The country is paying attention to teen mental health — and rightfully so. The Christian community can be an integral part of this solution as a support network to the medical experts and those qualified in dealing specifically with life changing and life-threatening challenges. It’s essential that church leaders provide a spiritual foundation for our students and families struggling with these trials. We believe our teenagers will thrive when they are supported to navigate their current discomfort and depression, and ultimately learn to manage the power of their emotions. Teens thrive when we build upon their strengths and while Jesus Christ is an essential element of healing a child’s body, mind and soul, we also believe we must empower parents with the knowledge of how much they matter in their teens’ lives. Adults given the strategies to help young people thrive and the steps to take when they think a teen is having mental or emotional distress can be critical to saving a child from despair, or worse, suicide.

Parents & Guardians Supporting One Another
3rd Wednesdays 6:00-7:15 PM
Asbury Hall
Are you a parent or guardian of a child who struggles with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue? Come get together and support one another on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at First United Methodist in Asbury Hall. All conversations will be confidential. This is not counseling, but parents and guardians who want to support each other as they travel this road together. For more information contact Heather Warren, Certified Mental Health Coach by EMAIL of phone at 903-342-6172.
Heather Warren
Certified Mental Health Coach & Special Ministries Coordinator
If you are looking for resources for Mental Health, please do not hesitate to contact Heather Warren by EMAIL or phone at 903-342-6172. Heather is Stephen Ministry trained and spent years teaching Bible studies, Vacation Bible school, Confirmation classes, volunteering on Choir Tour and Mission Trips.  She has a passion for helping people and watching children and youth grow in their faith. In 2023, Heather received her Mental Health Coaching certificate. Mental Health coaches work with people to build a bridge between family and the mental healthcare system. As a Mental Health Care Coach she can work with people by helping them find resources and access to mental health professionals as well as helping them develop a healthy balance in life, give guidance in decision-making, offer support in navigating mental health difficulties, and assistance in establishing a recovery plan.


Almost 200 teachers gathered from 9 am-noon on 2/5 as Karla Hutcherson, M.Ed., LPC-S, reminded us of this helpline, and MUCH more helpful information to notice when kids are struggling beyond typical teenage challenges. Karla’s the owner of Lifeline, a private counseling practice in Dallas, and is the Partner of Mental Perk and the Co-host of the Mental Perk Podcast, https://www.mentalperk.org/ , and she and her partner, Brandi Mock, did a great job today. First United Methodist Church is thankful for the grant from the North Texas UMC Conference that allowed us to sponsor this incredibly informative teacher workshop to understand more about teen mental health and suicide awareness. 

It was so wonderful and encouraging to see so many parents attend the TEEN MENTAL HEALTH & SUICIDE AWARENESS dinner conversation 2/7. Thanks to Winnsboro Community Church and Freedom Church for helping to pay for dinner, Tino V’s was delicious! Once again, Karla Hutcherson and her partner Brandi, did a great job teaching us how to have a conversation with our kids that most people are afraid to have, don’t know HOW to have, OR don’t think they NEED to have because they think their teen’s behavior is “normal teen behavior.” PRAY FOR THE STUDENTS IN OUR COMMUNITY! The suicide helpline is 24/7 … 988
Karla Hutcherson (M,Ed, LPC-S) and Brandi Mock came to talk about Teen Mental Health & Suicide Awareness to about 450 kids at WHS and another 380 kids at WJS … there was lots of energy and so much HOPE hearing the students call out to each other: “You’re worthy! We’re in this together!” If you know someone struggling with suicidal thoughts, call the FREE Suicide Prevention hotline… dial 988, 24/7