3-8-22 FUMC updates … UMCOR on the Move

One of the blessings of being part of a connectional denomination is that all Methodist churches across the world work together for the good of God’s Kingdom across the globe. We see this work so beautifully when disasters strike because we can react quickly to offer aid and support through our agencies like UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. And here’s the best part: United Methodist Churches in Ukraine are already helping each other survive!  But make no mistake – this is a story of “A Church Under Siege”.


Sacrificial giving is a natural part of our Lenten disciplines and with inflation increasing and our costs for everything going up, we’ll all have to be exceptionally intentional to be able to give beyond our regular tithing. I truly believe that God is faithful:

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrews 13:16

On Sunday mornings we will have buckets in the sanctuary where you can toss in your loose change, loose bills, or even your checks!  Please make checks payable to FUMC so we can write one large check at the end of Easter. Here’s more good news: 100% of your donation reaches your chosen mission project or ministry.

Want to see current updates on what UMC churches in Eastern Europe are doing on the ground to help? CLICK here for the UMCOR Facebook page. “UMCOR has engaged in direct conversation with Methodist leadership in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. United Methodist churches in these countries are already assisting internally displaced people (IDP) and refugees from Ukraine with food, water, shelter, and other needs. UMCOR has approved grants that will immediately strengthen these efforts.”

Want to know how the UMC is working in Ukraine? CLICK HERE

ANOTHER PART OF BEING A CONNECTIONAL CHURCH:  churches from around the world typically meet every 4 years to do the business of the global church but during these years of pandemic, the 2000 Conference was postponed and now it has been postponed yet again.  There will be NO GENERAL CONFERENCE in 2022. Instead, it will be held in the normal “4-year rotation” in 2024. CLICK HERE to read more.


See the calendar for ongoing events HERE.

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN, THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 10 AM, Asbury Hall … all women with mission-minded hearts and hearts for mission are welcome to attend!

BRO. HENRY’S MONTHLY BIBLE STUDY, TUESDAY, MARCH 15th, 10 am, Wesley Hall … attached are the class question and everyone is welcome.

CHALK CLASS: THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 6-7 PM   you’ll be blown away by Stephanie Bright’s creativity (https://www.facebook.com/vintagechalkdiy) and she will be offering a Chalk Paint class so you can create your own project. (Picture & details will be coming!) All supplies will be furnished. RSVP by Friday, March 11 as limited seating is available – call Carla Chitsey, 903-975-2643, or email the church office FUMCwinnsboro@gmail.com to save your seat.


During Lent, everything slows down … the tone of worship is more reflective, the music more somber and our messages and prayers are about DISCIPLINE. There’s not a better metaphor for hard work than BOOT CAMP and our spiritual souls need an extra workout occasionally – and now is the time.

Last week we talked about how any commitment to CHANGE requires some additional work.  When Jesus knew it was time for His ministry to begin, He went into the desert to fast and pray for 40 days to prepare for His change of direction – His 3-year journey to the cross.  He was tempted beyond what most of us could resist but he depended on the Holy Spirit for strength, and He was able to say, NO, NO, NO. We all have an Achilles heel that is vulnerable to attack so be mindful to lean on the Lord when temptation comes.

This week we’ll be looking at why it’s important to HYDRATE when hard work begins.  We’ll be looking at the LIVING WATER poured out on the Woman at the Well and how we, too, can drink from that glorious cup!


Pastor Debbie