6-1-21 FUMC Updates

I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  I was sitting at my computer yesterday afternoon and heard a deafening “boom”, then another and while I wondered if walking out my front door hearing gunshots was a smart idea as I stepped onto the sidewalk I could hear Taps playing from the City Cemetery down the street … what a lovely reminder of what Memorial Day is all about!

I also took some time this weekend to catch up on some reading and came across an article in Inc. Magazine that got me thinking about WISDOM.

Picture this: You return home after attending some kind of religious experience that leaves you inspired and on a spiritual “high.” But when you get home, the grass still needs to be mowed, bills still need to be paid, your teenager is sulking, and your spouse has the same irritating habits he or she had before you left for the event. How many conversations does it take before your inspiration and spiritual high drift away? For many of us, sometimes only one.

Regarding conversations like that, the business magazine Inc. recently ran an article saying that emotionally strong people, people who recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions, KNOW when and to what degree to engage in conversations with others. The article defined a “three-question rule” for how to manage our own emotions and influence the emotions of others in the process! According to the rule, there are three things you should always ask yourself before you say anything:

  • Does this need to be said?
  • Does this need to be said by me?
  • Does this need to be said by me, now?

Oh, how I wish I had learned these questions when my children were teenagers and I felt like I had to respond and KEEP responding to every little thing!  (SEE THE REST OF THE DEVOTIONAL ATTACHED)

Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal, 6/2, 6 pm this week Ken Atkins is making his famous chicken and Wanda is making her delicious potato salad go invite a friend and come!


Parent’s Night Out, Friday, 6/4, 6 – 9 pm … thanks to Crystal and Joes Chandler and Joey and Rita Newton who offered to spearhead our summer children’s events!  We are asking people to register BEFORE they come but will encourage ANYONE to come and register at the door … here’s the link to details if you want to share it with friends! https://www.fumcwinnsboro.com/kids-youth/


Communion this Sunday, 6/6, 10:50 am … this Sunday you’ll have the option of coming forward to be served communion at the chancel rail or to take an individual communion cup instead. We are very excited to release the past restrictions but recognize that some people will still prefer to maintain caution.


CRAFT DAY, Saturday, 6/12, 9 am – ? … come for coffee and donuts and work on some of the projects already started or bring your own and work in fellowship with others!  If you are making crafts for Christmas in the Park at home, please bring your completed projects so we can get an idea of what else we might need to be working on.  And as always, your CREATIVITY and IDEAS are welcome!


Children’s Church starts back, Sunday, June 13th in Welsey Hall …  kids who have finished grades 2 – 6 are invited back to CHURCH and parents can drop off their kids with Miss Paige after 10:40 on non-communion Sundays.  Thanks to our adults who will be our plus-one on the 2nd and 4th Sundays … if you would like to help on the 3rd or 5th Sundays, please let me know!


WE’RE LOOKING FOR A CHILDREN’S MINISTRY LEADER:  I have attached the job description (CLICK HERE) again so please pass it on to anyone you know who loves Jesus, loves kids, and has a creative spirit to engage children in understanding the love of Christ!


FACEBOOK LIVE on Sundays at 10:50: I realize we had some sound issues on Sunday, but we know what happened and we’ll be back to normal this week!  Also, if you’re watching online, please say hello to Sarah Sparks, our behind-the-scenes Social Media Coordinator … she’ll be signed on with you on Facebook!  Those of you who watch regularly, please check in with each other and when you see someone NEW, please welcome them!  If you’re in church with us on Sundays, open your phone as church is starting and CHECK-IN on your Facebook page and see who’s signing in with us!



–         PRAYER QUILT “SEWISTS”:  a big thanks to all those who came and cut and sewed pieces …it was productive and fun, so they’ll do it again on June 24th.

–         WATER BOTTLES FOR GRADUATION: thanks to everyone who helped give out over 800 bottles of water Friday night … we are blessed to be a blessing to our community!

–         MINISTRY SAFE TRAINED:  to the 17 people who have completed their Sexual Awareness Training and background checks so they can serve our children, my heart is so incredibly happy!  TO those of you who requested the training link and haven’t received it, please check your SPAM folder, or let me know and I can send it again!


I have attached a brief description of SPIRITUAL GIFTS (CLICK HERE), but you can go back and watch the sermon from Sunday on Facebook if you missed it.  This Sunday we’ll finish up our HOLY SPIRIT series with a look at the FRUIT of the SPIRIT … if you have the light of the Spirit turned ON, people will know!


Grace and peace,
Pastor Debbie