The Walk to Emmaus ~ a 3-Day Faith Experience

The Walk to Emmaus is an incredible non-denominational discipleship ministry designed to deepen personal faith and build church leaders. On this 3-day spiritual renewal, prepare to be amazed by God!
Upcoming Walks
Men’s Fall Walk
September 24-27, 2020
Women’s Fall Walk
October 15-18, 2020

Men’s Spring Walk
February 25-28, 2021

All Walks are held at

All retreats begin Thursday night at 6 p.m., and go through Sunday about 7 p.m.


FUMC is so proud to support The Walk to Emmaus, a non-denominational  spiritual experience to help people grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The weekend includes a 72-hour short course in Christianity, comprised of fifteen talks by lay and clergy on the themes of God’s grace, disciplines of Christian discipleship, and what it means to be the church. The course is wrapped in prayer and meditation, special times of worship and daily celebration of Holy Communion. Men and women attend separately.

The “Emmaus community,” made up of those who have attended an Emmaus weekend, support the 72-hour experience with a prayer vigil, by preparing and serving meals, and other acts of love and self-giving. The Emmaus Walk typically begins Thursday evening and concludes Sunday evening. Men and women attend separate weekends.

During and after the three days, Emmaus leaders encourage participants to meet regularly in small groups. The members of the small groups challenge and support one another in faithful living. Participants seek to Christianize their environments of family, job, and community through the ministry of their congregations. The 3-day Emmaus experience and follow-up groups strengthen and renew Christian people as disciples of Jesus Christ and as active members of the body of Christ in mission to the world.    Excerpted with permission from What Is Emmaus? by Stephen D. Bryant. Copyright © 1995 by The Upper Room.


 The Walk to Emmaus® is grounded theologically and institutionally in The Upper Room ministry unit of the General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church. However, The Walk to Emmaus is ecumenical – the program invites and involves the participation of Christians of many denominations. Emmaus is ecumenical not only because members of many denominations participate, but because Emmaus seeks to foster Christian unity and to reinforce the whole Christian community. This is one of the great strengths and joys of the Emmaus movement.

The fact that Emmaus is ecumenical does not mean it is theologically indifferent. On the contrary, The Walk to Emmaus is designed to communicate with confidence and depth the essentials of the Christian life, while accentuating those features that Christians have traditionally held in common. The Upper Room Walk to Emmaus is a tightly designed event that is conducted with discipline according to a manual that is universally standard. Emmaus is offered only with the permission and under the guidelines of The Upper Room. This ensures a proven format and a common experience that should be trustworthy from weekend to weekend wherever Emmaus is being offered. Each community is administered locally through its local Board of Directors. The program is administered globally through the International Emmaus office in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Excerpted with permission from The Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus by Stephen D. Bryant. Copyright © 1989 by The Upper Room.

WHERE DID THE NAME COME FROM? Luke 24:13-25  Click Here

To get involved in Emmaus, each person must have a sponsor who has already attended Emmaus him or herself. WE WILL BE HAPPY TO SPONSOR YOU!

FIRST, if you don’t know anyone who has been on a Walk, email Pastor Debbie and she’ll help you find a sponsor where you will set up a time to talk, in detail, about the weekend. If you want your spouse or another friend or family member to join the discussion, this would be GREAT! 

SECOND, look over the Emmaus Walk dates coming up in our area (SEE TOP OF PAGE) and see which dates will work best for you. You’ll want to make reservations EARLY as Walks fill up quickly. 

THIRD, begin to pray intensely about your participation in the Walk. Ask for God’s divine guidance and direction as you take this journey.

FOURTH, CLICK HERE to print the 2020 application then take it to your sponsor (or Pastor Debbie if you don’t yet have a sponsor). Scholarships are often available if there are financial concerns. 

We’ll look forward to supporting you on this journey!


Helpful information sites:

 Upper Room: for general information

North East Texas EMmaus Community: for local area walks and application