CLUB STARTS FEBRUARY 1st, 3:30-5 PM at the WISD Intermediate School for 3rd-5th grade … what IS Kids Beach Club?  Go to our website and watch the video … it’s SUCH an amazing ministry and I’m sure there is SOMETHING you can do to be part of this opportunity to reach new families in our neighborhoods!  This is our MAIN ministry focus for the next 3 months so I hope you will all get engaged!

I want to thank Carla Chitsey for the delicious TACO SOUP she made for the KBC meeting we had after church!  Thanks to all of you who came and have signed up to pray and write notes or be greeters … we really need some more small group leaders, please!  I have attached the sample curriculum for our FIRST day so you can see how EASY it is … also, CHECK OUT our website where kids can register.  

You will also start seeing lots of posts on Facebook and Instagram – please share our posts on YOUR pages … this is modern-day evangelism, and we want as MANY people to be excited about this as possible!

IT’S TIME TO GET EXCITED!  We are sending 315 flyers home with EVERY child at the Intermediate school this Friday … please don’t put off saying, “This is MY church … I’ll do it!”  There is a LOT of planning that must happen so please don’t miss out – let me know how YOU want to be involved!


We all love each other, and we all want to keep each other safe so please be mindful of your distance when greeting/talking with people and keep plenty of distance in the sanctuary or meeting spaces when you’re seated!  If you are sniffly, congested, have a sore throat, fever, flu-like symptoms, or are just, plain sick, please stay home. (You can join us in WORSHIP on Facebook LIVE). If you are not vaccinated, please make healthy choices for yourself and others around you.  Masks are welcome!

UMW MEETING TOMORROW, Thursday, 1/13, 10 am, Asbury Hall … there’s plenty of room to spread out so please come and be part of other mission-minded women committed to serving God!

COME HANGOUT WITH HEATHER, this Friday, 1/14, NOON – 2 pm … drop by and meet and get to know our new Communications Coordinator!  We’ll have light snacks and drinks, and you’ll have time to get to know Heather, and more importantly, SHE is excited to have time to get to know YOU!

UMCOR DISASTER RELIEF TRAINING, this Saturday, 1/15, 8:30 – 4 PM in our WESLEY HALL … thanks to SUE GROSS for coordinating this effort for our Conference … get details and/or HERE.

BROTHER HENRY’S MONTHLY BIBLE STUDY: Tuesday, January 18, 10-11 am, Wesley Hall, Family Ties … THE WORD OF GOD … come get to know others and dig into scripture!

ENDOWMENT FUND 2021 … many thanks to our Endowment Team who oversees our investments!  Beginning from a total of $207,580 at the start of 2021, our end-of-year balance in the account was $243,409 which doesn’t count contributions received in December that have not yet been sent out, an annual return of 16.7%.  Our stock holdings were up 23.5% on the year and bonds up only 0.45%.

22nd Annual MLK Celebration, Monday, 1/17, parade starts at 10 m in front of First Baptist Church. The Winnsboro Rodeo will lead the parade and the Red Raider band will participate and it will end in MLK Park located at the corner of Connie Mae and Elm St. LET’S BE VISIBLE IN OUR COMMUNITY!

WOMEN’S COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY is moving to the Presbyterian Church. After many years of meeting here, they needed a little more room with acoustics that were more conducive to their teaching needs and wanted to share the joy of serving the community.  They have also POSTPONED the start of their ELIJAH STUDY to February … please be in touch with LINDA SUCHE for details.  hal1@suddenlink.net


YEAR-END FINANCIAL LETTERS … will be available in the sanctuary on Sundays sometimes before the end of January! If you need a copy mailed, please let us know.

SEE YOU ALL SUNDAY, on Facebook or in-person!
Pastor Debbie