Merry Christmas and blessings to everyone on this oh, so holy day! We are all tracking Santa on NORAD right now and excited to see he is already hard at work and delivering gifts to Tokyo!
I look forward to “seeing” you all at our candlelight service at 5 PM tonight!  The sanctuary WILL be open at 4:30 and, if necessary, there will be overflow seating in Wesley Hall. Please be mindful of our guests – it may be more difficult but social distancing or not, let’s be sure people know that OUR church IS a place they can call home!
As always, we’ll broadcast LIVE on Facebook and if your family has cut back on travel like so many have, please invite them to join us for church on Facebook – you’ll be able to WORSHIP together with us! For everyone watching from home, be sure to have your candles ready for the sharing of Christ’s light at the end of the service.


PLEASE RE-JOIN THE PRAYER CHAIN: the church has moved from a land-line to a cell phone and in the process of merging our REMIND prayer chain text, I ran into some complications that will require everyone to rejoin the group. For the next week, I will send both emails and texts until we can transition fully back to our NEW text messaging. I apologize for this inconvenience but after Christmas, I will send you all a text message that you can accept to re-join the group or IGNORE that text if you do not or cannot receive text messages. Remember, this is ONE WAY COMMUNICATION, you will not be part of everyone all replying to the same text. If you would like to join NOW, it’s easy … as soon as you click this link, you’ll be reconnected … (instructions click here)

Don’t get text messages?
Go to rmd.at/pray-now on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.

YOUR GENEROSITY HAS ALLOWED US TO HELP SERVE OUR COMMUNITY!  Thanks to your generosity we have been able to share with our community partners who do such GREAT work serving our neighbors:  We have donated the following:
Winnsboro Volunteer Fire Department  $200
Blessing Box  $400
Community Resource Center  $400
Backpack Food Ministry  $1000


THANKS TO ALL OUR USHERS!! We would not be able to have safe worship and great hospitality without our worship team! Headed by SHIELA HAYNES, and our faithful ushers, especially Sue Gross and Ken Atkins who are at our doors, with disinfectant in hand, almost every single Sunday, I say THANK YOU!
I can’t wait to share Christmas with you tonight … for unto us a Savior is born!!!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Debbie