8-13-20 FUMC Update

Thanks to all of you who came last night to pray for everyone going back to school today! We met and prayed with Dr. Pam Gambrel at the Elementary School, then we drove to the High School, Intermediary School, Middle School and Administration offices. Let us continue to pray without ceasing!
This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  1 John 5:14 
I hope those of you who were able to come to worship in the sanctuary this past Sunday were as excited to see so many people worshipping in the same space as I was. In addition to the 58 people in the sanctuary there were six in Wesley Hall together and what a JOY to see your faces! I want to THANK YOU for maintaining six feet apart from everyone, sitting in places that might only be close to your regular spot, and wearing your face coverings in and out. You are amazingly respectful! But I also want to remind everyone that BECAUSE of social distancing, we cannot have the same number of people together as we did before. In fact, Danny and Amy Moss walked with me through every space in our building to help determine safe occupancies, and when we meet those numbers, we’ll go to options. And don’t worry, we have options!
~ If you sit in the balcony, the pulpit-side stairwell will be closed so everyone can go up one set of stairs on the choir side.  The balcony, like the main floor, has every other pew blocked off. But depending on the number of families that sit together, the most we can have upstairs is 16-20. But depending on how families are seated, maybe less. Please help each other stay safe up there! OPTION: if the balcony is closed, you can sit on the main floor. There’s usually room up front with me and I’d LOVE to have you in MY pew neighborhood!
~ As you know, only the main door to the sanctuary is open, but if we reach capacity, again depending on family numbers (50-60), we’ll direct people to Wesley Hall where you can watch LIVE on Facebook with others, although in a smaller group. 
~ ONLY THE COURTYARD DOOR TO WESLEY HALL WILL BE OPEN after 10:30 and all the same safety protocols will be in place ~ masks in and out, hand disinfecting and 6-feet family distancing.  Amy and Danny Moss have been acting as gracious hosts for some in their Sunday school class and I know they’ll be gracious hosts to you too!
Please come a few minutes earlier than you might normally so you can get situated where you want or have time to head through the courtyard to Wesley Hall!  And don’t worry. As more and more people start to return, we have more and more options. There will ALWAYS be a place for you to worship God with YOUR church family!
PARENTS:  we are making plans to get our kids reconnected so stay tuned!
Grace, peace and patience,
Pastor Debbie


8-09-20 FUMC Update

Selfishly, I admit that having even some of you back in the sanctuary today was exceptionally refreshing, especially as we recognized our kids and adults going back to school! There was lots of energy and excitement, and we will be praying for ALL of our students and school employees as they navigate new procedures this year! If you missed the video tribute to our adults and kids, you can watch the updated version on Facebook or CLICK here to watch it on YouTube.
As wonderful as it was to have so many of you in the sanctuary this morning,  it’s just not the same without EVERYONE in our church family being together! Let’s all continue to pray hard, every single day, that as safe vaccine development continues at “warp speed,” it will be sooner than we hope! 
As always you can watch the Sunday services on Facebook. Even if you don’t plan to use Facebook for anything OTHER than worshipping with your church family, all you need is an email address! You can also watch the weekly devotional on Facebook (I’ll post one tomorrow) but it will always be up by Tuesday mornings. If you don’t want to use Facebook, you can listen to the sermon and the devotional on the website . Just choose what you want and push play and you can listen.
EXCITING STAFF CHANGES ~ As you heard me mention yesterday in church, we have decided to repurpose the budgeted position of Office Manager, (which was a 20 hour/week position), and create two part-time positions that will be much more focused on our mission, to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES. Much of the Office Managers position was doing bookkeeping, and we will now contract that out for a fraction of what a paid position was. Instead, we will be looking to the future and hiring a 10-hour/week SOCIAL MEDIA-COMMUNICATIONS Coordinator and a 10-hour/week CHILDREN’S MINISTRY COORDINATOR. This information is now on our website under HIRING so if you know anyone you think is qualified and interested, they will contact Cyndie Ewert, Chair of the Staff/Parish Relations Committee. 
EVENTS THIS WEEK ~ See details on the CALENDAR 
~ Socks, undies and gift cards for SCHOOL due by the August 16.
~ Mondays in August, 9 am-11 am, drive by and say hello!
~ Monday, August 10, 5:30-6:15 pm, Rally 4 Winnsboro, community prayer at the Civic Center
~ Wednesdays ongoing, 10 am, ZOOM Bible Study, Matthew 5-6
~ Wednesday night, 6:30 pm, Prayers for Our Schools, we’ll meet at the Elementary school and caravan to the other schools
New Sermon Series Begins Sunday, August 16 ~ We’ll finish out the month of August with a three-week worship series on lessons we learned in school and one thing we learn quickly is… sometimes life isn’t FAIR.
Blessings to you this week,
Pastor Debbie