4-19-21 FUMC Updates

WOW, there was so much energy and JOY in church yesterday and once again, it was so good to see more and more of you BACK after not seeing you for 13 months!!  Your presence adds to what we all know, and that is this … CHRISTIANITY is STRONGER in COMMUNITY!

I want to thank Sandra Strickland for the devotional today – her timing is perfect in so many ways …


HAD GOD FORGOTTEN?  April 12, 2021
     For years I have made a habit of watching the pine trees begin to come back in the spring after the cold winter.  I had read a story of the pines putting forth a straight stem on the end of a branch a little before Easter.  Then just a few days before Easter, the single branch forms a cross.  It makes no difference the date for Easter of that year, the cross appears through the hand of God.

     Here in East Texas we had a very severe freeze in mid-February and many pines were killed by the below zero temperatures.  Several weeks later some of the dead pines began to come back to life, but many didn’t rejuvenate.  I began watching the pines days before Easter which was on April 4th this year.  Any time I wasn’t driving, I had my head in the air observing pines along the way!  Easter came and Easter went this year and I had not spotted one cross.  On Monday, April 12th, I circled through the parking lot of the hospital where one pine was always loaded with crosses at Easter.  The only difference this year was that it took a week and a day later for the pine due to the severe cold temperatures in mid-February.  When some never recovered, this one did and the crosses were making their appearance at last.

     Don’t give up on God.  He will not let us down.  His timetable is not always the same as ours, but He will always deliver when the time is right.

Pine Trees

VACCINE CLINICS CANCELLED THIS WEEK:  thanks to all of you who signed up to help with the clinics this week but Christus is moving the vaccines to larger metropolitan areas to get better signups.  We were able to be GOOD HOSTS for the entire Christus Winnsboro staff AND to the 575 people who got vaccines here. If they decide to come back, we would gladly host them again and I thank ALL of you who served!

BIBLE TALK WEDNESDAY, 10 AM, MOVING TO WESLEY HALL:  I hope you’ll come join me on these next 5 Wednesday mornings as we explore 5 important chapters from the New Testament on GOD’S MESSAGE FOR YOU.  This week, I suggest you read Romans 8 so when we go verse by verse through the text, your hearts will be familiar with the text!

WINNSBORO CANDIDATE FORUM: Thursday, April 22, 6 – 7:30 pm, Civic Auditorium … I am humbled to be the moderator for this question-and-answer time so YOU can get to know your candidates! Even if you don’t live in the City as a “voter”, if you eat, shop, or do business in Winnsboro please send your questions to the Winnsboro News at wnewseditor@outlook.com or, come and ask questions on Thursday night!

BLUE SUNDAY SPECIAL OFFERING, this SUNDAY 4/25, 10:50 am … if you drive by the church this week, or when you come to church this Sunday, you’ll notice lots of blue pinwheels in the ground all around the church. While you may sense they signal a festive atmosphere, they do not … the pinwheels are pinwheels of PREVENTION, designed to call attention to CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS Month.  Child abuse does not discriminate – NO child is immune! 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Here’s what’s scary – 98% of abused children know their abuser: a family member, coach, pastor, teacher, caregiver, or neighbor! Perpetrators are exceptionally good at grooming the child and the family and we all must play a part in taking our blinders off and seeing the signs. I am attaching more information here (CLICK HERE) because I will NOT go into the tragic details on Sunday, but this problem has become so severe due to the unemployment, illnesses, etc. from COVID-19 that if we can save ONE child from this heartbreak, we must!  Therefore, this Sunday, April 25 we will ask you to consider making a special gift, in addition to your regular giving, to the NORTHEAST TEXAS CHILD ADVOCACY CENTER. If it’s easier for you to do it online, our website will take donations also and you can do that now at the top of the page:  CLICK HERE if you want to make a special gift online. (NETCAC Needs List 1 and Needs List 2)


SATURDAY, MAY 1st … let’s help honor KATE PARK and be part of serving the community!

         9 am – 3 pm … The 3rd Annual Winnsboro Center for the Arts BOOK FESTIVAL will be held in honor of Kate Park who inspired the FIRST Festival just 3 years ago.  There will be book signings, author panels, and kids’ entertainment so plan to come, CLICK HERE for details.!  And why not volunteer an hour or two so people SEE our Church out in the community!  Sign up for a volunteer shift HERE.

         3:15 pm, Kate Park Memorial Park Dedication at the Gilbreath Memorial Library … I will be giving the invocation and opening prayer and I’d LOVE to look out and see LOTS of people from Michael and Judy’s church there to support them!  It will not be a long ceremony to please plan to come!

NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER: Thursday, May 6th I cannot think of a better time to be praying than NOW and while details are up in the air, we will probably have a “come and go” event at the Winnsboro Civic Center. There will be likely be individual prayer stations for family, schools, city, nation, etc. and I’ll get you the details as soon as I have them!  WOULD YOU LIKE A YARD SIGN?  They are only $8, and I would love to see these signs all over Winnsboro!!

WHEW, things are getting busy again and let’s rejoice and BE GLAD IN IT!!

Pastor Debbie