1-18-21 FUMC Updates

Today is MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY and with so many other things going on this seems to have “fallen through the cracks”!  I did my devotional this morning with King in mind because as Christians, how DO we respond to senseless violence? On this Martin Luther King Day, we need a reminder of the power of NON-VIOLENT expression of ideas more than ever before! We ALSO need to remember that the LORD IS OUR SHEPHERD! You can watch it on FACEBOOK or on YOUTUBE, also attached (CLICK HERE).


TODAY: Monday, 1/18, 11 am – 2 PM … Please support HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) at MLK Park today from 11 – 2 and pick up some CHILI to go in the drive-thru, and make a generous love offering! Let’s show our love and unity as ONE community by supporting this effort!

COMMUNITY CHRONICLE and UPPER ROOMS in the RED BIN by the church office door… I wrote my article for this month’s Community Chronicle on the 23rd Psalm because of the many funerals we have had in the last few weeks. I realized that, while no one had ever asked me to focus my message on this beautiful text until Daniel Davis’ service, it is printed often on memorial bulletins because it offers such comfort … oh, is that important!  If you haven’t been coming to church, please come by and pick up your Upper Room devotionals too!

PRAY WITH US ON TUESDAYS, 9 am – 10:30 am:  Take a few minutes on Tuesday mornings and come PRAY safely in the sanctuary – our souls need prayer, our country needs prayer, our church needs prayer we ALL need prayer … come and go for a minute or an hour …


BIBLE TALK, WEDNESDAYS on ZOOM, 10 AM:  We had a great kick-off to our ZOOM Bible Talk last week as we’re moving into what I refer to as part 4 of the Bible, the growth of the church. This week we’re digging into Acts 2 and we’ll meet SAUL who became PAUL, and we’ll see how God used him to change the world!  Sign-in instructions on the website calendar as always.


CHILDREN’S CHURCH PAUSED:  With COVID cases increasing so fast we have decided to put our Children’s Church on PAUSE for a few weeks … this is temporary because we DO have a ½ CHILDREN’S MINISTER position budgeted for this spring so we’re looking forward to things getting BETTER!  Until then, I’ll be doing a Children’s Moment at the beginning of our worship so the kids can tune in for at least a few minutes with you on Sundays!


MARK REFLECTION QUESTIONS ATTACHED (CLICK HERE): we had a great conversation on Mark 1:14-28 yesterday so take some time and think about what we talked about, (YouTube here if you missed it.) This Sunday we’ll be moving into the 1st part of Chapter 3 so please read chapters 2 and 3 in preparation for this week’s message.


Pastor Debbie