1-11-21 FUMC Updates

I am one of the few people in Texas who happen to LOVE cold weather! Oh, don’t misunderstand me, I don’t like being COLD, but I sure do like being able to put on a sweater or a heavy pair of socks!! I especially enjoyed seeing everyone’s SNOW pictures on Facebook because they were a WELCOME diversion from some of the angst about politics and COVID that everyone is feeling … I say, BRING ON THE SNOW!

Speaking of COVID, I’m sure you all heard the joy in my voice during Sunday’s worship when I reported that quite a few of you have already received your 1st of 2-part vaccine for coronavirus – I hope this means that as more and more people are safe from the virus we’ll start SLOWLY seeing more and more people come back to church!  BUT … as my attached devotional addresses (you can watch it on YouTube HERE), HOPE often comes with PATIENCE!

JAMES CLARK’S GRAVESIDE SERVICE: Thursday, January 14, 2 pm, Maple Springs Cemetery in Leesburg. James’ son, Jim, has been extremely sad that we can not all gather the way we WANT to gather to remember and celebrate the people we love, but they are very COVID conscious and want to be sure everyone is safe. Jim has written a beautiful obituary (CLICK HERE to read it) and asks that anyone attending the graveside service wear masks and remain socially distant. To send a note to the family:

Jim and Shana Clark – 2215 Owens Blvd – Richardson, TX. 75082

COME PRAY IN THE SANCTUARY, Tuesday mornings, 9 – 10:30 AM … come to find solace in a safe, sacred space to pray! There will be prayer guides, if you want some help getting started, in the front pew in front of the pulpit (please take them home with you).  There is MUCH to pray about!

ZOOM BIBLE STUDY STARTS BACK WEDNESDAY, 1/13 at 10 am! We’re diving into the Book of Acts, chapter 1 this week and everyone is welcome!  Want to give ZOOM a try … CLICK THIS “TEST” LINK and try it!! Before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, you can download the Zoom app from the Download Center HERE. Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link … get the link to join on the website calendar HERE.  

HAVE YOU TAKEN THE CORE VALUES SURVEY YET? Your Church Leadership Team will meet this month to begin strategizing this unusual new year and we need your help!  Please take this survey which lists 30 CORE VALUES that would typically be associated with churches – we want to find out what our folks see as OUR Core Values!  For each value, you’ll mark whether you think we are CONSISTENT in that value, INCONSISTENT in that value, or if you feel it’s a value we SHOULD ASPIRE TO and work MORE toward! You’ll be asked for your email address so everyone can only answer once but your answers are anonymous. When you are finished, you’ll see the current results. Thanks so much for your input!

CAN YOU FIND 1 ½ HOURS, 1 DAY EVERY OTHER MONTH TO SERVE OTHERS? Pat St. MiKlossy is reorganizing our commitment to MEALS ON WHEELS and people in OUR COMMUNITY need your help … just 1 Tuesday every OTHER month from about 11 am to 12:30 … yes, you can make a BIG difference to people who might go hungry without the drivers who deliver the meals. Grab a friend or your spouse and help out – you’ll pick up the meals at Pine Street and deliveries are all local!  CONTACT PAT ST. MIKLOSSY if you are willing to serve.

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN MEETING on Thursday, 1/14 CANCELLED … they hope to resume in February as the COVID numbers decrease!

MARK WORSHIP SERIES CONTINUES … the reflection questions from 1/10 are attached (CLICK HERE) … this Sunday we’ll look at the second half of chapter 1.  INVITE A FRIEND to join us … share the posts on our Facebook or Instagram!

DID CHRISTMAS COME & GO & YOU MISSED A FEW THINGS IN YOUR KITCHEN? You can order from RADA all year long from our website and the United Methodist Women share ALL their fundraising income with the community!!  In 2020 the United Methodist Women gave over $1200 to charities!  THANK YOU, UMW!!  CLICK HERE to go to our website and connect to the catalog – you can browse, shop, pay and ship all online!

ALL THE WAYS YOU CAN STAY CONNECTED: if you use these resources frequently be sure to bookmark them and save them so you can return to them easily. If you have church friends who do not use any of these resources, PLEASE CALL THEM and keep them updated!

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Grace and peace,
Pastor Debbie